See Now, Buy Now: This Corridor NYC Shirt is a New Seasonal Favorite

Cool stripes, cool fabric and a cool color — what more do you need for spring?

Finding the right shirt for spring and summer can take some time and patience. It’s all about nailing the proper fabric, the proper fit, the proper construction and … y’know what. Hold the phone. Because there’s one shirt that nails that checks all of those boxes quite nicely, and it’s the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt. Made from seriously cool 100 percent cotton, the Raindrop Stripe Shirt is pricey, yet essential, if you’ve yet to find a shirt you can wear consistently this spring and summer. Which brings me to my next point. The right short-sleeve shirt for spring and summer should be easy to wear on its own, particularly with seasonal essentials like slim tan chinos and leather loafers. However, it should also be easy to layer — leave the bulky flannel at home in this instance, because the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt is going to layer up quite nicely underneath a cotton denim jacket or a slim rain jacket in equal measure.

And it’s got plenty going for it in terms of looks, too. The raindrop stripe pattern is unique and eyecatching, all the better to stand out against neutral spring style staples like light khaki chinos and white sneakers. And the construction is all business, too. Corridor NYC builds its pieces carefully and in small quantities, which means the $185 price tag is perfectly agreeable when you consider the work that’s gone into the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt. Helpfully, the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt is far from a novely short-sleeve shirt, too. That is to say, the cool striped pattern stands out in a way that’s stylish and understated, all the better when it comes to wearing it to a music festival, a backyard BBQ or a bar crawl. Yes my friends, the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt is the spring shirt you really, truly didn’t know you needed.

Are you going to be picking up the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt? Let me know in the comments! 

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