Shop These Summer Deals from Huckberry Right Now for the Fourth of July

Guys — it’s true. We really do love Huckberry here at The Style Guide. Huckberry is a one-stop E-commerce site and lifestyle brand — they’ve really got it all for guys who live a curated, well-considered and diverse lifestyle. That’s particularly true when it comes to the gear you need for the Fourth of July. There are rugged picks aplenty, to go along with tons of summer style essentials. With that in mind, your humble editor pulled together a quick list of some great deals and steals from Huckberry, all of which are going on as we speak! Let’s get to it.

United By Blue Summer Apparel — 25% Off (Through July 3rd) 

Just a few of the style essentials you can pick up from United By Blue on sale.

The folks at United By Blue are up to their old tricks — designing stylish and sustainable summer gear, that is. Get 25 percent off all United By Blue menswear — my favorite pick might just be the Kinghorn Plaid Shirt.

Native Shoes — 25% Off (Through July 1) 

Easy to wear, easy to style and perfect for summer travel.

Lightweight, comfortable and very easy to pack or wear for summer travel — that’s what you’re getting with Native Shoes. Your stylish summer sneakers are here, folks.

GrowlerWerks Growlers — 15% Off (Ongoing) 

A growler that serves up tasty beer and looks great in the process? Sign me up.

I really do love me an ice-cold, fresh craft beer — who doesn’t? You can serve up your favorite beers for the Fourth of July and beyond with a handsome, essential beer growler from GrowlerWerks. Cheers!

Nemo Equipment — 25% Off (Through July 3rd) 

The functional, useful camping equipment you need now.

I’m admittedly not big on camping, but if I were, I’d use dependable, functional gear from Nemo Equipment — you can pick up some nice deals now, my friends.

Solo Stove Portable Fire Pit — $100 Off (Through July 3rd)

Take $100 off this cookout and bonfire essential.

Take $100 off this durable, easy-to-use portable fire pit from Solo — that’s a heck of a deal in time for your next summer party.

DemerBox Speakers — 20% Off (For 48 Hours)

Durable Bluetooth speakers that pack a heck of a punch.

Want your speakers to pack a punch visually and in terms of stellar audio? You need the rugged, go-anywhere DemerBox speakers, available right now for a great deal.

OtterBox Coolers — 25% Off (Through July 3rd)

The only cooler you need for spring and summer.

Perhaps the most durable, toughest coolers on the market come from OtterBox — that’s all there is to it. Load up an OtterBox cooler for your Fourth of July party, ASAP.

SpikeBall — 15% Off (For 48 Hours)

Innovative water games for your next weekend trip. Available for a nice deal right now.

Yep, that’s right. SpikeBall. Your boating excursions and weekend lake trips just got a heck of a lot more fun, thanks to this innovative water game. Once again, for the people in the back: SpikeBall.

Are you ready to do some shopping? I, for one, think these deals from Huckberry are too good to be missed. Which of these picks are your favorite? I’m truly a sucker for United By Blue menswear, for one. Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading.


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