Online Shopping Picks: Owen & Fred

Goods made in America with an eye for masculine design.

Goods made in America with an eye for masculine design.

No, you’re not confused — although there was indeed a review on Frank and Oak published here last week, Owen & Fred isn’t that brand’s equally well-dressed set of twin brothers. If anything, Owen & Fred is a complementary set of lifestyle offerings centered around well-made items you never knew you needed. The Brooklyn-based company offers affordable, made-in-America accessories  (much more on that below) that add some cheeky zest and a nice masculine touch to … just about any area of your life you can think of. Best of all, the brand’s website is remarkably clean, easy to use and set in a crisp typeface that’s very pleasing to the eye (if that matters to you — which it should!). Peruse some picks from their Web store below, and get on into one of their partner retailers to grab some gear as well.

#1. Army Green “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel — $99

Sturdy exterior, nice space and a versatile olive color make this one travel-ready bag.

A turdy exterior, nice space and a versatile olive color make this one travel-ready bag.

The first pick on this list definitely fills a product category every guy needs — a great weekender bag. While it just missed the cut on that last roundup, it tops this particular set because of that rich (yet neutral) olive color, sturdy duck canvas exterior and moderate dimensions that make it ideal for a quick trip. And when you get down to it, a bag like this is going to see a lot of use — especially at that price point. It’s a little sporty mixed with a lot of classic.

#2. “This Bag Is Not Yours” Leather Luggage Tag — $26

Purchased on a vacation, fittingly enough, and ready for lots of use on the road.

Purchased on a vacation, fittingly enough, and ready for lots of use on the road.

Does every bag need a luggage tag? Not necessarily. But I guarantee you if you pair this tag with the above bag or another weekender (or heck, a regular suitcase), you’ll get questions and compliments, and you’ll feel just a little … dare I say it … cooler. Take it from a guy with this very luggage tag on my weekender. It’s not the most necessary accessory to be sure, but it’s well-crafted and made from thick, vegetable-tanned leather. It can definitely withstand everything you throw at a bag, which is saying a lot for a leather square.

#3. “You Earned It” Bottle Opener — $29

Nothing better than a little pick-me-up opened with this thing at the end of the day.

Sure, we’ve all got an assorted jumble of free bottle openers lying around, but there’s an argument for upgrading the little things — and thereby upgarding your lifestyle, bit by bit. The team at Owen & Fred is on to something with this one here (although by all means, if those freebies are your bag, more power to you). This is one bottle opener that’s hefty, made in the U.S.A from solid brass. And what’s better than a delicious soda or an ice-cold brew (perhaps one mentioned in last week’s Friday Read)? Knowing that you earned it, and using something this cool to crack it open.

#4. “It’s Only Money” Brass Money Clip — $20

Another cheeky piece that simply looks cool & serves a nice function.

Some would argue that spending $20 on a small money clip to hold more money might mean that you’ve simply got a bit too much cash. But this piece goes hand-in-hand with the bettering-your-lifestyle argument above, and it’s the little things that help that happen. Another piece made out of sturdy brass, and even having this thing should encourage you to carry more cash.

#5. English Bridle Leather Coasters in Black — $29

Water-resistant, English bridle leather coasters that’ll more than cushion any drink.

Perhaps you’re not the type who has a home bar, or even the space to do something like that. And if you’re recently out of college or still in college, this might be something to save for a purchase down the road. Although they’re just coasters, Owen & Fred’s mission shines through here with a simple design and high-quality materials, resulting in a minimal, premium product that would complement any living room table or bar.

Again, not all of these products are necessities for anyone, most of all if you’re shopping around for style on a budget. But any one of these items would really upgrade a home or bar and bring with it a nice, premium and … cool feel.

Tell me: Would you think about picking up any of these items? What’s the one accessory you’d really like to have for your space?



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