The List: Shop these Rugged Style Essentials for Your Next Fall Adventure

Your new favorite fall shirt — or at least, a strong contender.

There comes a time in every guy’s life when he as to consider the gear he needs to get through a new season. Especially when there’s fall travel on the horizon, or fall weekend adventures, or just lazy days at home. What gear gets the job done in that regard? Perhaps your new favorite Chelsea boots — from Taylor Stitch, naturally.  Or the durable, tough and seriously stylish Proof Strong Shirt (as seen above and below). We’ve got all of that on tap and more in today’s edition of The List. Cheers!

Proof Strong Shirt — $128

The durable chambray shirt mentioned above — unique and versatile.

You’ve surely seen the durable Proof Strong Shirt featured in our Style Pick of the Week series — why not pick one up for yourself, ehh?
Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots in Saddle Tan — $298

Sleek-yet-rugged Chelsea boots that get the job done.

You really can never go wrong with anything being made by Taylor Stitch — especially not the beautiful Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots.
Flint and Tinder Rinse Jeans — $118

Slim jeans in rich, deep indigo.

We’ve featured Flint and Tinder denim before, and we’ll feature ’em again here. Slim dark jeans are flattering on any guy — especially this American-made pair from Flint and Tinder.
Helm Boots Phillips 2.0 Boots — $289
Beautifully rugged chukka boots that retail for quite the price — yet feature the durability and style  to back it up. Helm Boots does a very, very nice job here.
Best Made Co. Service Chinos — $198
Best Made Co.

Exceptional chinos that you can wear year-round — but especially during fall and winter.

Based on classic military fatigues, these timeless, durable chinos are worth the extra spend — wear ’em nearly any way you want (but especially with your favorite leather chukka boots and a classic chambray shirt).
Iron and Resin Rambler Jacket — $112.98

A change of pace from your standard denim jacket — and all the better for it.

An exclusive to Huckberry, this tough Iron & Resin jacket teams perfectly with dark denim and tough brown leather boots. Add a rugged henley, and you’re good to go.
Billy Reid Denim Shirt — $195

One heck of a nice denim shirt, to say the least.

When is a denim shirt more than a denim shirt? When it’s the handsome, extremely well-made Billy Reid Denim Shirt, that’s when.
Richer Poorer Bixby Socks — $14
Stylish men's socks

Nice, sharp socks — casual and cool.

Hey, every guy needs ’em — and the Bixby Socks have some pleasing visual details that separate ’em from the rest of the options in your sock drawer.
Bellroy Slim Backpack — $169

Slim, easy to carry and well-made — a surprisingly refined backpack option.

For the guy who values a refined, slim backpack … Bellroy has just the thing.
SeaVees Hawthorne Slip-on in Sand Oil Leather — $118

Fall-appropriate leather slip-ons at a great price.

Sneakers still deserve a place in your fall footwear rotation — especially the rugged-yet-casual SeaVees Hawthorne Slip-on.
Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley Tube Tee — $64.98

A beefy, well-crafted long-sleeve henley.

It sometimes pays off to have a crisp, clean tee in your rotation for lazy fall weekends. The Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Long-Sleeve Henley checks all the right boxes.
Hitch & Timber Notebook Caddy 2.0 — $92

A tough and extremely handy essential for those small-yet-critical items.

It’s the small everyday carry essentials that are often the most overlooked. Not anymore, with this beautiful, understated Notebook Caddy.
Timex Archive Camper MK1 Watch — $75

A tough watch that’ll do just fine in the field this fall and winter.

Yessir, it’s high time you picked up an adventure-ready watch. The Timex Archive Collection delivers once again.
Audioengine HD6 Premium Powered Speaker Set — $749

Absolutely beautiful speakers for your living room or denim.

Is this Premium Powered Speaker Set from Audioengine uniquely pricey? Yes. Is it uniquely well-made? Yes, absolutely. Will it sound incredible playing your favorite album from, say, The National? Truly.
So, you’ve had a chance to review these stylish, rugged gear picks. What was your favorite?? I’m a big fan of the excellent Proof Strong Shirt, as one might expect.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts on Twitter — thanks for reading!

See Now, Buy Now: The Iron & Resin Penton Henley Is The Ideal Winter Base Layer

As good as it gets when it comes to a road-ready henley that can carry you through winter.

