Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket

A remarkably well-made jacket that packs a serious punch in terms of standout style, too.

Alright, folks — given the hectic pace and jam-packed schedule of #NYFWM (that’s New York Fashion Week: Men’s), we forewent yesterday’s regularly scheduled Friday Read. However, we’re sure as heck not skipping this weekend’s Style Pick of the Week, not with so many crucial winter style essentials to discuss at this key juncture. And if at first glance the Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket looks more like a jacket you’d throw on come spring or summer, rest assured that it’s got the specs to handle just about anything this winter. The Winslow Jacket‘s durability and style comes from the use of water and wind-repellant waxed canvas, a heck of a way to ensure that you stay warm and dry this winter. But if it’s just a waxed canvas jacket, how exactly is it going to keep you warm this winter? That’s where the wool-blend blanket lining comes into play — there’s really not too much like the  Winslow Jacket out there when it comes to covering all of your bases. And if you follow Taylor Stitch and read The Style Guide regularly, you know that all too well, ehh? Indeed. So when you’ve got specs that are that dependable and stylish, it certainly makes it easy to build outfits around it — shockingly easy, in fact.

The blanket lining adds a crucial bit of warmth and neat style.

I’m talking pieces that you already love to wear in the winter, like a rugged crewneck sweatshirt and your favorite pair of faded denim, plus the right pair of tough winter boots. Yessir, the Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket is your new grab-and-go top layer — just be sure to accessorize it with a stylish scarf and a beanie cap to cover yourself completely for winter. The bright yellow color is also a bonus — a fun, slightly vintage-leaning way to break out of the gray winter doldrums. And if you’ve yet to experiment with punching up your outerwear in terms of color, the Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket can help you do that in a manner that’s not too far off base. It’ll add a pop of visual interest to normally more reserved or laidback outfits, including slim black denim a classic chambray shirt. Oh, and it also works as a handy travel jacket, packed with pockets for easy utility. Truly, the Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket is a unique beast of a coat, more than able to take on what’s left of winter.

How do we feel about the Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket? Let me know in the comments, and cheers! 

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