The Friday Read: Zodiac Watches, What to Wear on a Boat This Summer and the Best Beers to Drink Now

My dear friends, we’ve reached the conclusion of another exciting week here at The Style Guide! I’m particularly thrilled today to be welcoming my amazing, lovely girlfriend Laura to NYC for a weekend of city exploration and tons of fun! (On that note, be sure to check out her recent guest post on this site). We’re both really looking forward to some shopping, some tasty beer and cider, a few delicious meals, and, in honor of an early birthday weekend for Laura (!!), a Saturday night concert by rapper Logic at Madison Square Garden! Rap is a bit out of my wheelhouse — if you read the blog regularly, you’re aware of that! — but I couldn’t be more thrilled to check out what should be a wild, super fun show at an absolutely iconic venue. We’re also planning on checking out shops like Concrete & Water, helped along by what should be a healthy dose of iced coffee — naturally! I really, truly can’t wait. So, with the start of the weekend ahead, I’ll leave you to check out this week’s fun reads, as selected by yours truly. Cheers!

  • Hitting the water this weekend? Dress in style with my essential picks for what to wear on a boat this season. You absolutely can’t go wrong with my selections — at least, I think so. Shop now, hurry!
  • Laura is a great writer with an eye for style (check out her Instagram!) and an ear for excellent music — if you read her guest post on the blog a few weeks ago, you surely know that. With new tunes for the weekend in mind, I’d urge you to check out her recent Playlist Friday post, covering some of the best new music out there! Plug in and let’s look forward to the weekend, ehh?

  • As we always talk about here on The Style Guide, investing in the right kind of pieces can go a long way. Take the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, last week’s Style Pick of the Week on the blog. It’s unstoppable, it’s durably crafted and it’s tough as heck. Oh, and it’ll set you back a cool grand-plus. But hey, we can dream, right?
  • I’m always a fan of a tasty, flavorful and well-crafted beer. Particularly in the summer months, when the right beer can help you decompress and remind you of home. In the spirit of great drinking, I wrote about the best summer beers for GearMoose. I hope y’all enjoy! Cheers!

That’ll do it for me today in this edition of the Friday Read. Check out this essential casual shirt from Bridge & Burn for all your weekend adventures if you still need something to read. And with that, I bid you farewell! Until tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, that is. Thanks for reading!


#OOTD: The Right Way to Wear a Chambray Shirt This Summer

We talk a lot here on The Style Guide about the best way to wear certain summer style essentials — case in point, this recent #OOTD covering how to wear a denim jacket.  Today, we’re talking about another summer style essential that’s truly crucial to pulling together a well-appointed wardrobe in warm weather: The chambray shirt. To be sure, owning a stylish chambray shirt isn’t a matter of life or death … but you’d definitely do well to pick up the slim chambray shirt we’re talking about in today’s ensemble.

The cool cotton and go-anywhere versatility of the chambray shirt makes it an easy choice to throw on with sharp white sneakers and an investment-level watch, even when the thermostat rises — as you’ll see in the below outfit. The best part about the CIVIC Jack Shirt? It’s going to prove plenty useful the rest of the year, too. But for right now, when you need to look presentable yet don’t want to throw on too many extra layers? Reach for a classic chambray shirt, made with a decidedly modern fabric. While we’re certainly not reinventing the wheel here, we’re giving you yet another way to wear this beloved wardrobe staple — no matter how hot it gets. Wear this look to a BBQ or to the bar, or to a balllgame. Heck, wear it to the office if you feel quite casual.

