The Friday Read: Bonobos’ Future, Summer Travel and the Triple Crown

Ben Sherman US

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.

So as I mentioned earlier this week (did you catch the latest post on travel style?), I’m heading down to Charleston, South Carolina for a family wedding — the forecast calls for temps above 90 degrees, so I’ll be doing  my best to stay cool (and dress stylishly, of course). Are your summer travel plans heating up yet? Or are you just looking forward to some much-needed down time this weekend? If that’s the case, get a look at four pieces worth your valuable reading-focused downtime. And before you hit the road, perhaps consider entering this stunning giveaway opportunity from eco-friendly retailer United By Blue — worth more than $1,300 in hardy and stylish travel gear from like-minded brands.

  • Racked put together a positively fascinating and fun piece on my former employer Bonobos (Editor’s note: Full disclosure, I worked there as a PR intern there last summer) and the history — and more importantly, the future — of the disruptive menswear company.
  • A shorter read packed with some stunning photos, Selectism takes you instead a perforated brick house in Vietnam. Unusual and yet filled with some neat shots.
  • As part of its guide to getting through the summer, InsideHook offers 14 items, from accessories to footwear, worth packing for summer travel. (For all the great grooming and travel-related add-ons you might need, head here).
  • Long Read of the Week: Sports and pop culture site Grantland waxes poetic on American Pharaoh winning the Triple Crown last weekend.

That’s all for this week’s reading roundup — need more style content?

  • If you need a stellar timepiece at a stellar price, I penned a piece on VOUCH Mag covering a quick-moving Kickstarter campaign from Alberta Watches.
  • Catch up with Clay Chambers of the terrific  men’s lifestyle website Brothers and Craft as part of an ongoing Style Q&A series here on The Style Guide.

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