#OOTD: How to Dress in Versatile Style For the Rest of Summer

As we power through the rest of summer, I’d say there’s no better way you can dress than with versatile, comfortable off-duty style in mind. It’s one thing to throw on a classic Oxford shirt and a lightweight navy blazer to head to the office, but it can sometimes be another matter entirely to want to look good when you’re off the clock. That’s what we’re tackling today on The Style Guide — an outfit with a few different layers for a few different looks, each as suited for a casual patio lunch as for a rooftop summer party. It comes down to a colorful, cool base — in this case, the La Paz Ribas Henley — plus other equally versatile and rugged picks (I.E. Slim dark denim and classic SeaVees sneakers). In short, I think you’ll find you already own a lot of these pieces, but we’re wearing them today in a way that allows you to go a few different places, from the ballpark to the bar and back home (for instance). Throw a tough everyday bag into the mix, and you could even wear this to your co-working space or to your favorite coffee shop to knock out some writing (Just me? Ahh, well).  As always, you’re going to look great. Let’s get to it!

Pieces that you know and love, worn in a way that you’re going to love.

  • The Shirt: Filson Feather Cloth Short-Sleeve Shirt, $68 — You could just as easily throw on a classic chambray shirt here, but I think the color and durability of this Filson shirt makes it a winner.
  • The Henley: La Paz Ribas Henley, $58 — The rich green color and unique short-sleeve construction makes the La Paz Ribas Henley a nice, lightweight layer — it’s a visually interesting combo underneath a short-sleeve shirt, too.
  • The Denim: Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans in Cone Mills Standard, $98 — Ever tried to find that dependable pair of everyday dark denim? The Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans should check that box for ya (also available in a less-slim Democratic fit).
  • The Sneakers: SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Standard, $78 — The great thing about this ensemble is that you could wear it with everything from classic suede chukka boots to, well, the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll.
  • The Belt: WP Standard Officer’s Belt in Natural, $78 — If you follow me on Instagram, surely you’re aware of the fact that I love my WP Standard Officer’s Belt. Small, rugged design touches like this really can elevate an outfit!
  • The Watch: Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Chronograph, $118.98 — A tough Timex chronograph watch meets a beautiful Horween leather strap? Sounds like the perfect casual watch to me.
  • The Hat: Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo, $45 — In this case, throwing on a ballcap really is your call — but if you’re going to go extra-casual, might as well reach for the eye-catching Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo.
  • The Everyday Bag: J. Stark Prospect Briefcase, $295 — Here’s that durable, rugged everyday bag we talked about from J. Stark. Use it for your laptop, use it for a magazine (I myself like Gear Patrol!) or use it for other essentials — the choice is yours.

    That’s another #OOTD all wrapped up nicely, right? Right. The basics make for nice versatility no matter the occasion, from a BBQ to a baseball game to a summer road trip. Layering up a rugged Filson short-sleeve shirt with a cool base layer like the La Paz Ribas Henley also gives you some all-day versatility — simply take off the short-sleeve shirt if it gets too hot. You can also never go wrong with everyday dark denim, especially a pair that’s going to break in nicely and get better with every wear. On the footwear front, you’re also aiming for versatility and cool, breezy style with the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll — a classic sneaker pick if ever there was one. I also absolutely love my tough leather belt from WP Standard, and I think you’re going to love yours, as well.  On the accessories front, the perfect casual watch from Timex  truly is an essential pick to go along with this casual, unique look (it’s not every day you see a henley layered under a short-sleeve shirt, after all). Before you step out the door, throw on the Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo and grab the J. Stark Prospect Briefcase — both of those underrated accessories are going to help you go a long way in any summer style scenario. And that’s all I’ve got for you today, folks! Cheers.

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