Style Pick of the Week: Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt

A tough flannel shirt that acts as a valuable exterior layer for chilly winter weather.

Welcome, my friends, to another Saturday and another edition of the Style Pick of the Week. First things first: Patagonia isn’t normally a brand that pops up on the pages of The Style Guide here, but … as you know, we love rugged style essentials. That’s where the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt enters the equation: It’s about as durable, rugged and winter-ready as it gets in terms of a flannel shirt. Overshirts and shirt jackets are a layering favorite of this writer for their versatility and grab-and-go style. Wear a rugged overshirt with a thermal shirt, a long-sleeve henley or as an extra layer atop a chambray shirt … that’s just the tip of the style iceberg. The specs of  the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt are the real winner here, featuring organic cotton flannel and a design that nods just enough to vintage style without going over the top. A straight hem makes the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt more like a jacket than a typical shirt, something that’s a positive when it comes to that versatile layering we mentioned earlier. The Fjord Flannel Shirt certainly looks like the type of classic shirt your dad might have worn in winters past — or heck, maybe he still does? And you should, too (at least, I think so).

Either way, the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt is a style you should consider adding to your wardrobe, if only for the potential to throw it on over your favorite broken-in tee-and-jeans combo as you grab a morning coffee on a casual weekend. It’ll also work for more functional pursuits — hiking, camping, maybe even some yard work (followed closely by a few much-needed beers, yes?). How to style it for the rest of your downtime? It’ll certainly work well with slim faded blue jeans or grey selvedge denim, plus tan leather captoe boots, and that’s just a start.  In short, the Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt is the kind of rugged layering piece you need in your wardrobe, even if you don’t think you need it. Ya dig? And the real kicker? Patagonia is a brand that’s continually upping its game in terms of sustainability and style in equal measure — as is the case with this fine layering essential. Can you see yourself wearing the Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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