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A versatile chambray shirt and white sneakers, plus a tremendously rugged and stylish watch? That’s all you need this summer. Besides pants, that is.
  • The Chambray Shirt: CIVIC The Jack Shirt in Sky Blue Chambray, $128 — From the partner brand of Taylor Stitch comes a versatile chambray shirt with a tailored cut and go-anywhere fabric. Ideal for summer.
  • The Pants: Mott & Bow Slim Mercer Jeans in Khaki, $128 — While we could go with chinos here, khaki jeans are decidedly more casual — and thanks to Mott & Bow, the Mercer Jeans are VERY easy to wear (it’s the stretch fabric construction!).
  • The Sneakers: SeaVees Monterey Sneakers, $54.98 — It’s tough to knock the combination of affordability, style and versatility you’re getting with classic SeaVees sneakers. I can’t recommend the Monterey Sneakers enough.
  • The Socks: CHUP Volant Socks, $32 — What socks to wear when you’ve got on a pair of low-cut sneakers? An comfortable yet-subtly stylish pair like the CHUP Volant Socks, of course.
  • The Belt: Levi’s Alturas Belt, $38 — Levi’s is a go-to brand for your favorite pair of denim, yet don’t turn a blind eye to the brand’s accessories; I’m a fan of the rugged leather of the Alturas Belt. It’s those small style details that matter.
  • The Watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch, $1,295 — Take it from a guy who loves his watches — the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 is a beast, and yet subtly stylish at the same time. The perfect counterpart to a classic chambray shirt, if you ask me.
  • The Hat: Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, $40 — The much-loved Huckberry Explorer’s Cap is a personal favorite. It’s a premium, stylish upgrade over your standard athletic logo cap, too. Give it a try with this #OOTD.
  • The Wallet:Wingback London Cash Wallet, $84 — Investing in a great leather wallet can be one of life’s finer pleasures. The Wingback London Cash Wallet will age handsomely each time you use it, too.

And with that … we’re done with today’s #OOTD! Feeling more confident about how to wear a chambray shirt, or reinvigorted with new ideas about how to style the CIVIC Jack Shirt in a way that’s new and fresh? Good. Great, even. The above look isn’t too complicated, although you could add a rugged denim jacket if you like. Complementary pieces like the Mercer Jeans from Mott & Bow keep this outfit casual and yet versatile — we’re all about comfort and style that can take you places (the ballpark, the bar, that BBQ … you get the drift). As one would expect, classic SeaVees sneakers also get the job done when it comes to go-anywhere style — the white Monterey Sneakers add crisp, casual style to this ensemble in particular. I’m also all about little details making the difference, from the neat pattern of the CHUP Volant Socks to the aged leather of the Alturas Belt — small styling touches add just enough visual interest to an outfit that’s packed with classics. Speaking of classics … I’m positive the investment-level quality (and matching price tag) on the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 is going to lend some serious style cred and classic style to this look, and a heck of a lot of others.  All that’s left to do? Throw on the Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, grab the stylishly rugged  Wingback London Cash Wallet, and hit the road. Summer’s in the bag, folks.

Let me know how you feel about the above look by checking in on Twitter.

The Friday Read: Stitch Fix, North & Mark and the Best Men’s Pocket Tees

We’ve had quite a lot going on around The Style Guide as of late, from a recent trip to Detroit (Editor’s note: Check out my amazing girlfriend Laura’s guide to things to do in Detroit!) to quite a few neat #menswear events here in NYC — one of which you’ll learn about below! Along the way, I’ve carved out some to listen to some new tunes — the new CHVRCHES album “Love is Dead” has been on heavy rotation — and I’ve tried some tasty new beer to kick off summer. On that note, Corona Premier is a pleasingly light, easy-to-drink beer that still harnesses some nice flavor (thanks to the brand for sending over some test brews!). While I love a hefty New England or West Coast IPA — of which you can find a good deal of in Brooklyn — I’ve still got a soft spot for a Corona and a day spent catching some sun.

But, back to business. Let’s talk about the watch you need for summer adventures. Or conversely, the classic white tee to wear with everything this season. Or perhaps, a stylish short-sleeve shirt is more your speed this weekend. Whatever tickles your fancy, hopefully, we can help you find it. On that note, we’re looking into a few handy, helpful seasonal style matters today, a new outerwear brand and classic pocket tees among them. So for now, I’ll say farewell. Happy reading, happy shopping … oh, and cheers!

