Style Pick of the Week: Mack Weldon Merino Long-Sleeve Tee

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

A plain ol' long-sleeve tee? Certainly not. A premium style upgrade? Definitely.

A plain ol’ long-sleeve tee? Certainly not. A premium style upgrade? Definitely.

There are definitely categories in the men’s style world that have been overlooked for years. That’s certainly true for things like underwear (yes, we’re going there), socks and crucially, base layers like long-sleeve tees. Athletic brands have generally dominated that market and focused more on functionality, but some companies have really honed in on a particular category and owned it — good news for you, my friend. So if you haven’t met ’em yet, say hello to Mack Weldon — and what just might be your new favorite T-shirt. The brand excels (and is primarily known for) its well-crafted and comfortable line of underwear, but it also puts out undershirts, T-shirts, sweatpants and even socks. So they’ve got a lot going on. But its Merino knits take the cake in terms of combining comfort and style. Crucially, I’ve had the chance courtesy of the brand to check one out over this past week, in fact. And while this Merino T-shirt might look like an ordinary long-sleeve tee, it’s anything but. So that’s a GREAT thing for the $78 price tag (bear with me!).

Just another one of four color options made with comfort, a tailored fit and style.

Just another one of four color options made with comfort, a tailored fit and style.

It’s built with antimicrobial technology, soft Merino wool and a Tencel blend that aids in that softness even more. The slim fit and raglan sleeves are modern design features that might seem small at first, but actually pay off in a big way. Raglan stitching (that’s the curved stitching at the chest) makes your chest and shoulders look broader, and the slim fit has a two-part function. Say you feel like going extra casual and rocking this tee with a blazer (something you can and should do) — the slim fit absolutely helps with that style maneuver, while the soft fabric and color options still make it different than a normal tee. And if you decide to wear it on its own with tapered sweats or even dark denim on the weekends? The modern fit is going to help you out immensely. My personal favorite of the bunch (four solid and versatile color options) is the Bluestone color — it echoes lighter shades for spring, yet it’s not so loud that it couldn’t be worn alongside darker colorways of blue, rust or even burgundy cords in the fall and winter. Unfortunately, the small size is sold out in that color at the moment; thankfully, there are other options!  At $78, it’s a premium investment for sure. However, you might not want to go back to your plain T-shirts after trying one of these on.

Do you own any Mack Weldon gear? How would you rock this long-sleeve tee?
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  1. […] Mack Weldon knows what it’s doing as a brand when it comes to reliable basics that emphasize performance and fit; its No-show socks again hit smack dab in the middle of that delicate intersection. They’re not too tech-y, they’re not too fragile — they’re comfortable, well-fitting and available for a nice price for a two-pack. From personal experience, they sit solidly on your foot and ankle, and they won’t go sliding around when you slip on sneakers or loafers. Plus, the colors and design are such that they won’t look out of place if you need to slip off your kicks. […]


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