The List: These are the Best Style Essentials to Buy Right Now from Bonobos

Bonobos menswear

Walking through winter with stylish Bonobos gear on tap.

Ahhh, Bonobos. Good ole Bonobos. I say that because my personal history with the brand runs deep, to an internship stint there during my first summer in NYC, right on through to summer style features in years gone by and of course, a look at the Bonobos Winter Sale earlier this season. But we’re here today in winter 2021 to talk specifically about the best winter menswear from Bonobos, a theme you’ll see pop up time and time again in the weeks to come. Bonobos, as you might know, built the strength of its brand its famous men’s chinos, but they’ve become a major fashion player in plenty of other categories — as you’ll see below. Heck, these picks below are even the sort of menswear for Valentine’s Day, even if it’s spent at home. And the great news is, Bonobos also offers plenty of extended sizes across all of its stylish offerings. Let’s dive on into the latest and greatest from a standout NYC brand; some stellar shopping awaits.

The Best New Menswear to Buy at Bonobos

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos — $98 

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos

Modern-yet-classic chinos in a variety of standout fits and colors.

It wouldn’t be a post about Bonobos without talking about a pair of Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos, a style that’s undergone changes through the years — but not before putting the company on the map. From the curved waistband to a dozen-plus colors, these are a major winner.

Bonobos Jetsetter Performance Henley — $68

Bonobos Jetsetter Henley

A well-made and nicely priced henley to wear everywhere in these casual times.

If you ask me, Bonobos gets major points for producing the sort of classic men’s style staples that wear very well with the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos and more — case in point, this rugged men’s henley.

Bonobos Cotton Cable Crew Sweater — $128

Bonobos Cotton Cable Crew

A dependable and well-made winter sweater, up for grabs right now.

I mentioned above that Bonobos does more than make your favorite chinos; in this case, they also make your favorite winter sweater, and in a rugged cotton cable design.

Bonobos Italian Soft 5-Pocket Pants — $148

Bonobos Five-Pocket Pants

From the cool Ash color to the soft fabric, these pants are a surefire favorite pair.

The versatility of Bonobos men’s pants really can’t be overlooked, and these Italian 5-pocket pants, made with soft stretch cotton, are just the ticket for casual days aplenty.

Bonobos Knit Cardigan Blazer — $298

Bonobos jackets

Wear this hybrid jacket with a henley, a T-shirt, an Oxford shirt — anything you please.

The good folks at Bonobos expertly toe the line between casual and dressy, and this easy-to-layer cardigan blazer is the perfect jacket for your next Zoom call.

Bonobos Leather Jeans Belt — $88

Bonobos Leather Jeans Belt

A well-made and well-crafted leather belt from the makers of your favorite pants.

What’s one thing that every stylish pair of pants needs? Well, one of the best leather belts for men, for starters. Of course, Bonobos has you covered there, too.

Bonobos Boulevard Bomber — $168

Bonobos Boulevard Bomber Jacket

Make this bomber jacket a new go-to layer on the daily.

If you haven’t yet added a classic men’s bomber jacket to your outerwear rotation, well, you can hardly go wrong with this option here in a cool striped pattern.

Bonobos Stretch Oxford Shirt — $88

Bonobos Stretch Oxford Shirt

A reliable and classic Oxford shirt with just enough stretch.

What sort of shirt are you going to wear with your Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos? Why, an equally classic stretch Oxford shirt that blends style, comfort and modern performance.

Bonobos Off Duty Pants — $98

Bonobos Off Duty Pants

A highly versatile pair of pants that toe the line between chinos and sweatpants.

The brand touts the Bonobos Off Duty Pants as the ideal hybrid between chinos and joggers, so what better pair of stylish pants to wear at home right now than these, what with their elastic waistband and tapered cut?

Bonobos Tech Button Down Shirt — $98

Men's performance dress shirt

A tech-minded button down shirt to wear at home or to the office.

