Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Editor’s note:  For more gift ideas to get your gears turning, click here.

Although in actuality it’s 13 days away on the calendar, perhaps Valentine’s Day feels a little closer for you — particularly if you’ve got a big night or a big trip planned, or if you still need to sort out a gift. I’m certainly no travel agent, and I can’t offer up a great dining recommendation (unless you’re a Brooklyn craft beer fan), but I can hopefully help you start to think about a nice gift for your significant other. Ahh — and as to what to wear, that’s coming next week! Hang tight until then, and know that you can always rush delivery on both a gift for her, and a new outfit for yourself, if need be.  Some of these picks lean on the budget-friendly side of things, and others are a little more spendy — of course, handmade touches, things like a card or some nice flowers, can be just as thoughtful as other experiences. So the ball’s in your court now!

For The Writer (Or Crafter): Shinola Light Pink Medium Paper Journal Two-Pack — $9

A simple-yet-functional and refined-looking gift for the writer.

A simple-yet-functional and refined-looking gift for the writer.

Gifting something as simple as a paper journal can seem just that — too simple. However, as a writer myself, and a person who likes to actually write things down (different yet related, ya dig?), there’s nothing more satisfying than mapping out a to-do list and crossing things off. They’re also handy to jot down random thoughts, and they lend a cool aesthetic sitting on a bookshelf or coffee table. Plus, these Shinola Medium Paper Journals are made in America from sustainably-managed forests. These would be a great gift as part of a larger gift package (maybe with a nice carrying pouch and pen?), and they’d look pretty neat in tandem with some of the other items on this list (hint, hint).

For The Fashionista: Kate Spade Cedar Street Cami — $148

Just two of a multitude of color options in a refined leather accessory.

Just two of a multitude of color options in a refined leather accessory.

Kate Spade is a brand that, much like J. Crew or Bonobos on the #menswear side of the equation, can do no wrong as far as designing fashionable, refined basics that bring a lux touch to everyday items. Take, for instance, the Cedar Street Cami, a small leather crossbody clutch. I don’t purport by any means to know a thing about women’s accessories, but I can assure you that something like this Kate Spade bag echoes refinement and class, and it’s reasonably priced. At any rate, this purse leaves room for the essentials and looks nice doing so.

For The Jewelry Collector: Shinola + Inesse Ceramic Squat Jar — $100

A slightly unexpected gift that adds some nice color and functionality to any space.

A slightly unexpected gift that adds some nice color and functionality to any space.

Shinola again pops up on this gift list for the second time, but for good reason. Again, I don’t know jack-squat about women’s jewelry (which this piece looks like it’d be great to hold), but I do know this squat jar …. would look great on a dresser or desk! The Shinola + Inesse ceramic jar is handmade in the small Inesse studio in Minneapolis, hence the higher markup than you might see from somewhere else — but it adds a welcome shot of color in these dreary winter days, and the Inesse name is a neat one (it’s a play off the Latin phrase meaning”in actual existence,” a reference to the tangible experiences the company wants to create for its customers through its products. Neat, yeah? And as to the jewelry to place therein — might I direct you back to Ms. Spade?

For The Foodie: A Night Out at Your Favorite Restaurant OR A Great Meal In

Whether you make something like this or order it, a nice meal can be a great part of Valentine's Day.

Whether you make something like this or order it, a nice meal can be a great part of Valentine’s Day.

There are some things in life that are less tangible than jewelry or accessories, but still just as appreciated — and that certainly is still in play even if your significant other isn’t a true gourmand. Something as simple as a nice night out on the town, be it a lovely dinner or some upscale cocktails, can be an underrated experience that’s sometimes forgotten as we move so fast through life. It can serve as a nice complement to other gifts, too. If the restaurant or cocktail lounge has some special meaning, that’s all the better. And if cooking in is more your thing (admittedly, it’s not mine), then the terrific team at Dappered has some excellent “Make it For Your Date” suggestions to get you started.

So that brings us to the end of this gift guide — did you find what you were looking for? If so, I’m glad I could be of service! If not, best of luck to you in your search — and be sure to swing back through here next week to cross off that other Valentine’s Day to-do, your ensemble. It’ll be a good one, promise.

Until next time!

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