The List: Shop All of your New Favorite Men’s Style Essentials for Fall Right Now

Gear up for fall with an iconic leather jacket for a road trip.

Well, folks — look who’s back in business. It’s a new week, and it’s time for another edition of The List, covering the best men’s style essentials to help you power on through September and into October. It all starts today with outerwear, including one of the best trucker jackets to help you get road trip-ready (wear a mask!), and it carries right on through to other handy fall accessories, including stylish new headphones and plenty more. Where will fall take you? I hope it’ll take you (safely) to plenty of stylish places. Head over to Twitter to let me know your favorite gear picks today, and be sure to subscribe to my twice-weekly newsletter, where I talk about style, music, coffee, craft beer and plenty more. Happy reading! 
Schott Vintage Buffalo Trucker Jacket — $845 

A classic, rugged waxed trucker jacket for plenty of fall days.

That’s right, folks. The time is upon us to pick up a heritage-quality leather jacket from Schott, and it helps that this vintage-style trucker jacket is tough as nails, sharp as can be & ready for anything. If it’s low on sizing, consider the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker instead.
Filson Field Flannel Shirt — $98 

An expertly crafted flannel shirt for fall days aplenty.

When you want to really gear up and hit the road, or simply just get out of your house, turn toward one of the best flannel shirts for fall, offered up by a brand that gets it right. This brushed cotton flannel shirt is ideal for layering atop your favorite T-shirt.
Tanner Goods Voyager Daypack — $250 
Voyager Daypack

A tough backpack you’ll want to bring on the road season after season … after season.

Let’s talk about road trip gear for a second, shall we? Get this rugged backpack for all your everyday carry essentials, and rest easy knowing it’s tough as can be.
Master & Dynamic MW50+ 2-in-1 Wireless Headphones — $249
For your next road trip or for casual days plugged in at home, pick up some Master & Dynamic headphones for crystal-clear audio quality and a standout listening experience. Plus, these stylish Bluetooth headphones feature both over and on-ear pads.
Buck Mason Field-Spec Cotton Surplus Henley — $68
Buck Mason - Black Field-Spec Cotton Surplus Henley

For fall travel and days at home, this is the rugged henley you need.

Get one of the best layers for fall right here — this rugged henley from Buck Mason takes the cake when it comes to wearability and style, especially alongside a vintage-style trucker jacket.

FRYE Union Workboots — $298

Exceptionally durable, rugged boots fit for anything this fall.

FRYE boots are quickly becoming a favorite of the blog, prized for their durability, toughness and rugged style. For adventures on and off the trail (and to-go brewery visits aplenty), get these stylish leather boots from FRYE.
Todd Snyder Italian Indigo Western Shirt — $198 

A rugged Italian shirt, made as only Todd Snyder can make.

Made in Portugal from 100 percent cotton, this classic Western shirt is stylish, versatile and ready to wear on the road or at home. It’s Todd Snyder, after all.
Proof Schoeller Trek Hiker Pants — $188

Rugged hiking pants to buy right now.

Looking for the best men’s travel pants, or perhaps the best men’s hiking pants? Why not get both here from Huckberry? That’s because the Proof Schoeller Trek Hiker Pants are made with water, stain and mud-resistant fabric in a mobile, versatile fit. Perfect for fall travel.
Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan — $98
Everlane cardigan

A classic cardigan done up in a modern merino fabric.

It’s never too early to stock up one of the best men’s sweaters for fall, and it just so helps that this Everlane cardigan is made from comfortable, anti-microbial fabric for fall layering atop your Todd Snyder shirt.
Vague Grey Fade Submariner Watch — $475 via Uncrate (Exclusive)

A vintage-style dive watch you’ll have for years on end.

You’ve got your denim shirt, your leather trucker jacket and your travel pants — now, get the best men’s stainless steel watch for all your fall adventures (and then some). The Vague Grey Fade Submariner Watch, featuring a “faded bezel” effect, is utterly classic and incredibly versatile.
Bombas Garment Wash Crewneck T-shirt — $36

A comfortable, classic crewneck T-shirt.

Hey, we didn’t say we were out of the woods yet when it comes to T-shirt weather, right? For layering underneath your classic denim shirt or wearing all on its own, get one of the best men’s T-shirts from Bombas. It’s one of the softest, most comfortable tees I’ve tried, and for every tee sold, Bombas donates one to someone in need.
Relwen Windzip Jacket — $258
Relwen Windzip Jacket

A go-anywere fall layer that’ll look great, no matter the conditions.

