The Friday Read: A Trip Abroad, Pitchfork Music Fest and Men’s Travel Essentials

It’s perhaps the biggest capper to a week of this entire year, because we’re taking The Style Guide on the road tonight for a huge Hayhoe family trip across the pond! Now through the 17th, the Hayhoe family will be trekking all around Europe — Edinburgh, Dublin and London, along with plenty of day trips, sightseeing, excellent food and craft beer in between. Notably, the trip will be capped off by an evening viewing next week of legendary American musical “Hamilton” in London’s West End! Talk about a stellar way to end a trip. If you’ve got any suggestions, tips or places we should hit up, feel free to let me know on Twitter — it’s as easy as that! And you can of course catch all the action on Instagram , too. I for one am excited to head to Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, plus the inimitable Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. And in London, I surely won’t be able to pass up a trip to the legendary Rough Trade Records. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though! Look for more content from the trip starting on Monday, then continuing throughout the week. In the meantime, let’s enjoy today’s Friday Read, and be sure to swing back around tomorrow for an all-new, very stylish Style Pick of the Week. Cheers!

  • So, shall we take a look at the 2018 Oscars? Specifically, at the best and worst of the 2018 Oscars? Let’s. Are you a big movie buff? Which films stuck out to you over this past year? Chime in via the comments below!
  • Spring brings a lot of us out of our winter hibernation — are you feeling ready to get back on the road and see some new sights? I know I am. To that end, I wrote about 20 travel essentials for men over at GearMoose. Cheers and enjoy!
  • For its eclectic mix of acts, its focus on new and emerging talent and plenty of attention paid to current “left-of-center” stars, I admire the Pitchfork Music Fest — have you had the chance to check out the Pitchfork Music Fest 2018 lineup? It’s been unveiled slowly but surely here over these next few week.

We’re keeping it short today — that’s a wrap on this week’s Friday Read, my friends. Thanks for joining us!


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