Talking Style: What are Your 2018 Menswear Resolutions?

Sitting down to write this post, checking the calendar and then realizing that, yes, 2018 was just days away was … quite wild, to say the least. And it’s fitting that we’re kicking off the year with a brand-new post on January 1st, no less! If you’re still a little, uhh, groggy, I’d recommend you check out this post on casual weekend style before rolling out of bed to check out some college football. In years past, we’ve sat down to talk about my menswear resolutions for the year ahead, but now … I want to hear yours! Style is definitely an ongoing journey, one with ups and downs — sometimes, you might lean toward something as specific as a certain cut of shirt or a certain type of jacket, and other times … you might find yourself gravitating toward style staples like sharp Chelsea boots or a rugged chambray shirt, sometimes worn in the same outfit. Again, it’s all a process, and it can be even more fun to find what you love to wear … and then build a whole wardrobe around it! I hope this blog can help you continue to do that, even just a bit.

The point is, I’m looking forward to an even better 2018 here on The Style Guide, packed with more entries in our #OOTD series, more features on the best men’s gear via our ongoing The List series, and plenty more chances to travel and share my menswear adventures along the way. What’s on the docket in the way of 2018 trips? Well, we’ve got a family trip to Europe planned for this coming March, and more music & menswear trips planned on a personal note (yes, I fully intend on seeing The National play again very soon). So, again … what are your menswear resolutions this year? Personal resolutions? Let me know in the comments below, or say “Hi” on Twitter or Facebook

Thanks for reading — let’s make 2018 count!


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