Style Pick of the Week: Grayers Dalton Terry Crew

A morning coffee plus this sweater? Looks great to me.

Folks, it’s time to layer up for spring with the Grayers Dalton Terry Crew. It’s as simple as that, and this stylish spring sweater is where we begin today’s Style Pick of the Week. It’s high time you started thinking about lightening up the textures and colors in your seasonal wardrobe. It can certainly be tough to store away chunky cardigans and cable-knit sweaters when it seems like winter has the tendency to stick around so long, but the Grayers Dalton Terry Crew is the right sweater to help you make that transition. We sure do love the Grayers brand here at The Style Guide — they harness that crucial mix of everyday style, easygoing sensibility and a knack for making the right essentials at the right time (I.E. The start of spring). The Grayers Dalton Terry Crew is Exhibit A in that regard, made with visually interesting stripes in a fit that’s easy to throw on over a classic blue chambray shirt or a charcoal Oxford. It’s also made from French terry fabric for comfort and breathability — think the same fabric as your favorite hooded sweatshirt, yet in a silhouette that’s slightly more polished and ready to wear with chinos and classic white sneakers.

And in terms of other design details, the Grayers Dalton Terry Crew more than gets the job done. The raglan sleeve stitching can make your shoulders look broader — something that can help those of us who don’t hit the gym regularly. The crewneck collar also allows you to layer it over regular old T-shirts or a Oxford cloth buttondown, too. To your humble neighborhood menswear writer, the Grayers Dalton Terry Crew would look best when worn casually — atop a white Oxford shirt, with slim tan chinos and suede desert boots. Roll the cuffs of your chinos, rock the collar of the Oxford unbuttoned and roll up those sleeves to your show off your favorite casual leather watch, too. It’s a weekend-ready look that all comes together because of the easygoing nature of the Grayers Dalton Terry Crew — lest you think you’re going to shelve your sweaters for spring, it’s best to keep this one handy for cool spring nights and morning coffee runs. It’ll even layer nicely with an indigo denim jacket — when it comes to dependable off-duty style, there isn’t much that the Grayers Dalton Terry Crew can’t do.  At least, I think so.

What’s your take on the Grayers Dalton Terry Crew? How would you style this classic and affordably priced spring sweater?

As always, thanks for reading!


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