The Friday Read: Fourth of July, Shake Shack and Paris Fashion Week

Ernest Alexander

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.

With one day left ’til the Fourth of July, have you made it where you’re going for the weekend yet? Know what you’re going to wear? If you still haven’t picked out an outfit, look here. And if you’re just throwing together a bag last-minute — hold your horses, partner, best to pack in style with these tips. It’s a shortened week at my office, but yet another busy one. Thankfully, we’ve got the weekend here — and some stylish reads with which to kick it off. Check out the below picks this week, featuring a double dose of Esquire style content and the best burgers around. And if you do happen  to be in the Hamptons on the East Coast this weekend or anytime before July 11th, be sure to swing by the Steven Alan x GREATS Pop-up Shop at 75 Main Street; the two brands will be offering up a specially-curated selection of GREATS kicks in a truly lux environment. Now, onto this week’s reading picks.

  • As tomorrow is everyone’s favorite patriotic holiday, Thrillist put together its list of the most American … Americans. Yep, you read that right. A fun little list, though.
  • For those watch nerds out there,Esquire examines whether a vintage Patek Phillipe actually inspired the pricey, futuristic-leaning Apple Watch — it seems likely the more you read that piece, although design inspiration certainly comes from many different places.
  • And continuing to roll right through the esteemed publication’s digital offerings, Esquire made note of an important trend throughout Paris Fashion Week — that of slim suits. While silhouettes have run the gamut from baggy to severe across past seasons, that’s still good news for those of us who prefer a trimmer-cut suit.
  • Long Read of the Week: As the “better burger” explosion continues, Fast Company takes a look inside the success — and commitment to detail and quality — that’s made Shake Shack such a fast-growing (and delicious) success.

Shopping for some new summer gear anytime soon?

    • Check out five excellent T-shirts to get you through the hot weeks ahead as part of my latest post for VOUCH Mag.
    • If you’re also in need of some stylish slip-ons, check out a quick-hit spotlight I wrote up for GearHungry on the outstanding GREATS Leather Wooster Slip-on (full TSG review coming in mid-July!)

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