See Now, Buy Now: The Myles Apparel Seacliff Boardshorts are the Summer Swim Trunks You Need

The new boardshorts that amp up your beach wear to another level.

Any list of summer style essentials should likely include a stylish pair of swim trunks, right? Like the ones seen above from Myles Apparel, I’d wager. Even if you’re not a frequent beachgoer, you should still take care to dress appropriately when stepping off the boardwalk onto the beach. It’s as essential as what you’re packing in your beach bag and the sunscreen you’re putting on — truly. And that, my friends, is where the functional-yet-stylish Myles Apparel Seacliff Boardshorts come into play. These aren’t the baggy boardshorts you wore as a kid or back in college — the Seacliff Boardshorts are a new breed of men’s swim trunks, equally as good-looking as they are durably crafted. It’s a surprising combo that should make your search for a stylish men’s swimsuit considerably easier, ehh? It all starts with the quick-drying, four-way stretch material that gives these more performance-minded features than the baggy floral numbers a lot of us wore growing up. Trust me — the  Seacliff Boardshorts are anything but that. The 7-inch inseam should work well for most guys, although taller fellas will want to search for something with a longer inseam (Bonobos does a nice job of that, my friends). Still with me? Still interested in the  Seacliff Boardshorts?

Good stuff. There’s really no downside to picking up a pair of the Seacliff Boardshorts, seeing as the striped pattern is a menswear-minded pattern that stands out in a sea of gaudy, bright colors at the beach. That’s exactly what you’d expect from Myles Apparel, too. The brand offers a clean, minimal and durable interpretation of everyday staples (probably why they’ve named their signature shorts the Everyday Shorts!), so it only makes sense that the Seacliff Boardshorts would blend nautical inspiration and performance in one package. The point is this: You don’t need to worry about much when your shorts are as stylish as the Seacliff Boardshorts — simply pack up your cooler, throw on a rugged henley and some stylish slip-ons, and go.

Do you think the Seacliff Boardshorts are a summer must-have? Let me know on my Twitter page. Thanks for reading! 

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