See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket Is the Best Summer Jacket for Breezy Nights

If you ask me, when the going gets tough, the tough — or at least, the stylish — stick with their favorite menswear brands, the kind making plenty of summer style essentials that step up in the clutch. Brands like, of course, San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch. The company, as you’ve read in recent weeks on the blog, was founded with the aim of making the perfect men’s Oxford shirt, and now, they do so much more — like making one of the best men’s jackets for summer.

Who needs summer outerwear in the heat, though? You do, my friend. Recall what I said about the going getting tough, right? Well, when breezy summer weather strikes, step out in the classic Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket.

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The key is both the workwear build, with front hip patch pockets, and the lightweight yet dependable, flexible washed indigo fabric with plenty of texture and style points. Think of the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket like the jacket you wear through breezy days on the trail, chillier-than-usual nights on the beach, or cool, casual evenings around the bonfire.

A jacket like this one won’t be around for very long, so I’m going to wrap today’s post earlier than usual — add the rich, durable and yet summer-friendly Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket to your menswear rotation ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts are the Perfect Shorts to Wear All Summer

Best hybrid shorts for summer.

Here’s the scoop, at least according to this Brooklyn menswear writer: When you find a summer style essential that can do more than one thing very, very well, it’s in your best interest to snap up that style staple. And when that menswear pick comes from the good folks at Taylor Stitch, you can rest assured it’s the proper style move to make now. The San Francisco brand, a longtime blog favorite and makers of some of the best men’s shirts for summer (among many other items) now offers up the best men’s hybrid shorts for the season: the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts are going to take you from the trail to the beach and beyond — keep scrolling for more, of course.

Again, for the summer months, versatility is absolutely critical, and the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts have that versatility in spades. They’re cut like one of your favorite pairs of shorts, featuring an 8-inch inseam that should hit above the knee on most guys, yet they’ve got all the features you’d expect from some of the best hybrid shorts, too.

That means they’re made from a hard-wearing blend of organic cotton, nylon and spandex — you get the tailored appeal of organic cotton shorts, yet the durability of nylon and the comfort of spandex. The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts really check off all the right boxes, and you can wear ’em to the beach or on the trail — or out to your favorite brewery — with ease, especially in a neutral and easy-to-style Olive colorway.

Most versatile shorts for men this summer.

The back patch pockets on the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts also feature drainage holes, like on your go-to swim trunks, so you can wear them into the water and back on land (note how quickly the fabric dries!) without worry. When you need rugged shorts that can do everything with style and functionality in mind, make the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts your next purchase. And hey, given that you’re getting a pair of functionality-minded shorts for under $100 ($92, to be exact), that purchase just got even better.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt Is a New Seasonal Must-Have

When the opportunity to snag one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts for summer comes along, strike while the iron is hot. That’s the idea behind my suggestion that your next menswear purchase should be the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt, just the latest and greatest release from the standout San Francisco brand. We’ve talked in the past about how Taylor Stitch consistently makes some of the best men’s shirts — and plenty of other gear — which you can find on sale, if you know where to look. Now, the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt isn’t on sale right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your hard-earned time and money.

Crucially, the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt takes the brand’s tried-and-true Jack silhouette — with a tailored fit, sizes arranged according to your chest measurements, and a clean look — and turns it into one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts for summer, without missing a beat. The key is the blend of Tencel and linen fabric, for both breathability and stretch, yet durability.

Contrast stitching on the chest pocket gives the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt a nice touch of visual interest, and the Natural color is versatile enough to wear with absolutely anything in your wardrobe — especially Taylor Stitch chinos, for instance. Try out the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt and see what it can do for your summer style.

The Sunday Sale: This Taylor Stitch Shirt Is More Than 40 Percent Off at Huckberry

Every so often, a deal comes along that’s just too good to pass up, and that’s the case with today’s Sunday Sale (it’s always great to close out a weekend with some savings, is it not?). The item in question? No less than one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, and it’s headed your way from a brand you can trust: Taylor Stitch, naturally. And not only that, but it’s curated by another brand you can trust: Huckberry, via the well-stocked Huckberry Sale section, of course. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt is the one to buy now, and better still is the fact that it’s just about 50 percent off (46 percent, to be exact).

The Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt strikes the right balance between casual and formal, with a tailored fit and eye-catching patterns and colors aplenty on offer. The Navy Stripe pattern iteration of the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt is a nice change of pace from summer florals, lending it a bit more of a polished air.

And yet, the construction and specs are exactly what you want in one of the best shirts for summer: 100 percent organic cotton should prove breathable and breezy, while the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt also features a camp collar design (wear the shirt untucked and the collar open). Best of all, enjoy the fact that you’re saving your hard-earned cash by shopping the Huckberry Sale section — go to it, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Wharf Pants Are the Rugged Summer Pants to Buy Now

Best men's pants for summer from Taylor Stitch.