Last but not least: In keeping with the theme of comfortable at-home style that still cleans up nicely out on the town and at the office, how about this men’s performance dress shirt for your daily enjoyment? It’s made to dry quickly, resist wrinkles and absorb moisture, all in a day’s work.

Well, folks — I say cheers to the latest and greatest from Bonobos: What say you? Hopefully, it’s clear by now that the brand has plenty to offer even the most discerning shoppers in terms of styles, fits and sizes, from a men’s performance dress shirt to the perfectly casual and expertly cut Bonobos Off Duty Pants or the always-classic Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos. Maybe you’re more interested in the brand’s ever-growing collection of knitwear or a classic men’s bomber jacket, perhaps? The great thing with Bonobos is that you can always get what you need in terms of versatility, classic style points, quality and (relative) affordability. So, buckle up, get that credit card at the ready and let’s get shopping, shall we?

The Friday Read: A New Nixon Watch, At-Home Weekend Style & The Best Hot Sauce

Nixon men's watch review

Time to gear up for the weekend and get some Valentine’s Day shopping done, yes?

My friends, as I always tend to say when we dive into the Friday Read, well, it’s quite literally *time* to step into the weekend, and you should assuredly do so with the aid of a stylish and rugged timepiece from the likes of Nixon. You’re hopefully familar with the brand’s rugged dive watches and a nice mix of casual leather watches & more, and that’s where it gets even better. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Nixon is offering a men’s and women’s custom watch programIt’s a neat process that allows you to customize everything from the case color to the color of the dial and the seconds hand, and of course, you can add an engraved message on the back, too. I’ve had a chance to check out the Nixon watch customization program on my own and am seriously pleased with the results (I got the Nixon Time Teller Custom Watch) — you can and should follow me on Instagram to see the finished product, and if your partner could use a new and stylish custom watch for Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Now, onward to the rest of today’s Friday Read.

Now, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or if you read my twice-weekly newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, I bet you’re caught up on the latest in my neck of the woods. If not, well, allow me to get you up to speed. I’ve been so honored and excited to share my first-ever  feature for (yes,!) — and for the occasion, I went big. I’ve admired the style of Brandon Flowers, frontman of The Killers, for years and years, and with the band’s excellent new album Imploding The Mirage continuing to delight fans and critics, I knew I had to speak with him about the album and his standout style. If you’d like, you can read my interview with Brandon Flowers here. — what a band, what a frontman, and what an opportunity! Of course, that’s not the only thing I’ve been working on, because I also covered the best at-home menswear for GearMoose and a new Scotch whisky for Maxim — both of those pieces are below! Thank you for reading, thank you for your support and let’s dive into the rest of The Friday Read below.

TRUFF Hot Sauce Review

Any one of the excellent hot sauce options from TRUFF is assuredly worth trying out — take my word for it?

  • We tend to cover a lot of ground here on the blog these days, from the best on-sale Chelsea boots to the best new henley to buy now, but I think you’ll like this change of pace. I’m no gourmand, but I’ve truly loved the opportunity to test out what I think is one of the best hot sauces on the market, TRUFF Hot Sauce. They offer white truffle hot sauce, classic hot sauce, truffle pasta sauce and more. The white truffle hot sauce is my favorite, to be sure. I’ve tried it on sandwiches, rice, eggs, pizza and more — it really delivers quality flavor and a not-overpowering, slightly sweet heat. It’s infused with truffles and presented in some seriously eye-catching packaging (and they also offer hot sauce bundles). Consider it a great gift for yourself or a great gift for the gourmand in your life for Valentine’s Day, or consider it one of the best hot sauces to buy now, regardless of the time of year.

Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

  • I mentioned above that we’d get into the best gear to wear at home, or rather, the best gear for a weekend at home (from whiskey to stylish loungewear and more), so in the spirit of sticking to my word and helping you look great in the process, you best check out my guide for GearMoose on at-home weekend style, grooming and more.
  • Speaking of what to wear and sip as you stay at home, you’d do well to check out my latest for Maxim on a new, seriously delicious and nuanced Dewar’s Scotch whisky aged in Portuguese port ruby casks. Cheers to a weekend winter warmer, my friends.