  • Have you heard of or used Stitch Fix? I was able to give this personal styling service a try last fall via my Instagram and blog, but at any rate, took a closer look at the inner workings of this fast-moving platform recently. You decide whether the service is for you, I’d say.
  • I had the chance last week to check out the launch of North & Mark, a highly functional, highly stylish outerwear brand that makes its gear in NYC and draws inspiration from the Windy City.  From four-way stretch blazers — tailored but easy to wear over a classic white tee to the office — to clean and classic overcoats and a heck of a stylish belted trench coat, this is one brand that’s certainly going to help you up your outerwear game when the weather calls for it.
  • has been tracking the best songs of 2018 (so far), and I’m having a tough time picking my favorite from this list. For this self-proclaimed Indie Rock Dad (Editor’s note: Actually not a father!), it just might be “What a Time to be Alive” by revered North Carolina rockers Superchunk. What’s your pick from that list?
  • Perhaps most helpfully for y’all, I wrote up some of the best men’s pocket tees for My favorite from this list? The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee, naturally.

That’s going to do it for today’s Friday Read. Still need something to read or something to shop? Start with my list of the best summer style essentials. Then, read why you need this timeless navy polo in your closet for summer. All set? All set.



The Friday Read: A Rugged Men’s Henley, Favorites from Shinola and A Michigan Weekend


Snapped by my amazing girlfriend Laura — a heck of a talented photographer — exploring Detroit recently. I layered up with my Grayers Edgeware Cotton Moto Jacket!

We made it to Friday, and another Friday Read— cheers! For me as of late, the week’s end has been especially fun and meaningful — Friday has often meant a trip back to the Midwest (to The National Homecoming festival, for instance), or back to my home state of Michigan (like Detroit, shown above!) to see my lovely girlfriend, Laura! And that’s the case this Friday as well — we’re heading north to Mackinaw City to experience a bit of early summer fun “up North,” as we Michigan natives like to say. What does the weekend have in store for you? Whatever the case might be, I hope it’s packed with some #menswear shopping, some craft brews (or your beverage of choice), and great times with family and friends. As for me? Well, I’ve got a flight to catch. But you should feel more than free to stick around and make yourself at home. You’ll enjoy this week’s style reads, and you’ll certainly get a kick out of tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. Thanks for reading!

  • In need of a new, rugged henley for spring and summer? This classic henley from Faherty Brand ought to do the trick — it’s our most recent Style Pick here on the site.
  • The fine folks at Shinola excel — and I mean, simply EXCEL — at producing all manner of beautiful lifestyle goods that anyone can appreciate. With that in mind, I picked out my five favorites from Shinola for The Manual! Shop now, will ya?
  • The fine art of crafting stylish men’s shoes is something I’ve always found fascinating — the folks at Gear Patrol tend to agree on that front. I found their recent interview with John Lofgren (maker of everything from high-top sneakers to durable boots) to be seriously cool.
  • Now that we’re ticking toward Memorial Day, you’re probably wondering … what should I wear? Rest assured that we’ll have a full ensemble coming next week, but in the meantime, you should certainly check out this #OOTD (from the blog!) on how to wear stylish shorts this summer. Cheers!

Ready for the weekend? I know I sure as heck am. Can’t wait! Thanks for sticking around, and be sure to check out my Instagram for the scoop on all of this weekend’s Michigan adventures.


#OOTD: How to Dress for a Laidback Spring (Or Summer) Friday

We’ve been slowly but surely getting into the heart of spring and summer style here on The Style Guide, and that means one thing: Focusing on warm weather essentials that are going to help you conquer even the most tricky seasonal style situations. Think of a decidedly casual spring or summer Friday in the office (or perhaps … working from home?). What are you wearing? A one-size-too-large polo and khakis that probably don’t fit as well as they should? Not if this #OOTD has anything to say about it. Even when it comes to “Casual Friday,” there are ways to rise to the occasion while still keeping things toned down and office-appropriate. For instance: We’re ditching the polo or overly casual graphic tee in favor of a stylish short-sleeve shirt from Style Guide pals Taylor Stitch, and we’re swapping those khakis for slim light wash denim and classic suede chukkas from a timeless brand (that’d be Red Wing Heritage). Along the way, we’ll accent this ensemble with durable accessories, including a stylish casual watch and a work week-friendly leather messenger bag. This ensemble just gets it done if you happen to work in an environmen that, like so many offices nowadays, leans more and more laidback. Rethink the way you dress for summer … starting right now.