If the weather cools off enough to the point where you’ll need an extra layer atop your Bombas T-shirt (and it very well might!), then you should get this Relwen jacket for comfortable fall weekend layering, my friends.
Taylor Stitch Camp Pants in British Khaki Boss Duck — $128

These are some of the toughest men’s work pants on the market.

The easiest way to bundle up on a fall weekend? Take your Relwen jacket, throw it on over your Bombas T-shirt … then add these rugged camp pants from Taylor Stitch.  Make your next yard project easy with, yes, the best men’s work pants around.
Lum-Tec Combat B46 Watch — $470
Lum-Tec Combat Watch

An exceptionally rugged, dependable men’s watch for fall and beyond.

We just talked above about the best men’s stainless steel watch, but what if you want something that’s more akin to a classic field watch? That’s where this rugged Lum-Tech watch enters the equation, and it’s one of the best sub-$500 watches around.
Quoddy Maine Woods Boots — $399
Quoddy Maine Woods Boots

Lace up these boots, get on the road and get out there this fall.

Listen, it wouldn’t be a roundup of the best men’s gear for fall without covering some of the best leather boots out there, would? The Quoddy Maine Woods Boots are more than ready for any fall adventure.
Faherty Brand Cutback Sweatpants — $128 

Comfortable, casual-yet-stylish sweatpants to wear any time this fall.

Last but not least, let’s keep things cozy, casual and cool for when you do get back from the open road. These cozy sweatpants from Faherty Brand will prove reliable weekend after weekend (or, they’ll also function nicely as sweatpants to wear to work from home).
Well, when it comes to the best men’s gear for fall, I really am all about it. Whether it’s stylish Faherty Brand sweatpants for casual days at home or, say, the Quoddy Maine Woods Boots for getting out and about, I think there are plenty of potential picks for you to enjoy today and on into fall. The best part is that you can use them all in harmony. Start with your  rugged backpack from Tanner Goods to pack up at least a few of these gear selections, then hit the road with your classic Western shirt from Todd Snyder. Take care not to forget your Everlane cardigan or your Vague Grey Fade Submariner Watch as you enjoy the rest of the season. You really can’t go wrong, can you? Thanks for reading, and cheers!

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket

Will you look as good as this dude, or Steve McQueen, or Daniel Craig, wearing a Harrington jacket? Maybe?

When it comes to menswear essentials, there are certain critical pieces that really never go out of style. The classic Oxford shirt. Slim blue jeans. The perfect white T-shirt. And now — especially for fall and winter — the iconic Harrington jacket. And if you think you know everything there is to know about this essential piece, think again: The  Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket, exclusive to our friends at Huckberry, is here to shake up what you thought you knew about this style. Favored by menswear luminaries and rugged gentlemen like Mr. Steve McQueen and Mr. Daniel Craig as James Bond, the iconic Harrington jacket — and more specifically in the case of today’s post, the Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket is a tried-and-true style that works well in inclement weather, layers up with ease, and goes with just about anything in your wardrobe — more than worthy of today’s entry as the coveted Style Pick of the Week, right? Certainly.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket via Huckberry

A handsome, rugged and stylish jacket. Perfect, right?

In the case of the Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket, it starts with the cotton-nylon shell, made to ward off weather and layer up over a rugged crewneck sweater or a classic chambray shirt. The beauty of the classic Harrington jacket is in its versatility — the style is laidback enough to wear with something like a rugged henley, and yet it looks equally sharp atop a slim dress shirt or an essential Oxford shirt. And of course, the Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket is among the finest options you’ve got on the market for a classic style that works any day of the week. The custom Taylor Stitch print on the interior lining — 100 percent cotton, mind you — offers extra warmth in the fall chill, while the corduroy-lined collar calls back to classic field jackets. The stand-up collar is also another signifier of a classic Harrington jacket, which makes it an easy and polished option to wear for all manner of style situations — including fall and winter travel, or a laidback weekend coffee run. The Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket is every bit as stylish and versatile as the rest of the brand’s gear — it even features handwarmer pockets, making it more hard-wearing than other, more lightweight Harrington jackets. What could be better than that? Well, if you’ve made it this far, then it’s worth pointing out that the handsome Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket will set you back just $149.98. Yep. Under $150 for a stylish fall jacket that wears easily with your favorite men’s style essentials, from dark denim to flannel shirting to rugged leather boots. The point is this: The classic Harrington jacket is a seasonal style must-have. And the Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket is the one to buy. Bingo!

