See Now, Buy Now: Here’s Why You Need the Outerknown Journey Jacket For Your Next Trip

Available in two colors, the Outerknown Journey Jacket is a winner when it comes to versatile, travel-friendly style.

Wait, hold on a second — don’t hang up or put away your collection of stylish men’s outerwear just because we’re rolling through May right now. No no, there’s still plenty of reason to keep a versatile transitional jacket handy — especially if you’re planing a spring or summer trip (or five). Chilly nights, cold plane A/C, unexpected rain … it all demands a jacket that can do it all. As luck would have it, the exceedingly versatile, casual-but-not-too-casual Outerknown Journey Jacket is the one you need for your next trip. In the evermore laidback times we live in, a transitional jacket like the Outerknown Journey Jacket is going to be your best friend when it comes to freeing up space in your bag. Think of this classic jacket, inspired by the old military M-65 coat, as a sort of blazer replacement, a do-it-all jacket that offers added storage space, lightweight protection from the elements, and sharp, sleek style. The Navy Outerknown Journey Jacket is the top pick here according to your neighborhood Style Guide editor, but you really can’t go wrong with either option. It’s also somewhat similar to the equally versatile and durable Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket — both are handy and nearly required for cool spring and summer nights.

The 4oz. twill fabric used to craft the durable Outerknown Journey Jacket is made from organic cotton and hemp, a bonus if you’re into responsible sourcing and production (which you certainly should be). A handy hood even packs into a collar zipper, offering crucial protection from the elements — again, an underrated design feature that’ll prove quite useful if your next trek takes you somewhere particularly rainy.  The Outerknown Journey Jacket really nails that essential blend of functionality and style — the snap closure hip pockets offer space for everyday carry essentials, like a streamlined wallet or a stylish leather passport holder. And the overall aesthetic is one that just screams 2018. A stylish field jacket  is the functional, dressed-down blazer replacement you’ve been looking for. The Outerknown Journey Jacket works with a crisp white tee, faded blue denim and classic suede boots as well as it does with olive chinos, a white Oxford and leather brogue dress shoes. Taken all together, the Outerknown Journey Jacket belongs on your packing list for your next trip, certainly.

Who’s going to go right out and buy the Outerknown Journey Jacket? Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page. 

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