The winter months present all kinds of style challenges, including staying warm as you take on the elements at a sidewalk bar or an outdoor heated patio — and that’s why I can’t recommend enough that you check out my pick for one of the best men’s thermal shirts, the rugged Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal. I’ve got the full scoop in this blog post. Happy layering & happy shopping! And once again, thank you for your support, thank you for reading, thank you for your kind comments and E-mails — it means the world! Onward and upward, my friends. We’ll see you back here tomorrow.

The Thursday Buy: These Bonobos Pants are the Best Men’s Pants to Wear All Winter

Bonobos Off Duty Pant

A classic-yet-modern update of your favorite chinos, made for plenty of days at home this winter and beyond.

Folks, welcome back to another edition of The Thursday Buy, where, similar to last week’s feature, I’m going to tell you all about the best pants to wear at home this winter. This post isn’t a repeat, although the same standout brand is in fact featured. That would be Bonobos, makers of the Bonobos Off Duty Pants and the perfect company to put it all in perspective when it comes to hanging out at home in style. Don’t believe me? Well, you’re in for a mighty fine treat, seeing as these tailored men’s pants toe the line between sweatpants and chinos with ease and plenty of style.

Because all of us are still spending so much time at home, the right mix of versatility and comfort is key when you want to switch up your rotation of the best pants for men, ya dig? And that’s where the Bonobos Off Duty Pants enter the equation. It’s always a great idea to shake things up from time to time, and with a comfortable elastic waistband and yet styling similar to classic Bonobos chinos (think a tailored, flat front and a zipper fly), you’ve found the perfect pants to get the job done. Seriously, these are the pants to wear to work from home, starting right now.

SHOP: The Bonobos Off Duty Pants

Comfort plus tailored style for the win from Bonobos.

The Bonobos Off Duty Pants check all the right boxes when you want to be comfortable and laidback, yet not sloppy. That’s especially the case as you work from home, hop from Zoom call to Zoom call or enjoy a socially distanced happy hour. Go on, set up the computer so everyone can see your finely tailored yet utterly comfortable pants. These hybrid chinos give you everything you’d expect from a pair of Bonobos men’s pants, including a tapered-but-not-too-tight cut, plus a cotton and elastane fabric blend for maximum wearability.

The fact that they more closely resemble chinos than sweatpants also means you can wear ’em with everything from a classic Bonobos henley to a tailored Oxford shirt and your favorite cardigan without needing to go too wild with new wardrobe additions. Color options ranging from Sapling (think classic khaki) to the dark olive Gnarled Pine shade (my personal favorite) provide so much versatility, I’d wager you’re going to want to buy multiple pairs, perhaps one for every work day. Yes, it’s true: The Bonobos Off Duty Pants are easily some of the best pants for men to buy now.

SHOP: The Bonobos Off-Duty Pants

Style Pick of the Week: Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

Your new favorite jacket for winter, with all the quality you need from Bonobos.

Folks, it’s around that time of winter where you might want to give your outerwear rotation a bit of a shot in the arm with one of the best men’s winter jackets, right? Well, do I have a Style Pick of the Week for you today: The Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket is one of the coolest jackets for men out there right now, seamlessly merging classic good looks, comfort and warmth. Plus, it’s an exceptionally versatile jacket that pairs up mighty nicely with, say, Bonobos chinos (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as I say). The Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket checks all the right boxes as far as your new favorite winter jacket, and again, it’s the perfect way to freshen up your outerwear rotation right now.

And lest you thought that Bonobos only excelled at making some of the best men’s pants, well, you’d be right to rethink what you thought you knew about this NYC-based menswear brand. It’s the kind of winter jacket that toes the line between form and function very nicely — it’s got classic bomber jacket styling potential without going too far into high-fashion territory. Keep on scrolling for more, folks.