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Montara Jacket via Huckberry

Style Pick of the Week: Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers

Your next pair of fall sneakers … or are they boots?

Not yet familiar with the Vulcanizer brand? Well, my friends — let’s change all of that today as we talk men’s style essentials and get you well-acquainted with the next entry in our always-rugged, ever-fashionable Style Pick of the Week series. The subject of today’s post? The Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers, a boot-sneaker hybrid that looks as tough and stylish as your favorite pair of leather boots … while simultaneously existing in the realm of the best men’s high-top sneakers. Don’t believe me? Read on.  Japanese brand Vulcanizer is a new addition to the lineup over at Huckberry, a site that knows a thing or two about curating menswear essentials. It’s really no surprise, then, that the Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers are unique, versatile and rugged — all at once.

It’s gotta start with the classic moc toe construction and vulcanized sole, two touches that surely make the Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers a seriously ready-made addition to your list of fall style essentials, if ever I’ve seen one. The cotton canvas upper is also water-resistant, a key feature that ought to come in mighty handy whether you keep it simple (classic dark denim and a grey crewneck sweater) or a little more stylish (a white Oxford and khaki chinos at the office).  Either way, the Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers are going to hold up — to say the least.

SHOP: Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers via Huckberry

A classic pair of high-top sneakers with the look of a pair of durable boots — a fall style favorite, surely.

Make no bones about it,  Vulcanizer has certainly taken their time with the Work High Oxford — designed in Japan and made in Romania, you  just don’t see sneakers nowadays like the Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers and everything they’ve got going for ’em. Available in three colorways (I like the Brown Work High Oxford the best), these sneakers are durable enough to wear on a light day hike along with a waxed trucker jacket and tough work pants, yet stylish enough to wear to your favorite bar alongside casual style staples like a rugged denim jacket and a classic chambray shirt for the season. The Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers are also a steal in terms of price, clocking in at under $150. That price for a pair of durable sneakers that wear like boots? Sounds just great to me. The moc toe construction is also cool and classic, simply perfect for fall. You should certainly shoot to wear the Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers to your next football tailgate or brewery visit — they’ve got that rugged sensibility that’ll fit right in alongside dark indigo denim and a rugged long-sleeve henley So, how’s that sound for your next fall footwear purchase? Easy enough, right? 

SHOP: Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers via Huckberry

See Now, Buy Now: The Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots Are A Must-Have Classic for Fall

Red Wing Iron Ranger

An incredibly high-quality, long-lasting pair of stylish men’s boots from Red Wing Heritage.

Are there certain items, certain menswear essentials, that are truly timeless and averse to trends? In short: Yes. And my friends, the stunning Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots fall squarely in that camp — they’re absolutely one of the best pairs of men’s boots to buy now, and hopefully … for forever. That’s saying quite a lot, but there’s a reason they’re part of our ongoing See Now, Buy Now series: If I were, I’d buy the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots right this instant. Durable leather boots like these are but one way to start getting ready for fall — so much of the fall season revolves around getting the details right in terms of fit, texture & rugged appeal, and the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots have got all of that, and then some. They’re a timeless pair of boots for a reason: The silhouette is at once recognizable, functional and seriously stylish, and the specs on the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots are investment-worthy. From the use of rugged Hawthorne Muleskinner leather — guaranteed to get better with age — to the Goodyear welt construction, these stylish leather boots have it all.

And the great thing about a durable, versatile pair of leather boots for fall, like the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots? You can wear ’em with plenty of style essentials for the season. Take an indigo denim shirt and slim black denim, then add the Iron Ranger Boots, for instance — you’re ready for a night at your favorite brewpub or a rock show in equal measure. As far as other ensembles go, the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots can pair up nicely with more rugged favorites, like a grey crewneck sweater, a thermal henley and tan chinos. See? Versatility at its finest. Heck, if you were feeling quite adventurous, I’d say you should trot out the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots with a navy cotton blazer (like the Taylor Stitch Everyday Blazer) and a white Oxford if you work in a more casual office. Yessir — the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots can do it all, nearly.

OK, let’s hear it — what are your thoughts on the Iron Ranger Boots? Are they on your fall style wish list?

