The Friday Read: Mo Pop Festival, The Best Camping Gear And the Best Shaving Cream for Men

Come along with me, plug in and enjoy yet another Friday Read as we kick off the last weekend in July, Style Guide readers — how crazy is that?? I’ve loved spending time everywhere from Grand Rapids to Detroit (and the tasty Batch Brewing!), and I know there are so many more adventures ahead. Starting, of course, with this weekend! The always-excellent Mo Pop Festival takes place at the city’s West Riverfront Park, and we’re thrilled to be able to see a diverse slate of acts, from Bon Iver to Alvvays (a favorite of both of ours!). Wondering what I’m packing? For starters, I’ll be wearing my Filson Feather Cloth Short-Sleeve Shirt! You can stay tuned on my Instagram for more, as always.

Elsewhere on the blog, it’s really been quite the month. We’ve covered a ton of stellar menswear as of late, if I do say so myself. From the best denim jacket to buy now to a stylish polo for summer adventures — and plenty of summer style shopping suggestions — I hope you’ve found this month’s content enlightening, engaging and yes, helpful. With all of that being said, I’ve got a flight to catch — and some tunes to enjoy! Have a great weekend.

  • Alright, folks — there’s still time to shop the Mid-Year Clearance Sale from a preferred brand around these parts, Todd Shelton. This New Jersey-based, classically designed and carefully constructed brand makes everything from easy-to-wear T-shirts to standout denim to classic chambray shirts, and I’d recommend you shop their sale now.
  • Planning one final camping trip or out-of-town getaway? Might I point you in the direction of this recent #OOTD featuring the best camping gear to wear now? From a tough waxed overshirt to essential Danner hiking boots, you really can’t go wrong.
  • If you’re on the hunt for your perfect shave, I’d implore you to read my latest GearMoose feature, covering the best shaving creams for men. Get to it ASAP!

We’ll closing the books on another week here — what’s in store for you this weekend? Whatever your plans might be, I recommend you check out tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week — you certainly won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: A Trip Abroad, Pitchfork Music Fest and Men’s Travel Essentials

It’s perhaps the biggest capper to a week of this entire year, because we’re taking The Style Guide on the road tonight for a huge Hayhoe family trip across the pond! Now through the 17th, the Hayhoe family will be trekking all around Europe — Edinburgh, Dublin and London, along with plenty of day trips, sightseeing, excellent food and craft beer in between. Notably, the trip will be capped off by an evening viewing next week of legendary American musical “Hamilton” in London’s West End! Talk about a stellar way to end a trip. If you’ve got any suggestions, tips or places we should hit up, feel free to let me know on Twitter — it’s as easy as that! And you can of course catch all the action on Instagram , too. I for one am excited to head to Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, plus the inimitable Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. And in London, I surely won’t be able to pass up a trip to the legendary Rough Trade Records. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though! Look for more content from the trip starting on Monday, then continuing throughout the week. In the meantime, let’s enjoy today’s Friday Read, and be sure to swing back around tomorrow for an all-new, very stylish Style Pick of the Week. Cheers!

  • So, shall we take a look at the 2018 Oscars? Specifically, at the best and worst of the 2018 Oscars? Let’s. Are you a big movie buff? Which films stuck out to you over this past year? Chime in via the comments below!
  • Spring brings a lot of us out of our winter hibernation — are you feeling ready to get back on the road and see some new sights? I know I am. To that end, I wrote about 20 travel essentials for men over at GearMoose. Cheers and enjoy!
  • For its eclectic mix of acts, its focus on new and emerging talent and plenty of attention paid to current “left-of-center” stars, I admire the Pitchfork Music Fest — have you had the chance to check out the Pitchfork Music Fest 2018 lineup? It’s been unveiled slowly but surely here over these next few week.

We’re keeping it short today — that’s a wrap on this week’s Friday Read, my friends. Thanks for joining us!