A breezy, West Coast-inspired short-sleeve shirt pairs up nicely with suede chukkas and casual office essentials.
  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt in Navy Poplin, $98 — This isn’t like Dwight Schrute’s short-sleeve shirts. The California Shirt in Navy Poplin is tailored and classic — perfect for the office.
  • The Denim: Standard Deviation Beta Denim in Light Indigo, $98 — These slim Standard Deviation jeans strike a nice balance between being overly faded or overly heavy (like indigo selvage denim, for instance).
  • The Belt: Levi’s Aberdeen Belt, $38 — Leave it to Levi’s to make a stylish leather belt that’s neither too casual nor too dressy — again, the perfect middle ground for a Friday in May … or June, or July, or August.
  • The Chukka Boots: Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka, $230 — Ditch the dress shoes for a day — the comfortable, durable and casually stylish Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka just works.
  • The Socks: Arvin Goods Crew Socks, $10 — One of the best parts of spring and summer? Rethinking your sock wardrobe. Gone are those heavy boot socks — enter these crew socks, cut shorter for casual style and a cool breeze.
  • The Watch: Redux Courg Watch, $319.98 –Don’t worry about matching your watch strap to the color of your belt or shoes here — the Redux Courg Watch means business, in the most rugged and laidback way possible.
  • The Bag: WP Standard Vintage Messenger, $295 — The handsomely crafted WP Standard Vintage Messenger has more than enough space for your laptop and every single one of your everyday carry essentials.
  • The Sunglasses: Komono Luca Sunglasses, $119.95 — Sunglasses are a somewhat underrated finishing touch, and the right pair — like the Komono Luca Sunglasses — add just enough casual flair to a cool ensemble.

The key to pulling off a dressed-down Casual Friday ‘fit starts with … well, fit. The California Shirt in Navy Poplin from Taylor Stitch is a prime example of the right way to do a short-sleeve shirt at the office. It can be worn untucked thanks to a length that’s just right. The fit is nicely tailored, the fabric is classic and the stripes are a spring-friendly (or summer-friendly) touch. Yes, the California Shirt in Navy Poplin is but one element that puts this #OOTD over the top. Pleasingly faded light wash denim works quite well alongside the Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka, thanks to the casual vibe of both pieces. Levi’s serves up the rugged Aberdeen Belt, which contrasts in a cool way with the Redux Courg Watch for style that fits in at the office and at happy hour. I’d be willing to bet that no one else in your office has the Komono Luca Sunglasses, which is what makes ’em such a cool pick for this particular #OOTD. And when it comes time to hit the road — both heading to and leaving the office — the WP Standard Vintage Messenger should certainly come in more than handy. To recap — you can make a short-sleeve shirt work at the office in a casual setting, as long as you nail the fit and fabric. Again, the California Shirt in Navy Poplin from Taylor Stitch checks off all the right boxes. It’s up to you to power through the work day now.

Folks, what do we think of this #OOTD? Will you be trying this slightly bold look out at the office this summer? 

See Now, Buy Now: The CIVIC Lloyd Shorts Are the New Pair of Shorts You Need this Summer

Not just any old pair of shorts … a stylish and sustainable pair.

For some guys, wearing shorts actually feels like … a chore. Yes, yes it’s true. Shorts are less polished than classic chinos or stylish light wash jeans, and if you grew up (as I did) wearing cargo shorts from mall brands, it can be tough to leave those associations behind. Seriously, quite tough. Thankfully, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts are here to change your perception when it comes to stylish shorts to wear this summer. And the even better news? They’ve arrived not a moment too soon. We’re on the verge of Memorial Day weekend, we’re on the verge of summer festival season, and I’d wager you’re going to want to be wearing shorts like the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts on the regular for many a weekend ahead. But why this particular pair? Helpfully, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts come from the partner brand of Taylor Stitch, a perennial Style Guide favorite. CIVIC focuses on sustainable, classic clothing that blends versatile wearability with durable, eco-friendly fabric. It’s a wholesome, stylish mission — one that includes the Lloyd Shorts, at that.