The Friday Read: The Ball and Buck Active Anorak, Transitional Fall Style and Timex x Todd Snyder

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of summer rushing by, on into early fall. It’s hard to believe, to say the least! We’ve already started looking ahead to transitional style essentials to get you ready for fall, but I’m taking the time this weekend to reflect on an amazing summer in Brooklyn and elsewhere. For now, I’m actually heading back to Michigan as we speak for a lovely and long Labor Day weekend, with some of my favorite men’s gear picks in tow (naturally). What are your plans for the weekend? Hopefully, they involve some relaxation, some rest, a craft beer or two, and lots of laughter & love with family and friends. If you choose to spend a bit of your time this weekend reading the pages of this site, I sure do appreciate it. Cheers! 

READ MORE: Get Ready for Labor Day Weekend with These Menswear Essentials

  • Cult favorite brand Stefan Grant just launched its largest collection yet — it’s called “Know Your Lines,” and every bit (design, production, even the photo shoot) was done in the lovely city of Los Angeles. We’re talking easy-to-layer staples like lightweight bomber jackets & modern trench coats, perfect to show off some edgy style this fall. The best part? The brand is offering 20 percent off for Labor Day weekend. New menswear and gear that’s on sale? Sounds good to me.
    • In the way of other Labor Day sales, you can also get 20 percent off all Sunski sunglasses (as seen on my Instagram) now through September 3rd! I love my pair, and you’d do well to hop on this train — polarized lenses and a lifetime warranty sound good to me!
    • State Bicycles also has you covered when it comes to functional, sharp cycling gear  — you can get 25 -80 percent off sitewide, and if you’re buying a bicycle, use the code “ROLLUP” to get a free rolltop backpack. Perfect.
  • I’ve long been a fan of the stylish casual watches that come out of the ongoing Timex x Todd Snyder partnership, so I certainly wasn’t surprised to see another excellent leather watch recently debuted by the two iconic American brands: The Timex x Todd Snyder Beekman Watch. I recently took a deep dive (not literally!) with this watch for GearMoose, and I’ve also been featuring it on my Instagram. In short: You owe it to yourself to pick up this timepiece.
  • It’s still pretty darn relevant to talk about how to transition into fall, if you ask me. That being said, I’d advise you to revisit (or visit for the first time!) this #OOTD on how to wear a chambray shirt this fall. Hint: It involves the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt.
  • Let’s close out today with another recommended gear purchase to get you ready for changing seasons. Granted, you won’t be able to get the Ball and Buck Active Anorak until spring 2019, but you’d do well to pre-fund this excellent jacket right now, because it’s packed with functionality and easygoing style. I had the chance to test it out around Brooklyn recently (see more on my Instagram) and can certainly vouch for it. Get to it!

OK, my friends. That’s it for today. Still looking for more men’s style reading? Read on to find out about some of the best men’s jeans to buy now. Then, check out the rugged long-sleeve henley to pick up for fall. Last but not least — check out the best men’s gear to upgrade your wardrobe before it’s too cold (and too late!). Thanks for reading! 

The List: Buy This Rugged Gear to Make the Stylish Transition into Fall

Simply stunning suede chukkas that should be on your list for early fall.

Ahh, yes — here we are. Right before Labor Day weekend, staring down the end of summer and looking toward early fall. What’s a guy to do? Easy. Shop for men’s style essentials like a tough camp shirt, a rugged long-sleeve henley, a  classic men’s Oxford shirt and stylish suede chukka boots. Then, wait for your closet to refresh almost instantly. OK, not quite. But the point is that the pieces you buy now are going to make all the difference in getting you ready for the season ahead. And if I were you, the first purchase I’d start with? Pre-funding the stellar Taylor Stitch Chukkas in Chocolate Weatherproof Suede, as seen above (and below). Good luck out there.

Taylor Stitch Chukkas in Chocolate Weatherproof Suede — $248

Simply beautiful suede chukkas for early fall.

Our friends at Taylor Stitch always up the ante when it comes to dependable style on all fronts — these handsome, functional Weatherproof Suede Chukkas should be a go-to pair of stylish fall boots with everything from a charcoal herringbone suit to a classic chambray shirt and indigo denim.

Taylor Stitch Everyday Blazer — $277.98

Taylor Stitch

The year-round blazer you need, made from fall-friendly suiting wool.

Made from year-round suiting wool in the tailored-yet-not-tight fit for which Taylor Stitch is known, the Everyday Blazer is handsome & versatile, wearable with tan chinos or dark denim. Pair it with the Weatherproof Suede Chukkas above for A-plus style from head to toe.

Frank And Oak Dylan Slim Raw Selvedge Denim — $119

Super sharp, slick denim from a Canadian menswear stalwart.