SHOP: The Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

Product Image

One of two seriously cool colorways you’re getting from Bonobos here.

For one thing, it really does what all of the best winter jackets for men should set out to do — provide warmth and comfort without any fuss. The wool exterior is a perfect match for the quilted nylon interior. The nylon quilting is going to deliver warmth and even a cool bit of visual interest. The fit of this classic bomber jacket for men should also provide plenty of room for layering, even if you go with an Oxford shirt underneath a rugged crewneck sweater for durable winter warmth.

And of course, the two color options (the sharp Black-and-White Herringbone or the more fashion-forward Heather Oatmeal) provide something for everyone when it comes classically cool looks. Side-entry hip pockets also double as front-snap pockets for your everyday carry essentials, yet this jacket still looks sleek and sharp overall. Of course, it wears extremely well with other staple pieces, be it Bonobos chinos  or Bonobos blue jeans (both worthy of your consideration). At the end of the day, the Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket is going to turn what you thought of this pants-centric brand upside down, and in the best way possible.

SHOP: The Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

The Thursday Buy: The Bonobos WFHQ Pants are the Best Pants to Wear at Home Right Now

Product Image

Casual, comfortable, seriously cool pants to wear to work from home or hit the town (safely!).

Folks, perhaps you’ve noticed something through the start of 2021 so far: You’re still spending plenty of time at home, and youre still in need of the best casual menswear to wear, well, at home. After all, a guy can only wear sweatpants for so long, no matter how stylish they are. Enter today’s edition of The Thursday Buy, featuring the best pants to wear to work from home.

Yes, that’s right: I went there. In fact, the Bonobos WFHQ Pants are not only a great pair of pants to wear to work from home, but they’re also a stylish pair of everyday pants the rest of the time, too. Would you expect anything less from Bonobos, after all? The brand has been a longtime favorite of the blog (dating back to 2015!) and it’s pretty ideal that they’ve come through in the clutch with some of the best casual pants for men. The Bonobos WFHQ Pants check all the right boxes in terms of comfort and style, from the elastic waist to the tapered-but-not-tight fit. It gets better, though (keep scrolling!).

SHOP: The Bonobos WFHQ Pants

Bonobos pants review

Just the right amount of stretch and style from Bonobos.

The list of positive attributes of the Bonobos WFHQ Pants goes on and on, starting with the versatile color options in which you can get these hybrid chinos (seriously, that elastic waistband is as clutch as it gets). Pick these pants up in colors like Olive or Charcoal, then pair them up with everything from a Bonobos henley to a classic Bonobos Oxford shirt — they’re just that wearable.

The tapered cut is also highly agreeable, meaning that they’ve got more room through the thigh and leg without being overly baggy. Heck, the four-way stretch fabric makes them more like sweatpants than stuffy dress pants, and the price ($118 at Bonobos) really isn’t bad at all when you consider that they could become your new favorite pair of everyday pants in these times. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your WFH style with ease in a  pair of the Bonobos WFHQ Pants.

SHOP: The Bonobos WFHQ Pants


The Sunday Sale: Take 30 Percent Off This Classic Winter Henley from Bonobos

Bonobos Jetsetter Henley

One of four essential colors in which you can score this classic Bonobos henley.

Perhaps if you’ve taken stock of your wardrobe as of late, you’ve realized you’re missing a crucial piece of winter gear: One of the best men’s henleys for versatile layering and standout style. Wearable with everything from a refined suede jacket or as a base layer underneath your favorite flannel shirt, I’ve got just the classic men’s henley for you in today’s Sunday Sale. I’m talking, of course, about the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley, which is now on sale for 30 percent off at BonobosIf you follow the blog, you’re well aware that Bonobos has been running a standout winter sale for weeks now, with prices starting as low as $38 on everything from men’s chinos to rugged basics like one of the best henleys for men.

