See Now, Buy Now: Take on Winter Weather with the Life/After/Denim Bradley Crew Sweatshirt

A classically designed sweatshirt that’s really two in one.

When the going gets tough this winter — as in, really tough, like “It’s too cold to leave the house” tough — you’re going to want to layer up accordingly. And what better way to start that whole process than with the Life/After/Denim Bradley Crew Sweatshirt, which is really two pieces in one? Yep, that’s right. It’s a cool approach from Life/After/Denim, a brand that always focuses on great fabrics, classic-yet-modern designs and slightly sporty style staples — like the Bradley Crew Sweatshirt.  This sweatshirt is retro-inspired yet a true staple of the moment — you certainly need a rugged crewneck sweatshirt in your life this season. The Auburn color is rich and winter-friendly on the one hand, while the classic Heather Grey on the other side is made for easygoing weekend style — team it with layering essentials like a durable field jacket and your favorite pair of jeans, plus some beat-up brown leather boots. See — two for the price of one ain’t bad at all.

And this sweater can also work in situations that are a bit more buttoned up; I’m not suggesting you wear it in lieu of a tuxedo to your next black-tie affair, but underneath a tan herringbone blazer with some navy corduroys or black denim? Absolutely. The Life/After/Denim Bradley Crew Sweatshirt works over a broken-in pocket tee for a laidback weekend at home, just as readily as it layers up over an American-made Oxford and slim chinos.  It’s also made from merino wool for extra warmth and a dash of quality — that’s the Life/After/Denim way, after all. The  Bradley Crew Sweatshirt has that sort of old-school, Americana-esque style — it’s not hard to imagine someone like Paul Newman or Robert Redford kicked back on a movie set wearing a sweatshirt like this. Can I guarantee you’ll look that cool? Not quite — but it’s worth a shot, right?

Will the Life/After/Denim Bradley Crew Sweatshirt be on your back this winter? Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page! 

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