The Friday Read: Stylish Light Wash Denim, Cheap Cologne and Stephen Malkmus

We’re closing out another whirlwind week at The Style Guide — where does this Friday find you? Maybe you’re closing out the work week and doing some shoppping for spring style essentials on the side? (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there). Maybe you’re hitting the road and dressed in vacation travel style? At any rate, I hope what we’ve covered on the blog as of late has been helpful, stylish and easy to wear.

It’s wild to think we’re already moving through April and looking ahead toward summer — we’ll be turning our attention to critical spring shopping picks in the weeks ahead, from high-top sneakers to buy (and wear) now to more entries in our See Now, Buy Now series. If there are topics or brands you’d like to see covered here, just hit me up on Twitter, follow along via The Style Guide Facebook page, or take a second to check out yours truly on Instagram. I’m all style, all the time! Unless there’s music or craft beer involved. And then, well, all bets are off. For now, check out a few quick, fun and stylish reads to get your weekend going.

  • Who needs new cologne on the cheap? Not just any cologne, though — cologne worthy of a stylish man like yourself. Read Esquire’s picks for the best cheap cologne for men before you step out this weekend.
  • They’re as essential as a clean white tee or a crisp pair of high-top sneakers — we’re talking about stylish light wash denim for spring, of course. My latest post for The Manual covers some of my favorite picks this season. Read up and get to shopping in style!
  • I’d wager you’ve still got some spring style picks to, well, pick up, right? That’s where this week’s edition of The List is going to help you out quite nicely. It’s loaded with home goods, watches, footwear and apparel for the season — there’s something for everybody.
  • Indie rock icon Stephen Malkmus — a source of inspiration years ago for my favorite band (yep, The National!) has some interesting and insightful things to say in this interview with Pitchfork. A nice weekend read, I’d wager.

That’s going to close out this week’s Friday Read — until tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, cheers!



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