These are deals that can’t be beat, especially if you’re a fan of the NYC-based brand’s updated takes on classic menswear staples. That’s what makes the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley so essential, seeing as it’s available in a range of neutral colors (from Navy Blazer to White) while also retaining that classic Bonobos quality and attention to detail.

SHOP: The Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley

Bonobos menswear

Pick up this rugged-yet-refined henley in Charcoal for ideal winter layering and laidback style.

Of course, this piece is one of the best henleys for men for a reason, and it’s all the better that the price tag now drops below $50. If I were you, I’d get at least two, then pair them with ease alongside everything from tapered Bonobos joggers to classic Bonobos chinos. But what exactly separates the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley from the pack? It’s simple really, and it starts with Peruvian cotton that’s been blended with sustainable REFIBRA lyocell for a soft handfeel and plenty of eco-conscious style (it’s a blend of upcycled cotton and wood pulp). This is a rugged henley for men that can go just about anywhere you want it to go, whether you layer it under your favorite winter blazer for a Zoom meeting during the week or team it with the aforementioned tapered Bonobos joggers for cozy weekend style and comfort. And if you feel like mixing in, say, classic men’s blue jeans and a refined cashmere cardigan, well, you can certainly make it happen with the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley. It’s selling fast, and at a discount like that (again, 30 percent off at Bonobos), it’s not hard to see why. Make it yours today.

SHOP: The Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley


The Friday Read: Bonobos Travel Jeans, Your New Chinos & A New Pilsner

A rugged, classic chore coat guaranteed to deliver weekend fun.

Welcome once more to another edition of The Friday Read, my friends. Today’s take on the best men’s style news of the week is particularly momentous — tomorrow is Leap Day, a rarity on the calendar, so let’s have a little fun with it! And one way to have some fun? By picking up more winter style essentials, including the rugged and essential Wellen Stretch Chore Coat as seen above. It’s simply one of the best chore coats you can buy at the moment. I’ll be going a bit more formal with my look this weekend, though. Why’s that? Well, my great college friend — none other than Mr. Kyle Campbell — happens to be tying the knot in Brooklyn! A Brooklyn wedding is a rarity for me (I’ve traveled back to Michigan for past weddings), so it’s definitely momentous to be able to head to The Palm House at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, followed by post-wedding festivities at excellent beer hall Berg’n.

Speaking of craft beer, the festivities have continued to roll along through NYC Beer Week these past few days — it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year here across the city. I had the chance to try delicious beers from the likes of Finback Brewery (the Breach The Surface IPA is a juicebomb of a  brew), Suarez Family Brewing (had to get the flavorful Qualify Pils from this upstate gem!) and more at spots like Covenhoven. I also stopped by lauded Brooklyn bar The Well, packed with 60 (yes, 60!) taps. The occasion? A live panel with renowned beer writer Josh Bernstein! Talk about a great day of great beer — drafts from NYC’s Interboro and Florida’s Civil Society Brewing were particularly prime choices. Looking back on the week, I’m grateful I get to live my passions in NYC — from craft beer to yes, menswear. Hey, speaking of menswear: Let’s get going with the good stuff, shall we? Enjoy the rest of today’s Friday Read.

  • Can you ever have enough of the best men’s chinos? Well, perhaps — but that’s not why we’re here. No sir, I had the chance to write about my favorite men’s chinos for each and every season for The Manual — on the docket, you’ll find picks from both Taylor Stitch and Faherty Brand, for starters. Happy shopping!
  • So you’ve got your new favorite chinos and you’re ready to hit the road — or are you? Not without one of the best passport wallets. I wrote about 20 (yes, 20!) of them for GearMoose, per tradition. Gear up, add to your everyday carry, and then (and only then!), you’re ready to hit the road.
  • All of that earlier talk of craft beer is making me thirsty … if you feel the same way, check out a crisp, refreshing and new pilsner over at GearMoose, as covered by yours truly. In my last trip to Utah, I enjoyed quite a few brews from Uinta, so I’m certain you’ll be mighty pleased with the Uinta 801 Small Batch Pilsner. Bottoms up!


