See Now, Buy Now: The Jack Shirt from CIVIC Is Your New Daily Chambray Shirt

A highly wearable, highly durable and truly classic chambray shirt from CIVIC.

What do you get when Taylor Stitch launches a partner brand geared toward sleek, modern and sustainable style? You get CIVIC, a new brand for the modern man that’s offering up stylish, effective products like the Jack Shirtquite possibly your new go-to chambray shirt. Here’s the real kicker: CIVIC is more than just your average menswear company. More to the point, the team at CIVIC focuses on classic pieces made with an eye toward the environment; think fabrics that are durable and mobile, yet eco-conscious. Did we mention CIVIC does this all with an emphasis on using high-quality merino, beloved for everything from odor resistance to a natural breathability? All of that means a shirt as classic and essential as the Jack Shirt in Sky Blue Chambray is made to be worn time and again for rugged fall style, comfortable winter style, and every situation in between.

The brand’s Merino 4S fabric meets the tailored fit and rugged-yet-versatile styling potential for which CIVIC‘s partner brand — Taylor Stitch, of course — is known. That means it’s got the potential to last through your commute in the heat of summer or the chill of winter. The textured fabric and classic design details, including a collar that’s neither too small nor too big, add to the long list of pros when it comes to picking up the Jack Shirt in Sky Blue Chambray. It’s certainly an investment when it comes to a stylish chambray shirt; it’ll set you back nearly $130. Yet, you’re getting an utterly timeless and reliable shirt when it comes to the Jack Shirt, made with styling potential that works all day, every day. From classic Levi’s denim and tan leather boots to rich leather sneakers and a sport-inspired cardigan, the wearability of the  Jack Shirt in Sky Blue Chambray nearly can’t be topped — that goes for work or play. When it comes to fall layering for outdoor adventures, the Jack Shirt is going to team up quite nicely with, say a rugged Taylor Stitch utility shirt.  But I’ve said enough — will you be buying the Jack Shirt in Sky Blue Chambray for the season ahead (and far, far beyond)? Let me know on The Style Guide Facebook page!

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