Frank And Oak stays on the cutting edge of things with monthly product drops, and that’s certainly the case with their recently revamped denim line. The crisp and clean Dylan Slim Raw Selvedge are the perfect pair of jeans to wear to your next rock concert.

Flint and Tinder Staywax Camp Shirt — $168

Just one of the color options in which you can pick up the durable Staywax Camp Shirt.

The extraordinarily tough, durable and stylish Staywax Camp Shirt is the quintessential fall shirt — easy to layer over everything from a slub tee to a long-sleeve thermal henley. Add broken-in denim and tough leather boots … bingo.
Roark Revival 12.5oz. Travel Stretch Denim — $67.98

A pair of crisp, well-cut indigo denim — nothing more, nothing less.

OK, so you’ve got your tough outer layer for early fall — what about a stylish pair of classic men’s denim? That’s where Roark Revival enters the frame — the brand’s Travel Stretch Denim is comfortable and well-fitting, perfect for a fall getaway.
Rhythm Vintage Stripe T-shirt — $34
Bespoke Post

An easy-to-wear T-shirt in a shade befitting of early fall.

Is there such a thing as a stylish T-shirt that’s uniquely suited for early fall? In the case of the Rhythm Vintage Stripe T-shirt, well … yes. The rich stripes are vintage-inspired and ready to layer under a charcoal Oxford with dark denim.

Frank And Oak Jasper Oxford Shirt in Dark Red — $39.50

Nothing better than a fall-friendly Oxford, perfect for layering with a rugged crewneck sweater.

OK, you’ve got your stylish T-shirt on lock, so the basics are taken care of. The Jasper Oxford Shirt from Frank And Oak exudes  casual-yet-elevated style — the Dark Red color is ideal for wearing with the aforementioned Travel Stretch Denim and the beautiful Weatherproof Suede Chukkas from Taylor Stitch.

Timex x Todd Snyder Military Watch — $138
Timex x Todd Snyder

A striking casual timepiece perfect for wearing with your favorite jeans and your favorite boots.

The ongoing Timex x Todd Snyder partnership never disappoints — take the handsome Timex x Todd Snyder Military Watch, a fast-selling, stylish casual timepiece that’ll take you into September and beyond in serious style.
Bellroy A5 Work Folio — $199

A slim, stylish work folio to organize your essentials.

Stepping into a new season is all about staying organized — this, the Bellroy A5 Work Folio can help you get ready for Q4 (or whatever you might be working on) in style. Truly, it’s an everyday carry essential.
House99 Truly Brighter Eye Balm — $26

The little details, even in grooming, make a difference. Well-done, Mr. Beckham.

House99, the line of grooming gear from sporting legend and style icon David Beckham, can absolutely help with keeping your grooming rotation tight and well-stocked.. I’ve been testing the Truly Brighter Eye Balm across these past few weeks, and it reduces puffiness and adds luster — a winning combo, in short!
Grayers Campesina Double Cloth Thermal Henley — $48.98

Providing an ideal mixture of comfort and warmth, this henley should be a fall go-to.

So, what exactly are you going to wear under a rugged outer layer like the Flint and Tinder Staywax Camp Shirt this fall? Easy. A classic henley, much like the layering-friendly Campesina Double Cloth Thermal Henley from Grayers.
BREDA Visser Watch — $90

Dressy, classic and still easy enough to wear with a T-shirt.

For those who favor a stylish leather watch with some polish, the BREDA Visser Watch is an affordable alternative to add to your watch collection. You can wear it everyday — especially with a classic Oxford. Speaking of …
Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford — $98
Flint and Tinder

A rich, fall-ready color sets this Oxford shirt apart.

Another Oxford?/ You betcha. If ou’re going to transition into fall, you’re going to need menswear essentials that look the part — like the richly crafted Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford, an easygoing shirt made for everything from blazers to crewnecks.

Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Olive Watch Cap — $40

A warm watch cap that you’re going to need sooner than you think.

It’s going to be chilly before you know it — sadly, that is. However, the simple-yet-stylish Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Olive Watch Cap is one way to be prepared ahead of time.
Now then … who else is ready for the start of fall? I know I am. Hopefully, these versatile men’s style essentials get you thinking about the changing seasons. For me, something like the Everyday Blazer from Taylor Stitch is the perfect way to step into (slightly) different weather. And for my money’s worth, I’d say you can’t go wrong by picking up the Weatherproof Suede Chukkas to amp up your fall footwear rotation. Have other thoughts? Hit me up on Twitter. Thanks for reading! 