The Friday Read: The National, J. Crew’s New Dress Shirts and WeWork

We’ve powered through the week and we’re staring down the weekend — that’s a heck of a good feeling, right? We kept busy at The Style Guide this week, serving you up an #OOTD that covers how to wear a crewneck sweater this winter (in a way that even works at the office, if you can believe it!). We also went behind the scenes on my latest men’s style road trip, this time to Florida for a birthday weekend at Disney World — a truly great time was had by all, to say the least! We stopped at countries “around the world” at Epcot, we checked out the wonders of Animal Kingdom and we even spent a jam-packed day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter — not bad at all, right? I’m now looking forward to a laidback weekend, likely featuring some craft beers at Gold Star Beer Counter, plus some time spent in Prospect Park (and a likely trip to my favorite coffee-and-menswear spot in the city, Upstate Stock). Before we get to that, we’re rounding a day in the office — and helping you do the same — with some choice links for your perusal (and potential listening pleasure). Sound like a plan? Without further ado, let’s get this going.

  • will kick off this edition of the Friday Read for us, namely the lauded (if struggling) retailer’s take on new dress shirts — stock up, maybe? Or maybe not?
  • On a music-related note, this past week was a pretty big one for my favorite band, Ohio-born indie rockers The National — these well-dressed gentlemen took home the Grammy for Best Alternative Album! “Sleep Well Beast” was one of my favorite albums of this past year, and I think it’s a well-deserved accolade. Read more with the band’s Aaron Dessner at the link above.
  • I absolutely love me a great pair of shoes — especially retro-inspired high-tops like the Converse Chuck 70 Wordmark, which I wrote about for GearMoose. Step into ’em, lace up and get ready to step out in style!
  • I don’t know about you, but I found this piece on WeWork — the global “shared-space nerve center,” as Esquire says  — to be quite fascinating. What say you?

That’s going to close out this week’s Friday Read — until the next one (and until tomorrow’s Style Pick — enjoy your weekend!)


The Friday Read: The Nike Killshot, Affordable Menswear and Taylor Stitch

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.

So, we’re back again with another Friday Read — and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, folks! It’s the first Friday Read of March, and that means the Style Guide’s annual Spring Style Wish List is incoming — look for it early next week. It also means we’re wrapping a busy week in the #menswear world, including my latest travel style post covering my trip to New Haven to see Young the Giant! It was an outstanding show, with beautiful lights, great energy and an outstanding set list. That’s a band you gotta see, and soon. If your next show, or the weekend ahead, involves hitting the road as well, grab a stylish leather weekender for the occasion.  And if your weekend involves more relaxation than travel, you’d do well to pick up the Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Sweatpants, a recent Style Pick entry and as tailored and stylish a pair of sweats as you’ll find.  Oh, and as we await the transition to spring, don’t forget to stock up on essential men’s grooming products to keep your skin in shape before that next date. See, I said we had a lot of ground to cover. Of course, there’s plenty of business to take care of NYC this weekend, too — it’s New York City Beer Week, for one, and if there’s a more tightly concentrated metropolis of standout beer, I’ve yet to test it out. For now, let’s recap a few new men’s style releases and some choice news items. Check back tomorrow for the latest Style Pick of the Week, and stay stylish in the meantime!

We’re keeping it brief this week on The Style Guide — but here’s one more before you go…
  • I don’t pass up the chance to write about Taylor Stitch very often — seriously. I covered the Taylor Stitch Merino Henley, and why you need it for classic spring style, for GearMoose.

OK, folks — let’s wrap up this Friday and try some new brews … see you out there!


Beckett Simonon

The Friday Read: Fall Sneakers, Liberty Fairs and Exploring Chicago with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

If this week wasn’t one of the quickest-moving weeks of the year, it sure felt like it — you ever have those weeks? It was a thrilling and exciting one though, as I spent time in Las Vegas for Liberty Fairs, an extensive and enjoyable menswear trade show that puts the latest and greatest menswear (in this case, for spring 2017) on display. I was able to explore the city in style and catch up with some great brands — of note, keep an eye on Crosby Square and these excellent denim chukkas featuring a casual crepe sole — it was just one of many stellar styles on display from the brand. Additionally, the folks at Jack Mason — a new Style Guide favorite — are in the business of making versatile, sturdy watches inspired by everything from nautical to aviation timepieces of old. It’s fitting that it took a trip all the way to Vegas to find out about them. My time on the road isn’t done yet, as more travel is in the cards today. I’m heading back to Michigan for my great friend Andy’s wedding weekend as we speak! Look for a full #menswear post in that regard coming Monday.