Last but not least — just as with the rugged Wellen Stretch Chore Coat as seen above, now is certainly not the time to stow away your winter jackets. That being said, maybe you feel your rotation has grown a bit stale as the months have gone on? In that case, grab the versatile Buck Mason Bunker Twill Field Jacket — head to this blog post to get the full scoop, then be ready to pair it with your favorite henley and your best blue jeans for expert weekend style. Have questions on what to wear, and when to wear it? Want to see what I’m wearing (and drinking, and listening to)? Head to my Twitter or Instagram. Cheers!

#OOTD: Layering Up in Style This Winter

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

OK, so first of all — it’s Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re spending the day just as you’d like, and in style. To that end —  if you’re looking to shore up or switch up your casual winter style  after a few months of bone-chilling cold, this week’s #OOTD will sort that out nicely for you. We talked last month about how to wear a turtleneck this winter, but we’re going a bit more accessible and a bit more versatile today — as you’ll see below. It’s taking pieces that you might already have in your wardrobe, or pieces that you might be coveting — ahem, the Taylor Stitch Maritime Submariner Jacket — and putting in all together in a look that you can wear any day of the week. So, Sunday brunch? Check. Heck, Saturday brunch? You got it. And a weekend coffee date or a business casual day at the office? Absolutely. For more daily style inspiration, follow your Style Guide author on Instagram. Join us later this week for our regularly scheduled #menswear programming, too. Happy shopping!

Taylor Stitch

Taking classic pieces and upgrading the fabrics and fits.

The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Maritime Submariner Jacket, $248 — Ahh, yes. The warm, comfortable, slim-fitting and versatile Taylor Stitch Maritime Submariner Jacket. How could you not love it? Right? Right.

The Sweater: Bonobos Merino V-Neck Sweater, $58 — If you’re going to wear something more simple in form — like a V-neck sweater — you might as well make yours a high-quality, well-fitting piece in a rich winter color. Wondering how it should fit?  Read my recent Effortless Gent piece on how to find the perfect sweater (nudge, nudge).

The Oxford: JackThreads The Oxford Shirt, $39 — Is there a more classic combination for versatile, casual style than a V-neck sweater and an Oxford? Not quite — especially when it’s a great deal from the folks at JackThreads.

The Denim: Buck Mason Lou Slim Fit Jean, $175 — If you haven’t checked out Buck Mason, I’d advise you do so — from the brand’s classic short-sleeve chambray shirts to slim denim like this pair (faded just right), it’s tough gear for the modern man.

The Boots: Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots, $180 — As sold by everyone’s favorite E-commerce retailer — that’s Huckberry, y’all — Astorflex makes essential, sustainable and stylish footwear. Yes, the Bitflex Chelsea Boots are a winning footwear choice.

The Belt: Abercrombie & Fitch Leather Belt, $44 — Sometimes, your accessories help define a casual ensemble. In this instance, a textured belt tones things down in comparison to a slim dress belt.

The Socks:  American Trench Pima Cotton Houndstooth Socks, $16.98 — If you’re going to fill your sock drawer with only the best, might as well make your picks from American Trench — the brand makes beautiful, comfortable socks.

The Watch:  Tanner Goods Martenero Ace Automatic Watch, $549.98 — Just as a textured leather belt places this outfit in casual territory, so too does a rugged, handsome and eye-catching watch with tough Tanner Gods leather.  Truly, the Ace Automatic Watch is expertly designed and made to stand up to anything.

With versatility and great comfort & fit in mind, dressing in casual style can be easy and hey, fun. And if you’ve been looking for ways to switch up your style this winter, a great V-neck and Oxford is one way to go. These are pieces you might already have, but you can amp things up with something like the handsome, rugged Maritime Submariner Jacket and slick footwear like the Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots. Oh, and if adding to your watch collection is a priority in terms of your 2017 style resolutions, there’s no better place to start than the very investment-worthy Ace Automatic Watch. If you have any questions or suggestions on this outfit, drop ’em in the comments or hit me up on Twitter. Talk to you soon, and thank you for reading!


