The List: Shop These Men’s Style Essentials for Summer … As Soon as You Can

Folks, we’re coming at you today with a plea to stock up on men’s summer style essentials. OK, not a plea. Rather, a friendly nudge in the right direction. As we love talking about here at The Style Guide, versatility and timeless style are must-haves, no matter the season. That’s equally true during summer, and that’s why today’s picks in this edition of The List include go-anywhere staples like a classic Oxford shirt, rugged suede boots and even a stylish leather wallet. Check it all out below — summer adventures await.

Flint and Tinder Soft Washed Oxford — $98

Soft-washed fabric, a stellar fit and classic style — everything you need this summer.

Right off the bat, here’s that stylish Oxford shirt we talked about. As you might expect, it’s made with exceptional fabric from the folks at Flint and Tinder. Wear it with dark denim and suede chukka boots for Saturday night.
Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife — $68

A tough-as-heck knife from the makers of your favorite apparel and footwear. Not bad, ehh?

A drop point knife? On a list of menswear essentials? Sure, why not. You never know when your next project might call for it. Especially when it just so happens to be the Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife. Carry it in your Taylor Stitch light wash jeans, for good measure.
Mott and Bow Benson Jeans in Straight Fit — $118

These light wash jeans fit a bit more relaxed — all the better for staying cool.

What to wear with your classic white Oxford? Stylish light wash jeans from Mott and Bow, of course, done in a fit that’s a bit more loose than what you might wear normally. It’s summer, after all — keep cool out there.
OtterBox Trooper LT 30 Soft Cooler — $269.99

Take this cooler to the beach or on your next camping trip — it’ll go anywhere.

Let’s get right to business. No more cheap Styrofoam coolers to head out on summer adventures — the OtterBox Trooper Cooler is as good as it gets.

Wolverine Original 1000 Mile Boots in Roughout Amber Suede — $365
Wolverine 1000 Mile

Beautiful suede boots that you can buy now … and wear now, on cool summer nights.

Should you buy a pair of rugged suede boots in the summer? Yes. Should you wear these Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots in the summer? Yes. Test drive ’em with light wash jeans and a pocket tee to head to your favorite brewery.

Wingback London Card Holder — $56

Sleek, refined and sure to get better with age.

Whether you wear breezy linen trousers, slim black denim or rugged canvas shorts, keeping your leather wallet slim and streamlined — rather than bulky and overstuffed — is crucial this summer. Wingback London has your back.
Taylor Stitch California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid — $125

A rich indigo shirt in breezy cotton — perfect versatility from Taylor Stitch.

Fear not — Taylor Stitch is here with the beautiful California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid. The perfect collar and the perfect fit. Wear it untucked with olive chinos and stylish brown leather brogues to the office this summer.
Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch — $1,195

As good as it gets! Pricey, but worth it.

I’m certainly all about keeping things affordable here on the blog, and yet … what’s #menswear without a little wish list? The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf is a timeless watch, chock full of terrific specs and great looks.
Corridor NYC Indigo Denim Cap — $45

A stylish upgrade over your typical ballcap.

Searching for a ballcap that’s got just a little something different? This Corridor NYC Indigo Cap is made from the material as your favorite jeans — wear it with a white slub tee and classic khaki chinos to a bonfire this season.

Jack Mason Nautical Chronograph Watch — $275

Stylish, sporty and dependable. Nice work, Jack Mason.

Another watch? Yessir. The handsome, slightly rugged and yet ever-so-refined Jack Mason Nautical Chronograph Watch works, even if you don’t own a boat.
Victory Sportswear Speed Runner — $220

“Ugly” sneakers? Hardly. The Speed Runners are sleek and versatile.

Stylish retro sneakers are all the rage right now — the Victory Sportswear Speed Runner is a nice, slightly understated way to dip your toes into that trend. Wear the Speed Runner with a classic White Oxford & light wash denim.
North & Mark Howard Waterproof Stretch Trench — $325

A timeless trench coat, updated with modern fabric for maximum mobility.

When’s the best time to stock up on stylish outerwear for the rainy season? Arguably, when it’s, well, not rainy. This stretch waterproof trench allows you to get around easily while keeping you dry. Bonus points for the classic trench style.

So, having a tough time deciding which of these summer style essentials is your favorite? If I had to pick, I’d go with those handsome Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots … or perhaps the insanely cool, stylish Zodiac Super Sea Wolf. Or heck, maybe even that stylish Oxford shirt from Flint and Tinder at the top of the page. At any rate, hopefully, you found something that caught your eye! Thanks, as always, for reading.

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