The Iron & Resin Penton Henley is, simply put, the henley you didn’t know you needed in your winter wardrobe. That’s why we’re back with today’s See Now, Buy Now entry — that is to say, if you don’t yet have a rugged long-sleeve T-shirt in your layering arsenal for this chilly winter weather we’re experiencing, the Penton Henley is the piece to buy, well, now.  It’s certainly among a host of rugged style essentials we love here on the blog, and that puts it in good company.  Iron & Resin makes dependable gear for those who live life on the road, specifically on a motorbike, but that doesn’t mean the Penton Henley is exclusively for guys who clock hundreds or thousands of miles. Heck, with its lightweight cotton French terry and raglan stitching, it’s the kind of piece that would suit any guy who appreciates versatile layering potential. Love wearing your favorite henley under a rugged winter blazer? The Penton Henley can work there. More of a guy to team a henley with a denim jacket or a classic field jacket?  Here comes the Iron & Resin Penton Henley  to save the day.
Holiday 2017
The two-button henley collar is more unique than you’re going to find on a typical henley, making it slightly more dressy and visually interesting (almost like a cooler band collar shirt). And the Olive Green colorway on the Iron & Resin Penton Henley is suitable for both fall and winter, able to be worn with everything from a navy shirt jacket to a tan herringbone blazer. Don’t forget to pair up the Iron & Resin Penton Henley with your favorite pair of broken-in blue denim and some classic suede chukka boots (two pieces that can work at any time of year, lest we forget). So, there’s no time to waste when it comes to picking up the Iron & Resin Penton Henley — how would you wear this bad boy? Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page!

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Style Pick of the Week: Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt

A tough flannel shirt that acts as a valuable exterior layer for chilly winter weather.

Welcome, my friends, to another Saturday and another edition of the Style Pick of the Week. First things first: Patagonia isn’t normally a brand that pops up on the pages of The Style Guide here, but … as you know, we love rugged style essentials. That’s where the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt enters the equation: It’s about as durable, rugged and winter-ready as it gets in terms of a flannel shirt. Overshirts and shirt jackets are a layering favorite of this writer for their versatility and grab-and-go style. Wear a rugged overshirt with a thermal shirt, a long-sleeve henley or as an extra layer atop a chambray shirt … that’s just the tip of the style iceberg. The specs of  the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt are the real winner here, featuring organic cotton flannel and a design that nods just enough to vintage style without going over the top. A straight hem makes the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt more like a jacket than a typical shirt, something that’s a positive when it comes to that versatile layering we mentioned earlier. The Fjord Flannel Shirt certainly looks like the type of classic shirt your dad might have worn in winters past — or heck, maybe he still does? And you should, too (at least, I think so).

Either way, the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt is a style you should consider adding to your wardrobe, if only for the potential to throw it on over your favorite broken-in tee-and-jeans combo as you grab a morning coffee on a casual weekend. It’ll also work for more functional pursuits — hiking, camping, maybe even some yard work (followed closely by a few much-needed beers, yes?). How to style it for the rest of your downtime? It’ll certainly work well with slim faded blue jeans or grey selvedge denim, plus tan leather captoe boots, and that’s just a start.  In short, the Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt is the kind of rugged layering piece you need in your wardrobe, even if you don’t think you need it. Ya dig? And the real kicker? Patagonia is a brand that’s continually upping its game in terms of sustainability and style in equal measure — as is the case with this fine layering essential. Can you see yourself wearing the Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


See Now, Buy Now: Step into the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants for Your Next Adventure

One of several colors of the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants that are going to make your day — heck, your fall and winter — a whole lot better.

Do we love — I mean, really LOVE — Taylor Stitch here at The Style Guide? Assuredly. We’re back again today with the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants — some things are just too good to pass up.  The Chore Pants are assuredly a hot seller, so I hope for all of our sakes’ that they’ve got your size handy. Why are the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants so essential? If you’re the type of guy who gets out and about in the country, from doing yard work to exploring a small city to covering plenty of ground on a day hike, there’s one pair of pants that’s going to help you do it all … you guessed it, that would be the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants.  There’s not quite a pair of pants like them on the market, what with their blend of durability, function and that classic Taylor Stitch fit and styling potential. It starts with the rough-and-rugged Mt. Vernon duck canvas, a positively beastly fabric that still allows ease of movement, thanks in part to the double-knee reinforced construction. Make no mistake, the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants don’t mess around, no matter what color you pick ’em up in. And from the very agreeable price (just $78 when on sale, or $98 at full price), the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants are surely worthy of consideration.