Available in both Navy and Olive options for maximum versatility, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts feature the brand’s Merino 4S fabric, all the better when it comes to mobility, comfort and durability. They also score when it comes to style points, too. You’ve surely got a pair of khaki or light khaki shorts in your wardrobe, so the deep navy color of the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts lends this pair a bit more of a dressy feel (ever so slightly). That means the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts work with classic leather loafers and a crisp white polo for preppy style on the weekend, and they also team up reliably with a crisp white henley and timeless leather sneakers for a round (or two) of your favorite craft beer. To me, it sounds like the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts are going to offer easygoing summer style for days on end — even if you’re not normally a “shorts guy.”

What say you about the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts? Let me know in the comments below! 


Style Pick of the Week: Proof Performance Oxford

A streamlined take on the Oxford shirt, made with stain-resistant fabric and a tailored fit.

Right off the bat, the Proof Performance Oxford is head and shoulders above other ordinary shirts on the market. A bold statement, to be sure, but I ask that you bear with me today. There’s plenty that’s made the Proof Performance Oxford worthy of being this week’s Style Pick, from the innovative construction to the stain-resistant fabric to the fact that every guy, no matter who you are, needs a stylish Oxford shirt that can quite literally go anywhere. The Performance Oxford is that shirt. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a classic cotton Oxford, there are instance where a thicker, heavier Oxford might not work.

Take, for example, the dead of summer or an abnormally humid spring day — you’re going to want to stay cool, dry and stylish, and that’s where the Proof Performance Oxford comes into play. The midweight, cotton-poly blend that makes up the innards of the Proof Performance Oxford combines what you love about cotton (the most versatile fabric on the planet, perhaps?) with the “performance” aspects of nylon — as the shirt’s name would imply! In short, the Proof Performance Oxford is the spring and summer shirt that you didn’t know you needed … yet. The brand calls the Performance Oxford the “21st-century take” on the traditional Oxford, and your Style Guide editor is inclined to agree with ’em.

Stain-resistant fabric, again, is what makes this shirt stand out from the pack. Assuredly.

It’s got all the hallmarks of a classic Oxford, including a pleasingly modern fit, a buttondown collar and versatile color options — I’m a fan of the mid-range Navy Oxford, personally. Add in the fact that the Performance Oxford features coveted and exceedingly rare stain-resistant fabrication, and you’ve got a surefire winner when it comes to the next shirt you’ll splurge on this season. It’s also quite versatile — this isn’t a longer-cut dress shirt by any means. The Performance Oxford works with tailored navy shorts or slim tan chinos in equal measure. The footwear choice is yours, although anything from oxblood leather loafers to tan suede chukkas are going to work more than handsomely with any color of the Performance Oxford. It’s the type of versatile shirt that’s going to pair nicely with the full range of pants in your wardrobe in the months ahead, from faded American-made jeans to dark blue denim to olive chinos and beyond. Again, the list of positives for the Proof Performance Oxford goes on and on, without a doubt. That’s true in both matters of style and substance. Leave your old Oxford behind — the Proof Performance Oxford means business.

Who’s buying the Proof Performance Oxford? How are you styling it? 

Thanks for reading!



The Friday Read: The National Homecoming, Spring Style Essentials and Slim Light Wash Denim

Sipping an iced coffee and reflecting pensively on a great long weekend in Cincinnati. Wearing a cotton flannel shirt from Todd Snyder and a navy T-shirt from Mott and Bow. Photo by Laura Henschke.

