See Now, Buy Now: The Armor-Lux Heavyweight Sweater Is Your New Favorite Fall Sweater

The versatile, unique and eye-catching sweater you didn’t know you needed.

You’re going to need a stylish fall sweater or two this season — preferably, a whole closet full. But where to start? Well, there’s a good case to be made for switching things up from a more typical sweater (like a rugged grey crewneck sweater) and layering up with something a bit more devil-may-care, if you will. Take the Armor-Lux Heavyweight Sweater, an under-the-radar classic that channels your favorite throwback style — as always, it’s sold by our good friends at Huckberry, and it should join your list of fall style essentials, assuredly. If that co-sign wasn’t enough to get you to take a chance on this classic men’s sweater from Armor-Lux, well, let me try to convince you further.

SHOP: The Armor-Lux Heavyweight Sweater via Huckberry

The classic details on this sweater set it apart.

The Armor-Lux Heavyweight Sweater is entirely unique among sweaters on the market, beloved for its throwback vibes (a la the Breton stripe shirts favored by everyone from John Wayne to Picasso). The best part is, this current iteration nods to the past, but can be worn in ways that are decidedly modern (think classic high-top sneakers and rolled dark denim, to start). This beauty of a sweater from Armor-Lux is crafted from 100 percent cotton, in a trim fit that’ll wear well on its own easily or layer up with no issues under transitional style essentials (I’m talking a denim jacket or a stylish leather moto jacket, for starters). The Armor-Lux Heavyweight Sweater is  a true fall weekend style essential, fitting for throwing on to grab your morning coffee and start your day — or do something unproductive like head to a laidback brunch. The fact of the matter is, the Armor-Lux Heavyweight Sweater can be worn however you want — it channels that sense of laidback, easygoing style (and fun!) that can be hard to find in menswear sometimes. That definitely counts for something, right?

SHOP: The Armor-Lux Heavyweight Sweater via Huckberry

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