Are you hitting the road yourself this weekend? If a trip to Chicago is in the cards, I’d highly recommend you check out the excellent, engaging Chicago Field Guide put together by the great folks at Huckberry in partnership with Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. It’s a very neat and personal way to get a glimpse of Chicago as seen by Tweedy, and the product featured in the post is pretty cool, too — seriously, those Iron Rangers from Red Wing Heritage are a site to behold. Again, check it out here. And in the meantime, keep up with the week in menswear news and product launches below, and follow along with my daily outfits and menswear adventures on Instagram or Twitter.

  • Buying denim can be tricky sometimes, right? That is, it can be tough to find the right inseam length, and even then, you might have to roll or cuff ’em quite a bit to get the right fit. Not so with Scale Denim, a new made-in-the-USA denim brand that just launched on Kickstarter. They offer seven scaled, proportional inseams in relation to your waist size, and they do so when other premium denim brands might not have you taken care of.  Expect those to ship later this winter if you do back them.
  • We’ve got more Kickstarter news coming at you — if you  prefer a unique, premium Singapore-designed, Swiss-made watch, check out what the folks at Jubileon are doing with the Superellipse Watch. It features an eye-catching cushion-shaped design, a 39mm case diameter and the kind of refined look that can be tricky to find without dropping a grand. Yet, if you back it now, you get the Superellipse for just over $500 — quite the deal when you look at it.
  • Although it still feels like we’re dealing with an intense August heat wave, is already looking toward the best sneakers to buy for fall — know that this site will be pulling together a roundup of fall’s best high-top sneakers later on in September! Stay tuned.

Need something else to read?

  • If you’ve been looking to add a subtle bracelet or cuff — or a handsome watch — to your arsenal of accessories, look no further than Miansai’s fall menswear, as I covered for The Manual.

So, that’s all we’ve got on the menswear news front this week — check back tomorrow for our weekly Style Pick, and stay tuned for more menswear travel coverage on Monday!

Stay stylish,


Style in the city: Celebrating the Fourth of July in NYC

Editor’s note: Click here for another look at how to dress for summer in style.

Checking out Upstate Stock, one of my favorite NYC menswear shops, in style. Slim chambray shorts from the Canvas by Lands' End line. Moroccan Tee by Tommy John. Chariot Runners by Brooks Heritage. Waterbury Chrono from the Timex x Red Wing collab. Sunglasses by Spine Optics. Denim Tote by JackThreads.

Checking out Upstate Stock, one of my favorite NYC menswear shops, in style. Slim chambray shorts from the Canvas by Lands’ End line. Moroccan Tee by Tommy John. Chariot Runners by Brooks Heritage. Waterbury Chrono from the Timex x Red Wing collab. Sunglasses by Spine Optics. Denim Tote by JackThreads.

The Fourth of July presents a double-edged sword in terms of style and planning (at least for us #menswear fans). It involves travel, it involves hot weather, and it involves a few different style scenarios. Now, I’ve spent the holiday in recent years in both Michigan and in NYC, so this past (or current?) long weekend was a bit of change, as I explored Brooklyn and NYC in style with friends. It can feel strange to stick around town when lots of people hit the road, but hanging around the Big Apple proved to be relaxing, fun and yes, very #menswear-centric (as always).  Plus, it was a great way to test out some patriotic style fit for exploring the city, and the beautiful weather made it all the better — with more menswear activity on the way on this fine July 4th. I’m always up for traveling in style, but this time, that only involved the subway. However, you can put similar tips to use whether you’re hopping around town for coffee or lunch, or catching a flight coast-to-coast.