Frank & Oak

#OOTD: Rugged Winter Style

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

Every once in a while, you just want to mix up your style — right? Maybe if you’re a guy who frequently suits up , you feel compelled to dress down off-duty. Even if you find yourself dressing in business casual style for the office — rather than a suit — it still pays to have a few go-to, off-the-clock looks on-hand. And when you throw in the dual challenges of navigating winter weather while looking sharp, it adds another piece to the puzzle. That’s what we’re tackling today — we’ll get a bit out of the box in terms of classic winter style and go just a tad more casual and a tad more rugged. The basic building blocks of a crisp winter ensemble are still there — starting with classic dark denim and tough leather boots — but the way in which the outfit builds from the ground up will hopefully get you thinking about ways to refresh your style this year. Intrigued yet? Check out the full #OOTD below, and join us on Instagram and Facebook for more #menswear content, 24/7.

Layering up a shawl cardigan for rugged winter style -- as the post title implies.

Layering up a shawl cardigan for rugged winter style — as the post title implies.

The Cardigan: Iron & Resin Fletcher Cardigan,$110.98 — Here at the dear old Style Guide, we sure do love a shawl-collar cardigan. And seeing as this one is available via Huckberry in a warm cotton-fleece blend, it’s worth the buy. You could always add a crisp, functional Outerknown parka if you need an extra layer.

The Henley: Bonobos Slub Jersey Henley in Off-White Microstripe, $55 — Shawl-collar cardigan? Check. Rugged henley? Check. It’s as classic and comfortable of a winter style combo as it gets.

The Scarf: S.N.S Herning Torso Scarf, $96.60 — Nearly a hundred bucks is a lot to drop on a scarf — but when it provides significant warmth and style to rival that of the revered Daniel Craig in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” it’s worth doing.

The Denim: Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Denim, $124.98 —  Whether you consider yourself a rock star or not, there’s something to be said for owning a slick, slim pair of black denim. The Grim Tim is that pair — and they’re a nice way to switch it up from dark indigo selvedge, too.

The Boots: G.H. Bass Buxton Boots, $425 — We talk a lot about investment-worthy purchases that convey great style and timeless appeal — the G.H. Bass Buxton Boots are one such purchase, and they add a bit of a unique contrast to the black denim.

The Socks: Wigwam Merino Lite Hiker Socks, $12.98 — Sometimes, you just need comfortable, functional socks that fight the chill — if that’s the case, pick up a couple pairs of these Merino Lite Hiker Socks.

The Watch: Standard Issue Instruments Pilot Mission Timer, $199.98 — Yet another standout piece of gear sold by Huckberry, the Pilot Mission Timer is tough, practical and rugged. Don’t worry about the black strap-brown boots color combo — it works in this casual ensemble.

The Hat: Columbiaknit Watch Cap, $17 — Just like the Merino Lite Hiker Socks, functionality and warmth is sometimes the name of the game. This cap is more than fairly priced, too.

The Gloves: Hestra Granvik Gloves, $180 — They might not be pictured in the above grid, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need reliable, tough winter gloves — Hestra is the place to go in this case.
Frank & Oak

Alright, let’s bundle up and get out there this winter. When you start with well-fitting basics — like a slub jersey henley — and add a tough-yet-comfortable Iron & Resin shawl-collar cardigan, you’ve got the foundation of a warm winter outfit.  In fact, it’s this very outfit that I frequently find myself wearing when it’s chilly. At any rate, slim black denim and rough-and-tumble leather boots are essentials in any season, especially cold weather, and the overlooked details — like warm winter socks and a nice winter hat — are just as critical to keep in mind before you step outside. And if it’s a new watch you need, something as functional and dependable as the  Pilot Mission Timer should get you where you’re going with plenty of time to spare. Any questions? Comments? Feedback? Let me know in the comments below!

