#OOTD: A New Way to Dress for the Office This Winter

Believe me, I love getting out of the office at the end of the day — and on the weekends especially — as much as the next guy. But there comes a time when you’ve got to put your nose to the grindstone, get to work and knock out that presentation or report. For all those days, this #OOTD — starting with none other than a classic navy blazer— is here to help. Better yet, it’s geared to help you dress for the office this winter (and we’re in for a long one, I feel). As you’ll see, we’re even throwing on a stylish wool tie today, offset by a classic casual shirt from our friends at Flint and Tinder. The real kicker comes with the fact that, since this is winter and all, we’ll be taking on the elements with a pair of rugged leather boots, along with some slim wool trousers. At the end of the day, this ensemble is going to look great, provide some warmth in winter weather (wear it with this Billy Reid coat), and give you your best chance at looking great. The best part? There’s no overly gaudy Christmas sweater in sight – — just the winter style essentials you know and love. You could very well be the best-dressed guy in the office, and it’s only going to get better this season. To keep up with more from the blog, head to The Style Guide Facebook page.

Between the buttondown shirt, the rugged boots and the crisp wool trousers … this is your new office #OOTD.

    • The Blazer: Grayers Hutton Wool Sport Coat, $195 — A simple and subtly stylish, classic navy blazer never failed — right?
    • The Shirt: Flint and Tinder Check Buttondown, $108 — Let’s nod toward fall and winter with this perfectly cut, American-made shirt from Flint and Tinder — shall we?
    • The Tie: Pocket Square Clothing Simon Wool Tie, $56 — The curveball here comes from wearing a stylish tie that’s just slightly different in color from your jacket (a la James Bond in Morocco).
    • The Trousers: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers, $178 — The Telegraph Trousers are a well-tailored favorite back for another year. Your winter business go-to.
    • The Boots: Allen Edmonds Normandy Cap Toe Boots, $295 — Yes, Allen Edmonds knows how to make a rugged-yet-dressy pair of boots, too.
    • The Socks: CHUP Fika Socks, $35 — A pair of eyecatching socks like the CHUP Fika Socks are just enough to stand out — in the right way — at the water cooler.
    • The Belt: Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt, $89 — Hey, you’re going to need a belt to hold up those Telegraph Trousers — might as well make it the Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt.
    • The Watch: Jack Mason Aviator Watch, $195 — We’re all about subtle style essentials that stand out quietly — like this durable and office-ready Jack Mason watch.

Alright, that’s wrapping up this #OOTD today. What’s your favorite part? Does it mirror how you normally dress for the office? I’m all for mixing things up a  bit with a patterned American-made shirt in a seasonally friendly color — plus, it handsomely accents the classic navy blazer. Better yet, a stylish wool tie gives you the chance to sharpen up just a bit. And you can’t really go wrong with the timeless Telegraph Trousers, an ideal complement to the rugged Allen Edmonds captoe boots. It’s an office-ready combo that also won’t buckle when you step outside on your commute or a lunchtime walk. It’s as ready for a Christmas party as it is for your next big presentation — stylish accessories like the Jack Mason Aviator Watch help ensure that, and your stylish CHUP socks are also a prime way to inject a little color and pattern in this #OOTD. Of course, I’m also all about the little details that can go the distance — take the investment-level Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt, for instance. Taken in full, this look is sharp, tailored and business casual — you’re not going to be overly dressed up, yet you won’t be dressed down, either. Again, it could just be the perfect look for the office this winter. That’s my opinion, at least. Let me know what you think of it on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

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