Style Pick of the Week: Uniqlo Printed Polo Shirt


Not that unusual from far away, but from close-up — that's what makes this worthy of a feature.
Not that unusual from far away, but close-up — that’s what makes this worthy of a feature.

This week’s Style Pick of the Week is coming at you a little earlier than normal thanks to a planned weekend trip to Florida. And it’s times like this one, with warm weather approaching, that really have me searching for a great polo shirt. Now, that’s not just any old white polo up top. Squint hard — or just gaze normally — at the small pindot pattern on this piece and be … amazed? While lots of us are fans of Uniqlo’s Michael Bastian polos and could be holding out for a spring release, options like the above one will have to suffice for now. At just under $25, the price is absolutely right. Unlike those of other brands, Uniqlo’s pique polos are nice and breathable with a good amount of stretch and a trim fit — all keys to keep in mind when browsing online and in-stores.

This Uniqlo polo shirt in particular switches things up with that small flurry of red and blue dots. It’s the type of item that looks cool from far away, but should really catch eyes (in a good way) up close. Some of the designs of Uniqlo’s polos (particularly the Michael Bastian collection) have been a  bit out there, but this is a good example of turning the dial up just enough without overdoing it. The dots are small enough to wear this shirt with different shades of blue — even lightwash jeans or navy shorts if you’re going for a one color type-of look.

What’s your take on this polo? Would you wear it? Let me know! 

Editor’s note: Just because I’m jetting away for the weekend doesn’t mean the work stops! A post on wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day is coming up tomorrow!



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