Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo

A premium polo for premium wearing occasions.

One step outside is all it takes to remind you that we’re still slogging through summer — but as we always say here on the ole blog, that’s no excuse to not dress in style. And so it goes with today’s Style Pick of the Week, one that you should certainly add to your list of summer style essentials: The Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo. You very well might recognize it from a recent edition of The List, and it’s back today with good reason. For one, it’s a warm weather style upgrade that looks more polished than average — the Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo really can be worn just like your favorite T-shirt, pairing up easily with chino shorts and white sneakers on weekend days aplenty. Yet, it’s also got that classic Billy Reid sensibility. The Alabama-based designer takes American style staples and classes them up a bit, and the Ombre Stripe Polo is the latest addition to those ranks, what with its tailored cut and mother-of-pearl buttons. It’s also fairly priced for a premium polo — make no mistake, the Ombre Stripe Polo is certainly the sort of polo you could wear with a suit or a lightweight khaki blazer. Yep, that’s right — I’m suggesting you rock this stylish polo shirt with a suit! It can (and should) be done).

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a designer like Billy Reid, who makes classic pieces that are neither too fashion-forward nor too stuffy. That’s why the Ombre Stripe Polo can be worn like a T-shirt (with light wash jeans and white canvas sneakers) or like a more tailored dress shirt (with a navy cotton blazer and tan chinos) — it’s just that well-made and that well-designed.  You should certainly be looking to add more versatile style staples like the Ombre Stripe Polo into your warm-weather wardrobe — there’s still plenty of summer left to bust out a few unexpected menswear moves. You could even break out the Ombre Stripe Polo as an alternative to a tank top when heading to the beach — it’ll work more serviceably to wear with a tailored pair of swim trunks and some stylish slip-on sneakers for a few post-beach drinks. That’s just one of the many ways in which the  Ombre Stripe Polo from Billy Reid can help you stand out in a sea of baggy, flourescent polos this summer. Get yours while you’ve still got time, and then get out there.

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