With the promise of Monday off, I set out to take on the weekend in style with a few warm weather-friendly combos. Saturday was an excellent day to explore Williamsburg, and for that endeavor, I tossed on a brand-new pair of slim chambray shorts from the fine Canvas by Lands’ End line. The terrific Canvas by Lands’ End collection updates several great menswear staples, from chino shorts to henleys, and these particular chambray shorts combine a tailored fit with a textured fabric that’s a nice change of pace from khaki shorts — give them a try if you get the chance. They worked perfectly with another updated style staple, a slim (and very soft) Moroccan Tee from basics maker Tommy John — the notched collar is visually interesting enough to work on its own, or layered under, say, a chambray shirt or even a navy blazer (not that this past weekend got that fancy). The combo was a visually interesting update on a casual T-shirt & shorts, and my colorful Brooks Heritage Chariot Runners offset it perfectly. On the watch front, I reached for a dependable style favorite, my Timex x Red Wing Heritage Waterbury Chrono — it’s the perfect mix of rugged and refined style, and it won’t break the bank. Plus, it works for travel — it’s both a bit dressy and casual — and it’s comfortable to wear for hours on end. I supplemented that with a pair of flexible, durable aviators from Spine Optics; they’re great to grab and go, as the frames and hinges are built to flex and bend, not snap.

Just part of the amazing Upstate Stock shop -- great natural light, a well-curated selection of home goods and even better menswear.

Just part of the amazing Upstate Stock shop — great natural light, a well-curated selection of home goods and even better menswear.

The beautiful Brooklyn weather was just an added bonus to the main focus of my trip to Williamsburg (other than a quick haircut at the Corner Barber). I was able to spend some time and catch up with the staff at the recently opened Upstate Stock shop (as seen above). The shop is a really excellent, well-curated home to tons of lifestyle essentials, and its Web shop is just as well-done. From handmade soaps to refined stationary and men’s grooming goods, everything in the store is sourced domestically or made in New York  state or the city itself (namely, fine leather goods from Slightly Alabama are produced nearby). In fact, picking up a few of the shop’s special-edition postcards (designed by the ridiculously talented Christian Watson of 1924us) is a personal favorite. The store is exceptionally well-appointed and laid-out — it’s a fine example of how to use space and natural light (and the reclaimed wood tables don’t hurt the aesthetic). They also stock pantry essentials  and serve excellent coffee and pastries within the shop. Stop in, shop around, peruse the well-edited selection of obscure craftsmanship & lifestyle magazines, and stay a while — it’s a welcoming, friendly and calming atmosphere. Plus, there’s nothing better than celebrating American-made style for the Fourth of July. Of course, to take some goodies from the shop, I grabbed my JackThreads Daily Tote — made from real denim, it’s an eye-catching and efficient way to lug around a few small items for a day out and about.
Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.
A busy day of exploring led to a night out and about with some good friends in Manhattan — the great news is, I was able to transition my Moroccan Tee from day to night, and I traded in my chambray shorts for some slim light wash Mott & Bow denim. Made with a hint of stretch, the Mott & Bow Wooster is perhaps more comfortable than any denim I own — in either Skinny, Slim or Straight fits, I’d suggest you snag a pair and rock them as frequently as you can. For city-appropriate style, I stepped out in some leather chukka boots (that’s another versatile style move, as they work for travel & city exploration alike). And if you pack and wear versatile accessories — like a durable leather watch — you can also transition a timepiece from day to night … so, that’s what I did!

Can't go wrong with a printed tee and slim shorts in warm weather. Stringer Dune Shorts and Flat Wool Cap by Bridge & Burn. Printed T-shirt by J. Crew. Sneakers by The Hill-Side. Brown leather watch by MVMT Watches. Field Guide by Wildsam. Brass bottle opener by Owen & Fred.

Can’t go wrong with a printed tee and slim shorts in warm weather. Stringer Dune Shorts and Flat Wool Cap by Bridge & Burn. Printed T-shirt by J. Crew. Sneakers by The Hill-Side. Brown leather watch by MVMT Watches. Field Guide by Wildsam. Brass bottle opener by Owen & Fred. Sunglasses by Tom Ford.