Gather ’round the proverbial Style Guide fire for another weekly edition of The Friday Read. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, as I roadtripped back from Cincinnati on Monday following a long weekend trip with my amazing girlfriend, Laura (you can view her photo work at the top of the page, as well on her site and on my Instagram, naturally!). What took us to Ohio? Well, if you caught last week’s Friday Read, you know that the extraordinary first edition of The National Homecoming festival was more than enough reason to visit the seriously cool city of Cincy (This terrific piece by The Ringer sums up the weekend nicely!). Headlined by, yep, The National and featuring sets from luminaries like Future Islands, Lord Huron, Julien Baker and Alvvays, we had a great time sipping on cold beverages from Rhinegheist (check us out on their Instagram!) while enjoying lovely (if somewhat chilly) spring weather. If ever you get to Cincy, I know Laura and I both loved the gourmet Mexican food and margaritas at Bakersfield OTR, plus the excellent brunch deal at Nation. We also enjoyed hearty cold brews from Coffee Emporium and checked out a National-themed photography exhibit at the city’s Contemporary Arts Center! Top it off with two stellar, unique sets from The National, and you’ve got the makings of an extraordinary weekend! To say the very least. In other happenings, well, we’re about to kick off another weekend, and this one will also find me traveling back to Michigan — and Grand Rapids — for Cinco de Mayo celebrations with Laura and close high school friends. Follow along with all the fun on Instagram, and be sure to get your weekend going with a few more-than-engaging reads below. Cheers!

  • Let’s get right down to it — if you missed this week’s post about spring style essentials to shop in the latest edition of The List, you need to catch up. We’ve got stylish spring sneakers, we’ve got everyday carry essentials, we’ve got a stylish weekender bag … and it’s all yours for perusing now.
  • If you haven’t yet heard, J. Crew Factory is running an extraordinary summer sale, and has all the picks you need to shop now, right this very instant. Get to it and stock up on summer style essentials just a bit early.
  • Speaking of music festivals, Pitchfork put together quite an interesting and insightful analysis of the gender balance — or rather, inbalance — at festivals via some revealing data-crunching and colorful graphs. The biggest takeaway? More representation is needed at festivals across the board! That’s all there is to it.
  • Lastly, I’ll leave you with one more #menswear essential to buy now — these slim light wash jeans from Raleigh Denim, as featured on the blog last week, could feasibly see a ton of use in the weeks and months ahead. Get to shopping!

That’s all I’ve got in today’s Friday Read, my friends. Cheers!


Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket

The next addition to your spring wardrobe — check it out below.

The topic of today’s Style Pick of the Week is a brand you very well might recognize — Relwen. Makers of superb outerwear fit for nearly every situation, from casual weekends (see the Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket) to the more field-ready (enter the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket). If you’re a fan of those two unique silhouettes, then today’s stylish spring jacket is certainly going to work out nicely. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket — it’s quite possibly your new favorite spring jacket. The Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket isn’t just any lightweight spring jacket to throw on — it’s packed with that critical combo of styling potential and weather-ready durability that you need this season particularly. The CPO-style design is quite likely different than any other jacket you’ve got hanging in your closet currently, which is part of what makes the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket so cool and essential. Seriously. It’s got the styling chops to hang with your other favorite spring style essentials — take light wash denim, canvas high-top sneakers and a classic white T-shirt, for starters. Feel free to match the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket with other, slightly more office-ready looks; a blue Oxford shirt, slim tan chinos and clean white sneakers ought to do the trick. So, we know it’s got the looks you need. What about the performance? Believe — at least based on the specs — the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket can hang.

The waffle-knit lining in this jacket adds just the right amount of warmth when it comes to spring layering.

It starts with the perfectly spring-friendly cotton-nylon construction — easy enough to layer on a breezy day, sturdy enough to retain its shape and silhouette through lots of repeated wear. Believe me, I think you’re going to find that the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket is the right kind of jacket for the season; it looks great with classic picks, like a light blue chambray shirt, and it works well with laidback staples (like the classic white T-shirt we mentioned earlier). Add in a plethora of pockets, including two slanted hip zipper pockets and two front-button snap pockets at the chest, and you’ve even got enough room to handle all of your everyday carry essentials. Plus, the waffle knit lining at the shoulders provides some needed insulation for cooler spring (and even summer) nights. Pleated elbows and shaped cuffs are also design touches you don’t often find on other jackets — the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket has everything considered quite nicely, one could say. For me, that makes it a darn-near essential spring jacket — what say you?

Feel free to leave your feedback or comments on Twitter about this essential spring jacket, my friends. Thanks for reading!