See Now, Buy Now: Get the Color of the Season with the Raleigh Denim Alexander Stretch Jeans

A twist on traditional winter denim, featuring comfortable fabric and a seasonally friendly color.

We’ve all been there: The time comes around in the morning to pick out a reliable work week outfit, maybe something with a bit of tailored winter style … and you tend to reach for the same dependable pair of dark blue cords, denim or chinos. Not that that’s a bad thing! But every now and again — especially as we approach the doldrums of winter — a guy’s gotta switch up. And that’s where the Raleigh Denim Alexander Stretch Jeans  are going to be your saving grace. Whether you add the stylish Alexander Stretch Jeans to your own holiday style wish list (Christmas is VERY soon!), or whether you pick them up for the menswear fan in your life, everyone’s going to be more than happy to unwrap and wear the Alexander Stretch Jeans from Raleigh Denim. Why is that, Beau? It’s that crucial combination of style and comfort, plus a rich Walnut color that’s decidedly different from the varying hues of dark blue and charcoal a lot of us wear — and that’s a great thing.

The  Raleigh Denim Alexander Stretch Jeans  might feature a fabric blend that’s more lightweight than what you’d typically wear in winter, but that just gives you more freedom to layer up on your top half, from a stylish shawl collar cardigan to a classic indigo overshirt. They’re also washed for a broken-in feel, just what you need to feel comfortable and cozy curled up around the fire, heading to a Christmas Eve party — buy ’em now! — or hopping on a crosscountry flight (in style, naturally). The Alexander Stretch Jeans are a unique take on a traditional winter trouser, and that’s why your Style Guide author digs ’em so much. The  Raleigh Denim Alexander Stretch Jeans  are tapered slightly, but a bit roomier than they are skintight — that’s good when you want to channel polished, but relaxed, holiday style this season. And when the new year hits? You should certainly feel free to wear the  Raleigh Denim Alexander Stretch Jeans   with your favorite denim shirt and perhaps a classic field jacket for versatile style on the go. What do you say? Who’s ready for Christmas now? You are, my friend.

Are you a fan of the  Raleigh Denim Alexander Stretch Jeans   for gift giving or … wearing? Let me know in the comments! 

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