Style Pick of the Week: DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag

DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle

DISCOMMON goes above and beyond when it comes to crafting this seriously cool, durable weekender bag.

Thanks for joining us for another Style Pick of the Week, and one that couldn’t have come at a more critical time if you’re looking to upgrade your everyday carry and your rotation of the best men’s gear for winter adventures and well beyond. In this case, it’s the DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag that’s going to amp up your gear rotation in fine form, seeing as it’s one of the best weekender bags for men, period. And whether you use it to (safely) hop on a plane or train, or whether you throw it in the back of your car on a long weekend getaway, it’s one of the best bags for a winter getaway, no questions asked.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with DISCOMMON, now is as crucial a time as any to get up to speed on a brand that’s making the best everyday carry gear and so much more for your daily routine and off-grid excursions. DISCOMMON touts itself as a brand that’s a “cure for the common output,” and one look at pieces like the DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag is enough to turn anyone into a believer. The company’s product design and executive team has root at cool-as-heck companies like Oakley, so you can be sure no corners are cut in making the most rugged gear for guys across multiple categories. But back to this rugged and futuristic-looking weekender bag, right?

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Best weekender bags for men

A weekender bag unlike any you’ve ever seen before — yes?

Leave it up to DISCOMMON to come through with one of the best weekender bags for men, built with full-grain grey leather from a family-owned tannery. This makes this bag highly durable and rugged, yet entirely unique, and the innovative build is complemented by touches like the #Dumpslot, a simple yet incredibly handy access pocket for placing valuables in one fell swoop as you roll through airport security. The bag, on that note, should be perfectly sized for air or train travel, too (it runs 20 inches long, 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide).

The DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag really is the ultimate blend of form and function, featuring custom-designed DISCOMMON hardware, a foam-lined laptop pocket and ballistic nylon material on the bottom to aid in hard-wearing toughness. Easy-access zipper pockets are also placed in what you might call an uncommon position (as the brand says, where the hand naturally falls), so that gives the DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag another advantage over traditional bags. Ultimately, if you want to round out your rotation of the best men’s gear for winter, you can’t go wrong with this rugged, innovative weekender bag.

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