I’m partial to the excellent Chore Pant in Washed Camel, a pleasingly rich color that’s not too far off from your favorite pair of chinos. Of course, the Washed Olive Chore Pants are similarly crafted and equally versatile, especially with rugged tan leather boots and perhaps a striped henley. Oh, and we’d be remiss to not mention the excellent Chore Pants in Washed Navy — the point is, there’s not a wrong color to buy when it comes to the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants. Either way, you’re getting standout construction and toughness, plus a tailored fit that’s polished enough for post-hike drinks and mobile enough to help you get around on fall adventures with ease. Did we mention other handy and thoughtful design details, like the front slash pockets, angled for easy entry? The Taylor Stitch Chore Pants are simply packed with touches like those. Seriously, there’s not a pair of adventure-ready pants out there that provide as much versatility and style as the very excellent Chore Pants from Taylor Stitch.  Let me know in the comments or via The Style Guide Facebook if you plan on picking up a pair for cold-weather adventures.

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See Now, Buy Now: Corridor NYC’s Indigo Overshirt is Your New Go-To Layer

The perfect fall layer? Very nearly. Easy to wear with a classic henley, a chambray shirt, some slim denim … you’re all good to go.

Follow me, Style Guide readers — today, we’re taking you through Corridor NYC and specifically, the brand’s stellar, stylish and rugged Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt. Previously seen in one of our fall style editions of The List — featuring rugged style essentials galore, the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is a one-of-a-kind layering piece that’s perfect for what lies ahead this season (and beyond, of course). Corridor NYC has deep roots in the city, with a focus on production in Manhattan itself — that’s pretty cool, and it helps make the Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt a unique offering in terms of construction. For instance: The clay-colored corozo buttons are even hand-dyed in the Big Apple. Make no mistake though, this isn’t a beefy jacket that you can’t move around in; in fact, it’s perhaps the opposite.  The Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is also made from — you guessed it — indigo-dyed canvas that’s enzyme-washed for softness. If you wanted a jacket to layer over a rugged henley, the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt should be your next purchase. And if you want a jacket that can do a little bit more than your average overshirt? The Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is the way to go.

The reliable fit — easy to layer over a classic chambray shirt, and just as easy to slide on under your favorite topcoat — also makes the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt a winning pick-up. You simply don’t see too many classically styled, American-made jackets like this one anymore. It complements the rest of the Corridor NYC outerwear offering, too — need a piece to layer under one of the brand’s Waxed M-65 Jackets? The Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is the way to go, my friends.  It’ll work just as well now as it well in the chilly early days of spring, especially when you throw it on over one of the best men’s T-shirts as you sprint out grab a coffee (OK, maybe “sprint” is the wrong word there). At any rate, the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt can do a heck of a lot when it comes to reliable style. Wear it with your favorite dark blue denim and a pair of classic leather boots for fall and winter style that’s essential & remarkably easy to wear … well, anywhere. Let me know in the comments if the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is going to be making its way into your shopping cart! 

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The Friday Read: Stylish Men’s Henleys, Seasonal Layering and the Value of New Outdoor Gear

Hey there, folks — it’s Friday! And it’s time to wrap up the work week here and jet off into the weekend (preferably dressed in casual weekend style). The start of November means a few things, at least for me personally … namely, it’s a month that’s VERY closely associated with my favorite song by my favorite band (that’d be “Mr. November” by The National). Does that stellar song top my list of things to look forward to this month? Well, of course not … but it’s a fun one nonetheless. We’ve also got Thanksgiving on the horizon, along with Black Friday shopping aplenty; you can expect a full rundown of stylish men’s gear to buy for that occasion here in the next few weeks. For now though, I’m happy to be at home in Brooklyn this weekend. My fall travels have taken me out to Portland and south to Nashville, along with a quick Northeast jaunt to Boston to see, as luck would have it … The National! But my focus is solely on the homefront this weekend. I’m planning on swinging by my favorite menswear and coffee shop, Upstate Stock, to check out plenty of finely crafted #menswear, and I’m also hoping to make my way to a local sports bar to cheer on my beloved Michigan State Spartans as the battle the Penn State Nittany Lions in a college football showdown. What’s on your weekend agenda? Before you dive in, check out the below men’s style news for your reading pleasure. Cheers!

