The Thursday Buy: The Mott and Bow Oliver Jeans Are Your New Everyday Blue Jeans for Spring (And Beyond)

Even as we all (still) continue to adapt and readapt to dressing with some sense of normalcy — sometimes a tricky move for these Brooklyn-based style writer — the classics stay the classics, right? When you don’t know what to wear to head back to your office, to head out to a more casual date night or to simply head out across town for the weekend, what do you reach for?

If you’re anything like me, you reach for a pair of classic blue jeans, perhaps a pair from Mott and Bow. The NYC-based denim upstart continues to change the process of shopping for jeans online for men, as they did when they launched about a decade ago.

Luckily for you and me both, that same approach holds true with more recent denim releases, like the Mott and Bow Oliver Jeans, which could certainly prove a strong candidate as your next go-to pair of blue jeans. What makes the Mott and Bow Oliver Jeans such a newly essential part of your wardrobe? It comes down to the company’s use of what it calls Denim Science, a process of hand-finishing, scraping and fading its jeans ever so slightly, and in the case of the Mott and Bow Oliver Jeans, it lends itself quite nicely to a pleasing fade that’s not too extreme.

That process — a just-right result that gives the Mott and Bow Oliver Jeans a lived-in look that’s still somewhat dressy — is also accentuated by the structure of these jeans. They’re billed as a “refined version of the traditional blue jean,” another area in which Mott and Bow excels, and that means the Mott and Bow Oliver Jeans a boast a medium-to-heavy 13oz. fabric. Yet, fear not: They’re bolstered by an 18 percent comfort stretch rating (the jeans are made up of 99 percent cotton, 1 percent elastane).

Wake Up Eye Stick

These stylish blue jeans also boast a fit that’s slim through the hip and thigh, with a 15.5-inch leg opening measurement — think of the Mott and Bow Oliver Jeans as the kind of jeans that should prove quite flattering on most guys.

For good measure, these jeans come in two shades (a Dark Blue and my personal favorite, a Light/Medium Blue offering), each of which should prove reliable enough for any situation in which a great-fitting pair of dark blue jeans can pass muster. If that sounds like just the ticket, then consider adding the Mott and Bow Oliver Jeans to your shopping cart ASAP.


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