#OOTD: How to Dress for a Business Casual Office This Fall (And Beyond)

We normally  keep things pretty casual here on the blog in terms of style scenarios, from how to dress for a rock concert to how to wear your new favorite denim jacket. That focus is changing today, however, with a business-ready #OOTD that’s going to get you ready for a casual-yet-polished day at the office. Think your favorite men’s style essentials, just remixed ever so slightly. That is to say, I think picks like the Taylor Stitch Everyday Blazer — as highlighted below! — are perfect if you’re searching for advice on how to dress for a business casual office. It seems that most offices these days are leaning toward casual — a mix of high-and-low pieces on most days, with things maybe leaning a bit more polished for a big meeting. I know that describes the PR office I’m in right now — maybe you’re in the same boat. The great thing is, the casual pieces you know and love, like a classic Oxford shirt and slim dark denim, can be pulled together in one ensemble to help you take on the day in polished professional style. A company logo polo and beige khakis, this is not. No sir, I hope this suggestion pushes you to look just a bit better than average at the office. What say you? Ready to get to work? I sure hope so.

The right mix of laidback essentials and polished pieces for the office.

  • The Blazer: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Blazer in Everyday Navy, $348 — Made from comfortable, year-round suiting wool in a tailored fit, the Telegraph Blazer from Taylor Stitch could work any day of the week for you.
  • The Classic Oxford ShirtFlint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford, $98— When in doubt, a soft-washed Oxford shirt like this one from Flint and Tinder is the way to go.
  • The Denim: Taylor Stitch Slim Jean in Cone Mills ’68 Selvage, $145 — Are you sensing a theme here? Your favorite dark denim — I.E. the amazing Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans — are absolutely office-ready this early fall.
  • The Chukka Boots: Allen Edmonds Montauk Plain Toe Chukka Boots, $325 — Classic suede chukka boots can — and should — be worn whenever you can, especially these refined Allen Edmonds chukka boots. Think of these as a comfortable-yet-casual step up from brown leather dress shoes.
  • The Belt: Levi’s Premium Leather Icon Belt, $33.99 — Feel free to go a little more casual with the Levi’s Premium Leather Icon Belt — versatile enough to wear on the weekends, too.
  • The Socks: Little River Sock Mill Textured Herringbone Crew Socks in Cocoa, $22 — Because it’s early fall after all, stylish herringbone socks from Little River Sock Mill provide comfort and seasonal style.
  • The Watch: BREDA Visser Watch, $90 — With an #OOTD like this, mixing both casual and slightly more refined pieces makes your watch choice easy — the BREDA Visser Watch is a stylish everyday watch fit for work.
  • The Everyday Carry Essential: Bellroy A5 Work Folio, $199 — For prepping for a client meeting or a monthly presentation, organization is surely key. What if I told you the Bellroy Work Folio could help with all of that while keeping all of your ducks in a row? Good stuff, right?
  • The Grooming Essential: House99 Purefectly Clean Face Wash, $25 — Your routine for a day at the office should definitely involve a purifying face wash — it helps that this one comes from David Beckham’s new line.
  • The Finishing Touch: Duke Cannon Solid Cologne in Land, $25 — It’s amazing how one small finishing touch can elevate your look and your confidence — solid cologne from Duke Cannon, a personal favorite, works nicely and leaves you smelling just great.

Alright, my friends — who’s ready to crush that big day at the office? The old mantra “If you look good, you feel good” absolutely applies here. And if you start with timeless menswear essentials like the Telegraph Blazer from Taylor Stitch, you’re well on your way to being the best-dressed guy in a casual office. Picks like a classic men’s Oxford from Flint and Tinder also strike the right balance between laidback and polished — the same can be said for the classic, office-friendly Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans in a rich indigo. The major building blocks of this ensemble are balanced nicely alongside classic suede chukka boots, especially the refined Allen Edmonds Mountauk Plain Toe Chukka Boots. As ever, I urge you step up your accessories ever so slightly for the office — durable, versatile picks like stylish herringbone socks from Little River Sock Mill should play nicely off the Levi’s Premium Leather Icon Belt. Keeping everything for your presentation or meeting organized can be a tall order at times, yet the Bellroy Work Folio should help you accomplish that feat easily — and in style, to say the least. The BREDA Visser Watch is also the perfect timepiece for this ensemble, with an air of casual refinement that’s not too gaudy.  I’m also a big proponent of starting your day the right way — Duke Cannon’s Solid Cologne and the House99 face wash as shown above are going to get you out the door in fine fashion. So, what do we think? Will you be incorporating the Telegraph Blazer from Taylor Stitch (and other men’s style essentials) into your next business casual look?