  • Want a simply designed, yet simply unbeatable, windbreaker? The GoRuck Simple Windbreaker (would ya look at that!) is the one to buy now! Read more via my latest GearMoose post, and check out my own guide on how to wear a bomber jacket for more inspo.
  • Make no mistake, I’m not necessarily a hiking enthusiast, per se — but I know great outdoor gear (and rugged style essentials) when I see it on the market. Interestingly enough, Gear Patrol makes the case that you shouldn’t buy new outdoor gear … how about that? What’s your take on that?

  • Now, I sure do love me a stylish men’s henley — and if you happened to catch my feature for The Manual on the best men’s henleys, you know that all too well! Get yourself one before it’s too late, my friends.

Alright, my friends … that’s all the #menswear I’ve got for ya today!

Enjoy the weekend, and check back for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week!


Style Suggestion: How To Dress for Winter Travel

We’re back into action with another handy, super-useful Style Suggestion today on The Style Guide (redundant, but important to note). And unlike recent style suggestions, like what to wear on New Year’s Eve or how to dress for your holiday party,  the below outfit is one you can make use of all winter long — particularly when it’s cold and snowy, yet you’ve got a road trip on the horizon. Whether you’re packing up the car for a weekend trip, stepping onto a train for a getaway up or down the coast, or flying cross-country, the focus today is on comfort, style and classic looks. It’s all about ease of layering and pieces that can go just about anywhere — and of course, a handsome, durable weekender bag with which to carry everything. Are you ready to pack up and hit the road? If you need more travel style tips, check out what I packed and wore on a winter trip to Baltimore or a fall trip to Providence — most importantly, visit yours truly on Instagram for a daily behind-the-scenes look at my (overstuffed) closet. Shop away!

The Weekender Bag: Nisolo Leon Weekender in Chestnut — $339.98

A supremely stylish and tough leather weekender bag.

A supremely stylish and tough leather weekender bag.

When packing for a road trip, it should all start with your bag — right? And there might not be a better place to get a stylish weekender bag than our friends at Huckberry. In particular, the Nisolo Leon Weekender is just the beautiful, handmade leather bag your closet’s been missing. Named for the Mexican city where’s it produced, the  Leon Weekender features vegetable-tanned leather and small details like leather zipper pulls and a tan cotton canvas lining for durability. The  Leon Weekender is a bit smaller in size than the Owen & Fred Voyager Waxed Weekender,  but no less worthy of a purchase.

The Dopp Kit: Nisolo Durango Dopp Kit — $88

The ideal way to complement your new favorite weekender bag -- right?

The ideal way to complement your new favorite weekender bag — right?

You didn’t think we’d get packing for your next trip without considering a stylish men’s dopp kit, did you? And when it comes to complementing the exceedingly handsome Nisolo Leon Weekender, there’s perhaps no better dopp kit to buy than the Durango Dopp Kit. Made with vegetable-tanned leather and featuring what the brand says is a deep design for carrying all of your winter grooming essentials , it’ll look — and age — as great as it performs.

The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Maritime Submariner Jacket — $248

Welted handwarmer pockets and patch flap pockets translate to functionality, top-notch construction and great style.

Potentially your new favorite travel jacket for cold weather — trust me.

As seen recently on this site’s Style Pick of the Week series, the handsome, vintage-inspired and functional Maritime Submariner Jacket is just what you need to tackle winter travel. Even if you’re only dashing from your car to the airport, you want to be bundled up — that goes for departing and returning in equal measure.  And if you’re heading to a cold locale and need to pack light, the Maritime Submariner Jacket — with its custom anchor buttons, beastly boiled wool exterior and slim, casual-yet-rugged fit, is the perfect travel jacket.

The Shirt: Mack Weldon Pima Long-Sleeve Crew — $38

A surprisingly crisp long-sleeve tee comfortable for travel and layering.

A surprisingly crisp long-sleeve tee comfortable for travel and layering.

