Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Spring Jackets

Editor’s note: For a full host of seasonal shopping picks, click here.

Here’s a sneak peek for you at what’s coming this week on The Style Guide — shopping picks, and more shopping picks! With the long-awaited transition to spring currently ongoing all around (hopefully), there’s plenty of shopping to be done if you need to update your wardrobe. I know I’ve certainly been looking to cross some items off my spring style wish list. And while sometimes you can take a look at what you have in your wardrobe and easily assemble a sharp, #OOTD, sometimes you still need a little extra … something. In this case, that something is a great spring jacket, critical for navigating the sometimes quickly changing weather and temperatures of this time of year. After all, it’s not quite warm enough to go forth in a spring sweater  — which we’ll cover Wednesday — yet that winter coat is long gone. The below picks aim to get y’all outfitted at a variety of price points and styles, although versatility and maximum usability is critical in terms of outerwear. Keep in mind that we’re not getting crazy technical here, so if that’s your game … maybe give it a read anyways? And if you have any picks you think I missed, head on over to The Style Guide’s Facebook page and let me know.

#1. Abercrombie & Fitch Genuine Suede Bomber — $600

Abercrombie & Fitch -- not what you'd expected, right? A stunning new spring offering.

Abercrombie & Fitch — not what you’d expected, right? A stunning new spring offering.

If you’re not hip to the scene yet, Abercrombie & Fitch is back in a big way this spring thanks to the already-hyped efforts of former Club Monaco head of menswear Aaron Levine. Its knitwear looks to be in great shape (particularly this indigo popover), and solid, rugged pieces like the above Genuine Suede Jacket are doing lots to sway perception of the brand. $600 might certainly seem like a lot of cash to throw down if you haven’t shopped at A&F in years, but know that this stunning jacket was crafted in partnership with the outerwear experts at Golden Bear.  Worth a second look, huh?

#2. H&M Cotton Shirt Jacket — $34.99

The classic-yet-modern styling potential one expects from David Beckham's H&M partnership -- at a very low price.

The classic-yet-modern styling potential one expects from David Beckham’s H&M partnership — at a very low price.

On the opposite end of the spectrum sits H&M with this dark blue Cotton Shirt Jacket from its Modern Essentials collection (well-done, Mr. Beckham). Granted, the quality of the brand can sometimes be suspect, but collections done in partnership with the soccer legend do get quite a few things right in terms of nailing continental, modern style. This shirt jacket is completely different in style than the above suede bomber, but it would function as a nice weekend layering piece over a long-sleeve tee, and you could even rock it on its own for a casual Friday.

#3. Bridge & Burn Hayden Linen Jacket — $188

Lightweight and highly wearable in several situations.

Lightweight and highly wearable in several situations.

There seems to be two ways one can go when selecting outerwear — either slightly less expensive and less versatile, or pricier and more versatile & durable. The Bridge & Burn Hayden Linen Jacket certainly echoes that last one — it’s a nice and lightweight cotton-linen blend in a neutral grey colorway, and it’s designed in the U.S. from a brand that knows how to craft sustainable apparel and outerwear. It should function perfectly over a lightweight cashmere sweater and a simple tee, and you could even sub this jacket in for your more typical khaki blazer.

#4. Todd Snyder Chelsea Varsity Bomber Jacket — $198

An offering that's equal parts city and sport-inspired from Todd Snyder.

An offering that’s equal parts city and sport-inspired from Todd Snyder.

No matter the season, Todd Snyder always seems to deliver some excellent style staples — be it his take on classic white P.F. Flyers sneakers or athletic-inspired outerwear, like the Chelsea Varsity Bomber Jacket from this season’s collaboration with Champion. It certainly has  a slightly edgy, noir-ish style compared to some of the other pieces on this list, but sometimes, sleek black outerwear isn’t a bad thing. The cotton body should be lightweight and comfortable for layering over a classic Oxford shirt, and the leather detailing at the shoulders adds a bit of visual interest. While this jacket is a tad pricey, it’s certainly not as expensive as some of the brand’s other Spring 2016 offerings.

#5. Grayers Reston Quilted Jacket — $165

A hybrid jacket that's ideal for the shifting temps of spring.

A hybrid jacket that’s ideal for the shifting temps of spring.

This jacket was first seen on this blog’s Spring Style Wish List, and the Reston Quilted Jacket is popping back up here for good reason — it’s a versatile piece that takes a mixed approach to seasonal outerwear. That is to say, it combines the silhouette and stand-up collar of a field coat with a quilted exterior, plus the color and relatively slim fit of a navy blazer. That means you can wear it like both a jacket and …well, a blazer. If you’re looking for ways to style it, look toward simple staples like slim stone chinos (say all that five times fast) or lightwash jeans — the color contrast definitely works.

When shopping around (er, I mean researching) for this post, a few brands kept popping up — and if you’re looking to continue your search, I’d say you might do well to supplement the above picks by swinging through Bonobos, who stocks a variety of seasonally appropriate outerwear and unique styles. If your budget is substantially higher, keep in mind that classic, Americana-focused retailers like Billy Reid are also crafting lovely outerwear options. Whether you’ve got money to burn or not so much cash on-hand, scoping out a jacket that’s versatile and appropriate for your lifestyle is going to be goal numero uno — so, pretty important. If there are any brands you think got lost in the shuffle, hit me up on Twitter! In the meantime, happy shopping.



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