#OOTD: How to Style a Classic White Tee for Spring (And Beyond)

Lest you think the classic white tee is too plain, simple or boring for you, know that the white T-shirt in question today can be styled pretty darn effectively for spring. The key comes with picking out a T-shirt that’s a step above your normal white undershirt or V-neck. Something with some texture, some substance and some wearability. Do you follow? It took me a second, but I think I found the perfect white tee for today’s #OOTD. That tee, my friends, would be the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee. Made with quality fabric and featuring that always-flattering Taylor Stitch fit, a crisp white tee is the perfect building  block for what I think you’ll find is a simple, yet stylish spring outfit. The accessories include a casual field watch and even a grooming essential to help you get cleaned up. We’re rounding it out with classic chinos, a pair of rugged 2-eye moc shoes, and a ridiculously well-made Flint and Tinder shirt. That ensemble is going to work wonders for your off-duty style — seriously, consider breaking out your chinos even when you’re not at the office. And again, where does it all start? It all starts with a classic white tee, a style move that’s more than worth your time. Read on for today’s #OOTD — you’ll notice the format is slightly different (bullet points!), but the quality is (hopefully?) still the same. Cheers!

A crisp tee from Taylor Stitch, layered up with other easy-to-wear spring picks.


  • The T-Shirt: Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee, $45 — When is a classic white tee more than  just a white tee? When it’s crafted by Taylor Stitch using quality materials, that’s when.
  • The Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch Athletic Slim Officer Chinos, $72 — A white tee and classic chinos are utterly timeless outfit building blocks that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • The Shirt: Flint and Tinder Check Buttondown, $128 — Your outfit could use an extra layer, particularly on breezy spring nights. The Flint and Tinder Check Buttondown is that layer.
  • The Shoes: New England Outerwear 2-Eye Chukka Moc, $270 — When you start an outfit off with chinos and a white tee, something as timeless as the 2-Eye Chukka Moc should fit the bill nicely.
  • The Watch: Jack Mason Field Camp Watch, $195 — Durable, field-ready and stylishly casual for the weekend — that’s what you get with the Jack Mason Field Camp Watch, folks.
  • The Socks: Little River Sock Mill Textured Herringbone Crew Socks, $20 — Incorporating casual texture and a decent quality-to-price ratio, these are versatile spring socks.
  • The Wallet: Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet in Brown, $58 — Make no mistake about it, your everyday carry essentials need a shot in the arm. The Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet is the one to do that.
  • The Grooming Essential: Barber & Co. Classic Pomade, $22 — Add a bit of this classic pomade for some shine and a refined touch. It’s as easy as that.

Don’t sleep on the necessity of owning something as simple and yet as polished as a classic white tee, especially from a brand like Taylor Stitch. A staple that seems so simple can be worn so many ways — you could even ditch the Flint and Tinder Check Buttondown in favor of wearing the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee all on its own, sleeves slightly rolled. Either way, the combo is going to be finished off nicely with timeless chinos from Abercrombie & Fitch, along with the handsome, rugged 2-Eye Chukka Moc. Accessories like the  Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet add sleek style and essential functionality to this #OOTD, as does the Jack Mason Field Camp Watch. These are picks that are going to work on the daily this spring, but they add a little something extra to an ensemble that doesn’t have many frills — just solid, classic style. Throw in classic pomade for an even more classicaly styled ‘do, then call it a day. Well, don’t call it a day — head out and get yourself some coffee at your favorite shop this weekend. Who’s with me?

Any thoughts on this #OOTD? Let me know in the comments below!

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