Available in a diverse and essential array of colors, the Mack Weldon team definitely knows what it’s doing in terms of essential, well-made basics. From its Merino Long-Sleeve Tees to its comfortable, slim-fitting and crisp Pima Long-Sleeve Crew Tees, the brand gets it right — particularly when you consider the fact that this is the sort of long-sleeve tee you can wear under a blazer with ease. And if you feel it’s not sharp enough, you can always pack it away and reach for a classic chambray shirt for travel instead. You with me still? Good.

The Denim: Mugsy Jeans Hamms Jeans — $98

Dark, slim-fitting jeans with a ton of comfort and stretch -- as good as it gets.

Dark, slim-fitting jeans with a ton of comfort and stretch — as good as it gets.

Mugsy Jeans is building its brand on providing slim-fitting, comfortable jeans for men that, well, have a little more crotch space (don’t worry, that’s an link). Aside from that dubious distinction, they’re exceedingly easy to wear and move around in, as I found out on an upstate trip to Hudson last fall. And so, they’re a wise pick if you’re going to be sitting down and then moving through a crowded airport all day — but in a classic dark wash, you can wear them right out to drinks once you arrive at your destination.

The Boots: Thursday Boots Brown Duke Boot —  $199

Crisp, sharp and versatile for travel and beyond.

Crisp, sharp and versatile for travel and beyond.

Thursday Boots is a favorite of this blog — sometimes weekly — for the way they combine price, quality and versatility (although if you visit here frequently, maybe you’ve picked up a pair for yourself). Slick Chelsea boots are quickly moving from a trend into a versatile, everyday style essential for the modern man — check out how our man David Beckham wears them, for one. And the Brown Duke Boot is crisp, easy to slip on and off going through security, and works with everything from denim and the Maritime Submariner Jacket to a sharp suit on a business trip.

Beckett Simonon

The Socks: American Trench Random Plait Sock in Fire — $10.98

Subtle texture, major style points and a great price.

Subtle texture, major style points and a great price.

Simple, nice and hole-free socks are a must when traveling — don’t take that for granted. And a crisp pair of American Trench socks really is the pair you need to pick up — heck, if you’re only traveling for a three or four-day weekend, you could feasibly pack only socks from American Trench. The red color and subtle texture here breaks up the blue denim, blue shirt and grey jacket nicely, too. Plus, the sub-$11 price tag can’t be topped.

The Belt: Arcade Belt Co. Crawford Belt in Olive Green — $27.98

A belt that combines casual style with stretch & comfort.

A belt that combines casual style with stretch & comfort.

Be it sitting in a cramped car, plane or train, comfort is key — witness those stretch jeans near the top of the page. It only makes sense, then, to reach for a belt with just as much stretch, comfort and crisp style The Arcade Belt Co. Crawford Belt is the piece you need for winter travel — it’s easy to slip on and off, it stretches & moves with you, and it nicely complements the crisp blue jeans. Granted, it’s a bit different in terms of color than the brown Chelsea boots shown here, but I’d wager you’ll be more put-together than folks wearing sweatpants — ehh?

The Watch: Luminox Atacama Day/Date Field Watch — $319.98

A rugged-yet-refined timepiece for travel and activities once you get to your destination.

A rugged-yet-refined timepiece for travel and activities once you get to your destination.

Take it from a guy who loves an essential casual watch — you need to travel with at least one (or two … or three?). If you need to pack light but still want to travel in style with a timepiece that can do just about anything, something sharp and rugged-yet-refined is the way to go. Enter the Luminox Atacama Day/Date Field Watch. We’re talking PVD-plated stainless steel hardware, a handsome black-and-tan combination, and a tough 45mm case diameter. It might be a bit big on some wrists, but with the rest of this casual ensemble, it should do just fine.
Frank & Oak

That wraps up the latest style suggestion — did you find it helpful? As with many different style scenarios — from dressing for a weekend coffee date  to dressing for a business casual office, many of the same principles apply. That is, fit and comfort — especially comfort — are paramount when hitting the road. And classic pieces, like a well-made Mack Weldon crewneck and dark stretch denim, are excellent places to start. When you consider the versatility and durability of your outerwear and accessories, the Maritime Submariner Jacket  and the sturdy, tough Luminox Atacama Day/Date Field Watch are prime pieces to grab. Of course, a remarkably stylish and well-made weekender bag — that’d be the Nisolo Leon Weekender is going to get you from point A to point B (and maybe point C) in style. Ready to travel? Get to it!

Good luck and stay stylish,