See Now, Buy Now: The SeaVees California Special Sneakers Are Your New Favorite Sneakers

A new classic — terrific SeaVees sneakers to take you into fall.

There comes a time in  every guy’s life when he needs to take stock of those critical men’s style essentials he’s got handy for the changing seasons, particularly on the footwear front. So, as we move from summer toward early fall, that’s where the brand-new, super-stylish SeaVees California Special Sneakers are going to help out. Named for a special edition of the Ford Mustang that was only sold to residents of California, they’re a classic, stylish pair of high-top sneakers from the laidback style purveyors at SeaVees, and that’s as good as it gets for stepping from summer into fall. Whether you wear the SeaVees California Special to the office (it can be done!) or to the bar, you’re in good hands.

SHOP: SeaVees California Special via Huckberry 

My personal favorite from the collection — one of four versatile color options.

Available in Ecru Pig Suede (your humble author’s personal favorite), as well as the sleek Perforated Falcon Suede and the dressier Night Pig Suede, these are just the right type of high-top sneakers to start wearing now, and then keep wearing come fall. The Ecru Pig Suede variety in particuar is perfectly versatile, easy to wear right now with olive chinos and a grey slub T-shirt — and then still fitting to pair with dark indigo denim, a grey crewneck sweater and a classic Oxford shirt later on this season. Made with flat eyelets and cotton laces, the construction on the SeaVees California Special is quite solid. That’s great news, because I’d imagine you’re going to want to wear these comfortable high-top kicks as much as you can. Heck, you should even feel free to wear the SeaVees California Special to something as laidback as a football tailgate — they’re that low-key and versatile. And for pairing with easygoing weekend style staples — think tailored sweatpants and a slub cotton henley — there’s really no better footwear option than the  SeaVees California Special.

Are you ready to make the transition into fall yet? What do you think of these classic sneakers?

SHOP: SeaVees California Special via Huckberry 

The List: Prep for Labor Day with Your New Favorite Menswear Essentials

Classic chinos made from quality materials — as essential now as in early fall.

Folks, check your calendar, check your watch or set a reminder on your phone — Labor Day isn’t too far off. What does that mean, exactly? Well, that means that summer is drawing to an end — and it also means that your shopping for men’s style essentials certainly shouldn’t be done yet. The key, as we’ve talked about this month, comes with reaching for menswear essentials to get you through Labor Day and into fall — like the Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos shown above. So, without further ado … let’s go to it!

Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in Olive — $98

Timeless chinos to take you through Labor Day and well beyond.

I can’t recommend the Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos enough — in this instance, the rich Olive color of these classic men’s chinos should work nicely for Labor Day weekend travel, and then dinner & drinks once you get where you’re going. My footwear suggestion? Wear ’em with the Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather.
Sunski Yubas Sunglasses — $55

Seriously cool sunglasses at a seriously affordable price.

You  can’t underestimate the value and style you’re getting with the remarkable Sunski Yubas Sunglasses. Well-made, affordably priced and ready to be worn to the beach with stylish boardshorts this coming Labor Day.
Bespoke Post Worn Box —$55

A tough leather belt and an equally tough brass money clip? That’s a heck of a value, ehh?

The folks at Bespoke Post simply excel at curating thoughtful menswear essentials for any season (much less the end of summer), like the Bespoke Post Worn Box. This thing gives you a made-in-America leather belt, plus a durable brass money clip for your everyday carry.
Marathon General Purpose Quartz Watch — $179.98

A stylish & rugged watch to close out your summer.

The end of summer calls for one last outdoor adventure — and a rugged watch that can stand up to the test. The Marathon General Purpose Quartz Watch is one such watch. Keep it handy for fall with a denim shirt & tan chinos.
Outerknown S.E.A. Pocket Tee — $38

A simple pocket tee that just so happens to be stylish and eco-conscious.

Stylish and sustainably made, the Outerknown S.E.A. Pocket Tee is an end-of-summer essential, ideal for wearing on  its own with light wash denim, and even more ideal for wearing under a cotton-linen cardigan on a chilly Labor Day weekend night.
Anonymousim Anchor Jacquard Crew Socks — $20

Some of the nicest socks money can buy, in a summer-ready nautical pattern.

