The Thursday Buy: This Buck Mason Short-Sleeve Shirt is a Rugged Style Classic for Spring

Best chambray shirt for men to buy now.

Among any great wardrobe, or any great list of menswear essentials, the best style moves often spring from functional, humble beginnings — like one of the best men’s chambray shirts, for instance. If you read the blog, we’ve talked recently about the rugged-yet-versatile appeal of the chambray shirt, made with a textured white-and-blue cotton weave (also known as warp and weft fibers).

It’s more lightweight than your favorite flannel shirt, but just as durable and versatile, and that’s what makes the Buck Mason M025 Chambray Short-Sleeve Shirt a certified winner in my book. You’re getting the breezy nature of a short-sleeve shirt, plus the cool-as-can-be look of chambray, all from one of the best online menswear brands around — and that’s only the beginning.

Helpfully, you’ll find it within the well-stocked Buck Mason New Arrivals section, which is as great a place as any to check out your new spring and summer favorites, but let’s dig a little deeper into this shirt itself, shall we?

As you might expect with this all-American brand, the Buck Mason M025 Chambray Short-Sleeve Shirt retains the same stellar qualities as its long-sleeve counterpart, but with the more laidback nature of a short-sleeve shirt. Buck Mason notes that the 100 percent cotton Tulare Chambray should prove lightweight and breathable, with a slimmer body and some room through the chest and shoulders.

A word to the wise: Consider taking the Buck Mason M025 Chambray Short-Sleeve Shirt one size up if you’d like room to layer over a Buck Mason T-shirt, for instance. Here’s another thing about this rugged chambray shirt: You’ve got options when it comes to wearing it, from styling it open over a slub tee or your favorite henley, wearing it buttoned up with tan chinos and the best leather loafers, or wearing it underneath a lightweight navy blazer (no one will be any the wiser!).

The bottom line is that you need the durable texture and lightweight feel of chambray in your spring and summer wardrobe, and the Buck Mason M025 Chambray Short-Sleeve Shirt is one heck of a place to start. Happy shopping, my friends.


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