The Friday Read: Spring Beer, No-Show Socks and the Costs of Starting a Fashion Brand

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style content and …. non-style (?) content. For more entries, click here.

Another week is in the books, folks. Thankfully? Anyhow, here’s a selection below of some great pieces that caught my eye across this past week — the first really nice spring week we’ve had in NYC, at least. Grab a cup of coffee, right-click to open these links in a new tab (just kidding — they’ll do that on their own), and read away today and this weekend.

  • The gentlemen over at InsideHook were kind enough a few weeks back to round up the 21 beers every guy should try this spring (Note: Have you had any of these? Want to try the Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA first) .
  • Since it’s spring, Kempt offers a rundown on why you should wear no-show socks, and offers five great pairs to get you through the season.
  • The streetwear and fashion-forward minds at Hypebeast deliver another entry in a fascinating series they’ve been running on the costs of starting up a fashion brand (monetary, personal — the whole nine yards).
  • Long Read of the Week: Although it’s from June 2014, I stumbled across an intriguing New York Magazine piece on the fractured relationship between the two men who’ve created some of the world’s most recognizable type designs (fonts, to all us common folk).

Looking for something else to read?

  • I’ve been putting together a set of weekly Buyer’s Guide pieces for the great site VOUCH Mag, which you can find here.
  • Need some spring shorts or a spring jacket? Click away.

One last note: Remember, this site’s name and layout will be transitioning after the weekend (but please stop by before then!), to The Style Guide — that’s Come see us there! 

Stay stylish,



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