You need stylish men’s socks on your feet no matter the season — it just so happens that the Anonymousism Anchor Jacquard Crew Socks channel some nautical style inspiration for that final weekend on the beach or lake.
LEMS Shoes Boulder Boots — $125

Tough, easily packable leather boots, an ideal way to close out summer.

What rugged leather boots are you wearing for one last weekend camping trip? Make that the LEMS Shoes Boulder Boots. Super comfortable, super easy to pack & super easy to wear to the bar with rolled dark denim later.
Faherty Brand Slub Cotton Hoodie — $98

The hoodie you didn’t know you needed for cool summer nights.

When a T-shirt just won’t cut it out this coming Labor Day, reach for the excellent Faherty Brand Slub Cotton Hoodie. Easygoing and laidback, this stylish hoodie is perfect for a summer bonfire.
Yuketen Handsewn Camp Moc in Indigo — $300

Cool, well-crafted footwear that can work very well at an end-of-summer BBQ.

Are you sensing a theme here? Rugged-yet-stylish gear that’s both laidback and yet well-made — case in point, the summer and fall-friendly Yuketen Handsewn Camp Moc. Wear ’em with a white slub tee and rolled tan chinos.
GrowlerWerks 128oz. Limited Edition Bundle — $299

All the necessary picks for knocking back a cold one (or four).

What’s one essential you need to bring to your Labor Day BBQ or weekend getaway? The GrowlerWerks Limited Edition Bundle, a craft beer must-have that’s all the more necessary if you happen to be hosting. Bottoms up.
Flint and Tinder Mill Pant — $98

Tough-yet-tailored outdoor pants, made in America.

So, you’re sitting around the campfire this Labor Day weekend — what are you wearing? Answer: The Flint and Tinder Mill Pants, a tough pair of outdoor pants that just so happen to be surprisingly stylish.
Grayers Eastvale Blazer — $138.98

An easygoing cotton blazer that should pair nicely with tan chinos, a white Oxford and leather loafers.

If it’s a laidback, stylish casual blazer that you seek for your final outdoor wedding or business retreat, the Grayers Eastvale Blazer, featuring 100 percent cotton in a soft pin dot weave, is the blazer you need to buy now.
So, my dear friends — is there a menswear essential from the above list that caught your eye for Labor Day weekend? For me, I dig the rugged, versatile style of the Yuketen Handsewn Camp Moc — ideal for pairing up with classic looks like slim light wash denim and a white slub henley. That’s all for now — enjoy the end of summer, folks!

Style Pick of the Week: Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley

The tough henley to wear through early fall — on its own, or else layered up accordingly.

It’s never too early to think ahead when it comes to men’s style essentials, and thus, I humbly submit that the rugged Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley should certainly be on your shopping list — yes, even in mid-August.  Made in Los Angeles from 100 percent 5oz. cotton, this rugged men’s henley is the secret style weapon you didn’t know you needed for the season ahead. Or perhaps, if you read The Style Guide regularly, you already knew that you needed a stylish henley in your rotation … and yet, didn’t know where to get one. Folks, Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. is here to help. We’ve talked about the importance of a short-sleeve henley when it comes to rugged style in the depths of summer, and a tough long-sleeve henley like the one shown here does the exact thing as we look ahead to fall. What’s so great about the Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley? Well, as we all know when it comes to menswear essentials, the simple things are sometimes the best. Take the tube knitting — that’s unique among henleys, meaning there’s no side seam here, only quality, durable cotton.  Yes, this is one stylish henley that’s made the right way.

Priced right at $64.98 — a darn good deal for a USA-made product — the Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley is a new menswear classic in every sense of the word, from the closely cut construction (ideal for layering) to the use of mother-of-pearl buttons on the placket. That gives the Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley a decidedly more dressy feel — it’s still quite casual, but you shouldn’t feel out of place wearing this slim long-sleeve henley with dark denim, rugged leather boots and a charcoal herringbone blazer as temperatures start to drop.  You can even make great use of the Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley right now — it’s a natural pairing on its own with faded light wash denim, plus some lightweight leather boots. The great thing about a henley is the sort of rugged style appeal it gives even the most basic of outfits — in short, it’s a tough menswear staple that belongs in your rotation in the months ahead. Heck, you can — and should — get the Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley as much air  time as possible. Take it for a spin with classic dark tan chinos and your favorite pair of high-top sneakers to head to your local bar this weekend. Yessir, the Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley  is as good as it gets — and then some.

Are you down with the durability and timeless style of the  Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley? Give me a shout on Twitter if you agree!