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#OOTD: The Best Way to Wear a Turtleneck This Winter

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

As we’ve moved through the #OOTD series, we’ve covered a whole host of content — everything from how to suit up this winter to wearing a classic Oxford. We’re continuing down that path with something a bit more adventurous — in one regard — than past #menswear features on this site. Whether you’re a Steve McQueen devotee or have only started noticing the ubiquity of this classic-turned-trend-turned … nearly classic, you’ve surely seen a stylish fella or two rocking a turtleneck.  It’s a style move that can feel a little bit advanced, particularly if you’re just refreshing your style for the new year. So, today’s #OOTD  will ease into wearing a turtleneck in a way that’s accessible and sharp for just about anybody Now, if you fancy yourself a bit more advanced in the style department, check out some next-level tips on how to wear a turtleneck from Articles of Style. And on a more basic front, since style is an evolving process, I’d say stick to buying classics like a slim crewneck sweater or a sharp V-neck sweater before buying a turtleneck. But if you do want to dip your toes into this bolder move, the option featured today shouldn’t hurt your wallet too much. Curiosity piqued? OK, great. Read on below, and let’s catch up on Twitter and Instagram while we’re here.

Sharp, simple and easier to pull off than you think -- truly.

Sharp, simple and easier to pull off than you think — truly.

The Turtleneck: JackThreads Franklin Turtleneck, $39 — Kicking things off with a rich winter shade that’s not too ostentatious — yes, this burgundy turtleneck is affordably priced and made from an easy-to-layer cotton.

The Peacoat: J. Crew Dock Peacoat with Thinsulate, $298 — What’s the key to making it all work? A classic winter outer layer like this J. Crew peacoat — it works even better if you’ve got an original U.S. Navy Peacoat on-hand.

The Pants: Bonobos Jetsetter Wool Pants in Light Grey, $198 — The idea of taking grey trousers and mashing them up with black boots and a dark peacoat feels a little something like James Bond would wear, ehh? That’s why it’s the way to go here. Yes, they’re pricey — but Bonobos makes trousers as good as they get.

The Boots: Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boot, $149.98 — Because it’s chilly and slushy out there, slick black boots with a rather unique construction and a slim profile are a smart move — get the Emilio Chukka Boot ASAP.

The Socks: American Trench Pima Cotton Houndstooth Socks, $16.98 — Dress socks that break away from a solid light grey or charcoal are a welcome touch in winter, and American Trench knows how to craft them.

The Belt: Bonobos Black Leather Dress Belt, $98 — If you’re grabbing some slim Bonobos trousers, might as well grab a slick, investment-level black dress belt to accent them, right?

The Watch: Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch in Black Leather, $229 — A slim, refined black leather dress watch is underrated in the men’s style world (brown leather seems to dominate). So, this is a smart pick-up.

The Wallet: Tanner Goods Limited Edition Quad Wallet, $54.98 — Because this is the type of outfit that’s ideal to wear to a refined dinner or (dare I say) a nice night at the theater, you need a slim, refined and well-made wallet. Lucky that Tanner Goods has you set with the Quad Wallet, yes?
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Hopefully, we’re all on-board with the turtleneck trend by now — or at least, on the road to considering how to wear it in a refined, accessible manner. When you start with a rich, winter-friendly color like burgundy and ground it with a  classic peacoat and slim grey trousers, you’re stepping out in something that’s crisp and classic — nothing too crazy here. Crisp black leather chukka boots are perfect in terms of functionality and sharp style, as is a refined black leather dress watch. And a slim leather wallet  leaves nothing to chance in terms of a well-composed everyday carry. Have more questions on other ways to wear a turtleneck or stylish winter accessories to buy to go with this look? Drop me a line via email — or leave a question in the comments!

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