The Friday Read: A Mid-Winter Break in Florida

Best travel shirt for men.

My friends, the headline says it all in today’s Friday Read: I’m off to Florida for a quick but much-needed mid-winter break after #NYFW, a quick but relaxing jaunt to Fort Myers. As the photo above suggests, you might say it’s “time” to get away, and when I hit the road this Friday, I’ll be dressed in style in some of the best travel clothing from Huckberry. Specifically, I’ll be wearing my Proof Passport Shirt, a durable and stretch-filled shirt made from sturdy fabric and packed with plenty of pockets for your everyday carry (and mine!). Is it the perfect travel shirt? Follow along on my Instagram to find out.

In the meantime, you should head on over to Huckberry to shop plenty more of the best travel gear on the planet, and of course, you should — again! — give me a follow on Instagram to keep up with my fun in the Florida sun and my freelance writing pursuits. Believe it or not, my boss (me!) gave me the day off today and tomorrow, and I’ll be using that time to kick back by the pool, catch up with family and watch Michigan State basketball. Cheers to that indeed, right? And cheers to you — thanks for reading, as always!


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