See Now, Buy Now: The Grayers Poindexter Sportcoat Is Your Go-Anywhere Spring Sportcoat

No crazy bells and whistles here, just a versatile sportcoat packed with classic design.

A brand like Grayers is one that comes up with plenty of frequency here on the blog. The Grayers Poindexter 3-Button Sportcoat is a perfect example of just exactly why that is. You want simple, easy-to-wear design? Yep. You want the kind of utility that transitions easily into spring? You got it. And you want an agreeable price for a sportcoat? The Poindexter Sportcoat has all your basics covered, and then some. It’s made with a rather unique blend of cotton and spandex, for one. If ever there was a jacket to grab and throw on as you head out the door in the morning, it’s surely the Poindexter Sportcoat. The three-button construction gives it a look and feel that’s a bit more casual — this is the type of jacket you could wear with jeans or chinos, and it’ll look equally at home. The Poindexter Sportcoat is also just a slightly different shade of blue from your average, dark navy sportcoat (although we here at The Style Guide are also big proponents of that style and versatility).

At any rate, it’s got plenty of benefits beyond just style. It’s also machine-washable, something you’re not getting from any other jacket in your closet (right?). Can you say “travel style”? Because that’s exactly what the Poindexter Sportcoat can provide — take this jacket, wear it with a white Oxford, dark blue denim and classic suede chukkas, and get ready to hit the road for a business trip or a weekend away. Seriously, it feels good (dare I say, cool?) to fly or travel via train when wearing a blazer — it’s the little details that make the difference. And when you want to look casual and cool, yet a bit more polished, in the late spring and early summer, the Poindexter Sportcoat can work equally well over your favorite T-shirt or polo. Add some chinos, some classic leather loafers and call it a day. Well, not exactly. Get out there and get work in style!

Are you a fan of the Grayers Poindexter 3-Button Sportcoat? Do you see it working for you this spring? 

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