Sunday presented another chance to step out in style, followed by today’s  much-needed holiday. The main Sunday directive? Head to the Festival of Independence at the South Street Seaport for an afternoon of tasty bites, cold beer and live music (capped off by indie rockers Wild Nothing, a personal favorite).  Checking out live music in style is a must, and although skies were cloudy on-and-off throughout the day, I always relish the chance to dress for warm weather (especially given how brutal winter can be — right??).  I grabbed some comfortable, slim-fitting Stringer Dune shorts from Bridge & Burn (they’re sold out in Khaki as seen here, but available in a just-as-versatile Gray). In keeping with the nautical theme of a day spent at the seaport, I tossed on my sailboat print T-shirt from J. Crew — it’s an older style, but I’d offer up a slim pocket T-shirt from the brand as a worthy alternative for concert-going or a casual day around town. Comfortable sneakers are a must-have when exploring or rocking out to live music, and my Pale Indigo Washed Denim Sneakers from The Hill-Side turned out to be a reliable and stylish choice, as always. Plus, they worked well in tandem with a simple-yet-refined brown leather timepiece from MVMT Watches (always a solid decision). And I kept the sun off my face with a Flat Wool Cap, also from Bridge & Burn — I’ve found it to be a sharp style upgrade from a plain athletic-logo ballcap (for a bit of a price, of course).        

  The day was an excellent one, and my style combo worked nicely to transition from the day into the evening. It’s always a treat to see an artist like Wild Nothing capture a crowd — particularly at a free show (as you can see above!).  Jack Tatum and co.’s shimmery, breezy rock played well off the waterfront atmosphere, and tunes from the group’s new album, “Life of Pause,” were definite crowd-pleasers, including the record’s lead single, “TV Queen,”  a wavy, low-key rock track characteristic of the band’s style. The group is jetsetting off to South America for a run of dates, but their new album is one of the better releases of the year to date, and they’re worth a listen in the meantime. Seeing them for free was a great way to cap off two of the weekend’s three days, but there’s more Brooklyn exploration — and fireworks — to come today. I’ll be taking on the day in my slim Mott & Bow denim, and accenting that with a pair of patriotic socks from DivvyUp, plus classic white Seavees sneakers and a reliable blue chambray shirt.

To get of-the-moment style tips and menswear musings in the meantime, check out your humble author on Twitter, and to see style in action, swing on through my Instagram. Any style questions? Shoot me an email anytime via the Contact page.  Lastly — I hope everyone has a great holiday, and takes some time to be thankful for our amazing freedoms here. To be able to write this blog is a privilege, and it’s among the many that I’m thankful to have.

And finally: Thanks, as always, for reading,


The Friday Read: How to Style A Blazer, American-Made Watches & Taylor Stitch

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

Although all weeks go by particularly fast around these parts, this past week was one for a bit (just a bit) of reflection amidst the hustle and bustle of NYC. I had the chance to catch up for some delicious patio brews and oysters with my good friend Clay Chambers of Brothers & Craft, who just returned from some momentous time abroad at menswear trade and runway shows in London, Paris and Milan (and in fact, you can catch more on Clay in a Style Guide Q&A).  We took the time to catch up, to chat menswear and to take some time out from the grind — we find ourselves in different places a lot, but always reconnect. It’ was a great reminder to slow down every so often and take life in stride (even if the scenery is a bustling New York sidewalk). That helped cap off a busy week indeed, and I’m even more excited to finish off the work week with a special night at Daryl’s House Club (just a quick train ride from NYC), seeing one of my favorite groups of all-time, Lucius.  Their music definitely reminds me to slow down and take things in, and even if it’s my second time seeing them, it should be just as special. I hope you get the chance to take some time, relax and enjoy the weekend — but not before checking out the Friday Read below (wink, wink).

  • The ever-stylish team at Valet offers up 4 tips on how to style a blazer this summer; some of those combinations are absolutely perfect, don’t you think? (Editor’s note: For more tips on how to rock a blazer, click here).
  • The equally style-minded team at Gear Patrol reports that American watch company Weiss will be launching the first watch featuring an American-made movement in a long time.
  • Non-Style Note of the Week: We  all love some Starbucks, right? Well, there’s a chance they could be underserving and overcharging you — a case is headed to court claiming that Starbucks is overcharging you for smaller lattes; not exactly a great value, ehh?

On the lookout for more style content?

  • The team at Taylor Stitch is back at it again with the seriously sturdy Transit Duffel — get all the details via my latest post at GearMoose.
  • Add another collection to your list of “must-do” shopping — the Canvas by Lands’ End line is packed with style essentials, as I found out in writing a brand profile for the great team at The Manual!

Lastly, thanks as always for reading, and enjoy the weekend,


Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.