What’s a guy to do when he wants the right blend of rugged dependability and yet style that works easily back on dry land and perhaps, on the water or even on the trail? Why, turn towards a brand that can help you meet all three of those aims quite easily (especially given that it’s Memorial Day and the official start of an anything-goes summer). The brand in question is Taylor Stitch, and the Taylor Stitch Wharf Pants are the most rugged pants you can buy this summer — whatever’s on your bucket list.

That might seem overly simple on the surface, but they perfectly merge the sort of timeless style, classic looks and reliable performance you tend to need when zipping around town or taking on summer’s adventures (a day hike and brewery beers — and bonfire building) very much included.

The key is the use of durable 100 percent cotton in these stylish men’s pants, especially in a 12oz. weight. That weight should prove somewhat lightweight on temperate days, but best suited to breezy days and nights on or near the water.

In fact, the aptly named Taylor Stitch Wharf Pants are made from some of the toughest stuff around: Selvage boat canvas, which you might more accurately call “the good stuff.” They’ll break in as time goes on to become as soft as your favorite Taylor Stitch chinos, but for now, think of them like a hybrid between casual summer pants, work pants and road-ready adventure pants.

The leather back patch amps up the style details accordingly, while you can always cuff or roll ’em to your heart’s content, all thanks to the 34-inch inseam. When you want a pair of the best men’s pants geared towards doing just about anything you can dream up this summer, you want the Taylor Stitch Wharf Pants — that’s just a fact.

The Sunday Sale: Get This Taylor Stitch Western Shirt for 50 Percent Off at Huckberry

Shopping for the best menswear essentials on the market, especially at a site like Huckberry, requires a keen eye for finding the gear that’s going to best serve you. So, while the well-stocked Huckberry Sale section right now has tons of cold-weather gear marked down to low, low prices, the real key is to look for some of the best deals on summer menswear that you can buy right now. In the case of today’s Sunday Sale, the summer menswear deal in question is a great one: 50 percent off one of the best men’s Western shirts of the moment from Taylor Stitch.

That brings the Taylor Stitch Western Shirt down to 50 percent off right now, just a shade over $60. Bear in mind that it’s made from sturdy 8oz. organic cotton, the kind that only gets better with age, so it’ll function nicely as an overshirt on breezy summer nights — yet you can also wear it unbuttoned over your favorite T-shirt atop stretch chino shorts plenty of times in the season ahead. Rest easy knowing that plenty of sizes are available right now, and then get ready to shop and save at Huckberry.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Hawthorne Shirt – The Best New Summer Shirt

Best short-sleeve shirt for men to buy now.

The building blocks of a guy’s summer wardrobe should include reliable staples, no doubt about it, and some welcome changes of pace, too — take the best men’s short-sleeve shirts, for instance. Think of your classic polo or a short-sleeve buttondown, and then think of some slight variations to those tried-and-true staples — that’s where the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Hawthorne Shirt comes into play. Taylor Stitch has a way of taking the classics and switching things up, and that’s certainly what they’ve done with this organic cotton camp-collar shirt.

The camp-collar style is a throwback that’s quickly turned into both a modern trend and still a classic, with a lay-flat collar that’s easygoing and definitely laidback. The organic cotton is washed for a textured look and feel, and this stylish short-sleeve shirt also boasts a textured striped design. The real kicker, though, is the tailored fit, which lends it a polished air (unlike some more relaxed Hawaiian shirts).

The Sand color of this Taylor Stitch shirt wears well with just about anything (including your favorite light wash jeans or even off-white chinos), and the quality is second-to-none — as you’d expect from Taylor Stitch. It’s a stylish short-sleeve men’s shirt for summer that you can count on, and there’s no denying you need more than a few of those right now.

See Now, Buy Now: This New Taylor Stitch Oxford Is Your Favorite Breezy Spring Style Move

Best Oxford shirt for men.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the good folks at Taylor Stitch come right on back through with another round of the best men’s style essentials for spring, summer and yes, well beyond those two seasons. The San Francisco brand is, of course, a perennial favorite of your friendly Brooklyn style writer, be it making one of the best merino T-shirts or a rugged leather jacket to wear in breezier weather.

Those two style staples are but two areas in which the long-running brand excels, but the Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford has long been another piece worthy of a spot in your wardrobe. The Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt is impressive in any season, harnessing the versatile potential of the Oxford in a fresh, modern way. The fit is nicely dialed in via chest sizes, the collar is substantial but not overly large — with a nice roll that looks great unbuttoned or done up — and the cut is made to be worn tucked in or untucked.

If you’ve tried the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt, you know there’s lots to love, and it gets even better when you take a look at the best new spring and summer colorways of the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt, my friends.

Best Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt for men.

The Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Teal is particularly impressive, in a fresh, rich shade that wears well with the best indigo blue jeans or with Taylor Stitch’s slim chinos in equal measure. Of course, the especially breezy, dusty Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Natural is also a nice change of pace, presented in yet another exceptionally cool colorway that wears well with just about anything you can dream up (yes, even white or off-white jeans or five-pocket pants. Of course, the specs on the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt remain reliable even if you opt for a more classic color, like the always-wearable shade of light blue that sells out at a frequent clip.

The organic rugby Oxford cotton on the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt is soft but durable, made to get better with each wash and each wear. And given the fact that you can team the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt with a lightweight blazer or worn more casually — unbuttoned over the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee, for instance — it’s a solid bet that this could become your new favorite Oxford shirt. The best and brightest new colors of the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt keep things cool and interesting, but the classics always win out. Stock your shopping cart with that in mind. Cheers, my friends!

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch x Huckberry Long Haul Jacket Is Your New Spring Go-To

Best men's denim jacket for spring.

There are some menswear partnerships that just make so much sense, you almost don’t have to think about ’em. Like the way that Todd Snyder teams up with Champion to update rugged style staples, or the way that Huckberry and Taylor Stitch have partnered on your new favorite denim jacket for spring and summer. It could be one of the coolest men’s jackets of the moment, in fact, and it perfectly merges everything you love about the two San Francisco brands, including an old-school, rugged appeal that’s still fresh and modern.

The jacket in question is an update of the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket, a longtime favorite of mine here on the blog, and it plays off all the hallmarks you expect from that silhouette. The fit is clean and hits above the waist, with relatively slim sleeves and high armholes for a surprisingly tailored denim jacket. Of course, those are but a few of the touches that make it one of the best jackets for men at the moment.

The incredibly cool Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket is made from soft organic cotton denim, all the better for a soft fit that only gets better with time the more you wear it. This rugged denim jacket has also been washed for a vintage look and feel, but again, it’s only going to get better with age. It already looks like you’ve had it for years, which makes this one a nice change of pace against more polished Taylor Stitch chinos, for instance. The Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket also boasts eye-catching, nicely detailed antique copper YKK donut buttons and rivets, plus zig-zag stitching under the collar and along the front placket for added durability.

Taken altogether, both the details big and small make the Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket one worth owning and wearing as often as possible this spring and summer. It gets all the better when you team your new favorite denim jacket with, say, a Taylor Stitch merino tee for go-anywhere, laidback-yet-cool style. Regardless of how many lightweight jackets you’ve got close at hand, the Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket is one of the coolest to buy right now — guaranteed.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Merino Tee is the Best Men’s Tee to Wear As It Warms Up

Best merino T-shirt for men.

When done right, as it turns out, the best men’s basics are actually so much more than basic — this, I hope you know if you read this blog on the regular. Perhaps reading this site over the years has even turned you into a fan of venerable San Fran retailer Taylor Stitch, one of my favorite menswear brands and a company that excels at turning the basics into, well, so much more than basic. Take the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee you see above. Like the different-than-ordinary workwear style of the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket, or the uncommonly rugged shawl cardigan sweater from the brand, this merino T-shirt is so much more than meets the eye.

Merino in and of itself is a standout fabric to have in your wardrobe, especially in layers close to the skin — merino wicks away moisture, fights odor and bacteria and generally feels comfortable as heck. And over the years, that’s been my experience with pieces like the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee. I hope you’ll agree, but take a look for yourself below as we keep things rolling.

The brand also stocks heavier tees made from more substantial cotton-blend fabrics (like the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee), but as a base layer for commuting, hiking, grabbing beers or beating the heat in a shady park, the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee also excels as one of the best T-shirts for men — period.

Best T-shirts for men.

To get technical, the magic in this stylish merino T-shirt comes from the superfine 18.5-micron mercerized Merino wool, blended with Lycra for stretch. Without getting too technical, though, the mercerization process makes the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee super-soft, and it helps that the fabric has a nice, visually interesting texture. When you’re wearing the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee, it looks like a T-shirt made to be worn on its own — not an undershirt, for instance. For as rugged and essential as the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag line of knitwear can be, the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee is another standout option to add to your basics drawer.

It’s also helpful that the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee comes in a range of neutral colors, since this T-shirt is so soft and moisture-wicking, you’ll be able to wear it repeatedly (provided it’s not overused as a workout tee, for instance). The Heather Grey color of the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee pairs well with plenty of style moves in your spring wardrobe, be it olive chinos and your favorite chukka boots or khaki shorts and canvas sneakers.

Wear it casually with light wash jeans and a stylish military jacket, or take it for a spin beneath an ultra-lightweight, unlined blazer at the office. You’ll find plenty of ways to wear a tee as comfortable as the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee, and your wardrobe is all the better for it. Keep in mind it’s much pricier than a pack of cotton tees (the Taylor Stitch Merino Tee will set you back $68), but once you try this thing on, it becomes all the more worth it.