#OOTD: What to Wear on Valentine’s Day This Year

If you can believe it, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us — an occasion that calls for your best effort on multiple fronts, from dressing to impress to planning a meaningful, memorable evening for your significant other (or heck, just yourself). We’ll be tackling a bit of a tailored style situation for Valentine’s Day in today’s #OOTD, one that’ll help you nail the right balance between dressed up and laidback — it’s no black-tie ensemble, to be sure, but it looks crisp, sharp and classic (at least, I think so). Note the use of slim dark denim — as versatile as it gets — and another classic style staple, the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket. We’ll keep things going with refined leather Chelsea boots and a stylish dress watch, too. I won’t spoil the good stuff — you can check out the full set-up below, and feel free to weigh in on Twitter with your feedback! Good luck out there.

Mixing up staples that you’ve already got, including a sharp navy jacket and clean dark jeans.

The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket, $278 — Yes indeed, my friends — your trusty Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket was practically made for an occasion like this one (particularly a fancy-but-not-too-fancy dinner or night out).

The Shirt: Grayers Oakleigh Classic Oxford Shirt, $88 —  A cleanly designed, no frills white Oxford shirt is practically bullet-proof — the Grayers Oakleigh Classic Oxford Shirt is as good as it gets.

The Denim: Flint and Tinder Dark Indigo Jeans, $128 — When cut slim and sharp, and done in a deep indigo color, classic blue jeans can certainly work for a night out — yes, even Valentine’s Day.

The Pocket Square: The Tie Bar Free Fall Floral Pocket Square, $10 — This outfit could use just a bit of color and pattern — this subtly stylish floral pocket square is a strong move (but not too strong).

The Boots: Astorflex Bitflex Tan Leather Chelsea Boots, $170 — Sleek, sharp Chelsea boots are a fine complement to the rest of this outfit’s straightforward-yet-stylish staples — step into ’em.

The Belt: Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt in Tan, $100 — A slim, refined dress belt can be tough to find, unless you end up buying the Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt. Keep those accessories on point, folks.

The Watch: LTHR Supply T3 Watch, $179.98 — What’s even more important than a stylish dress belt? A unique, stylish leather watch, like the LTHR Supply T3 Watch.

The Finishing Touch: Fulton & Roark Hatteras Solid Cologne, $42 — You need to consider all the small style details on Valentine’s Day (and other days, for that matter). The Hatteras Solid Cologne is one way to do that.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day — however much you might overthink the other aspects of it — your outfit should certainly be one less thing to worry about. In that regard, let’s go classic and straightforward, starting with the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket and the suitably appropriate Grayers Oakleigh Classic Oxford Shirt — two bulletproof options that look great any day of the week. The truly excellent Flint and Tinder Dark Indigo Jeans  are a great building block for this outfit, while the sleek Astorflex Bitflex Tan Leather Chelsea Boots are a suitably appropriate complement to the rest of the ensemble. Accessorize away with the Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt and the LTHR Supply T3 Watch, two picks that could quickly become favorites outside of a dressy Valentine’s Day. Oh, and the Hatteras Solid Cologne helps keep your grooming game on point all through the night. So, that’s that. What do you think? And again, good luck out there, wherever the night might take you!

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