The Friday Read: A Family Trip Abroad, The Shinola Canfield Watch and Spring Essentials

TGIF, yeah? All things considered, it’s certainly a different Friday for The Style Guide — namely, I’m writing this post from sunny London this morning, on the final leg of a Hayhoe family trip across the United Kingdom! Leg one took us from Dublin (and the Guinness Storehouse!) to Edinburgh (and spots like the Edinburgh Castle), and today finds me enjoying an English breakfast and coffee before citywide exploration. Needless to say, I could get used to this — no doubt about it. If you missed leg one of the trip, you can catch up with Wednesday’s trip post before you dive into today’s Friday Read. We’ve got tips and tricks about keeping your watch in the best possible shape, and today’s post also features a look at the next watch in which you should invest — maybe? Or, save your dollars and join me at the pub for a pint later! Again, I could get used to hanging out in the U.K. for a while. For now, follow along with my adventures on Instagram if you so please, and enjoy the day!

  • A relevant read at any time of year, my pals at The Manual came up with this excellent guide on how to keep your luxury watch in pristine condition — even the biggest watch fans among us might need a reminder every now and then, ehh?
  • Speaking of fine timepieces, who can argue with the need for a slim, sleek watch from the likes of Shinola? My latest feature over at GearMoose covers the exceptionally refined Shinola Canfield Watch — read up and stay on time, my friends!
  • Lastly, I think the time is now ripe to revisit a recent edition of The List, whereby we looked at the best men’s gear to buy to get ready for spring. And, well, that about says it all. Who’s pumped to really get into the season, ehh?

Coming to you live from London, we’re wrapping up today’s Friday Read. Join us for the Style Pick of the Week tomorrow, as always.

Cheers, my friends!


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