The Friday Read: The Tie Bar Semi-Annual Sale, The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts & Home Goods at UNCRATE

The Tie Bar Annual Sale - Shop The Tie Bar's 50% Off Sale 24 Hours Early

The end of another work week looms, and perhaps, a return to the office has you thinking: You need to upgrade your office wardrobe in 2022. How to do that, when you might very well be rusty at dressing up properly? I can’t give you all the tips, but I can direct you towards The Tie Bar Semi-Annual Sale, a whopping final sale offering with discounts on the best office menswear, from shirts to ties to pocket squares. Now through January 18th, get an extra 25 percent off thousands of sale items, including items already marked down 30-50 percent. So, you’re essentially looking at as much as 75 percent off at The Tie Bar this weekend into next week. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not once you start shopping, that is. It’s time to suit up again, my friends.

Of course, if you’re first looking to take on more athleisure-minded pursuits while refreshing your wardrobe, that’s perfectly acceptable, too (might I point you toward these sustainable quilted sweatpants for weekend errands and even day hikes?). There’s lots to consider when refreshing your wardrobe (and home goods!) for a new year, which I myself have been thinking about through frosty Brooklyn days. I’ll have some laidback time in the borough to consider it all across these next few days, with writing on tap for the Huckberry Journal and an exciting project in the works soon for Bespoke Post. I’m making sure to shake things up from sweats with a pair of the best men’s jeans, too. It’s all happening, and I’d invite you to check out the rest of today’s Friday Read to sort your weekend shopping and style. Cheers!

  • There’s no shortage of occasions to prepare yourself for this winter, right? That goes for office-minded dressing (don’t forget about the The Tie Bar Semi-Annual Sale), but it’s also important to ensure your space at home is in good order, too. Particularly if you want a retreat when you return home, and especially if you’re still working for home, I love the well-curated, thoughtful and rugged-yet-refined offering of home goods at UNCRATE right now, including the handsome D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle shown above. It’s the little touches that make the difference, and that could be one of the best candles for your home right now.
  • As with outfitting yourself for the office or outfitting your home, I’m all about carefully considered details. If you’ve read the blog, you know that extends to the wristwatch you wear, too. Perhaps you’re familiar with VAER Watches, an acclaimed and fast-growing maker of the best men’s watches specializing in both quartz (battery-powered) watches and a full section of the best automatic watches for men. They focus on casual, rugged field watches and classically elegant, yet hard-wearing, dive watches, all of which are reasonably priced and very well-made. Give them a look the next time your watch collection needs a refresh.
  • It’s just about the right time to start plotting out your Valentine’s Day, right? Or perhaps you’re in search of some *ahem* recommendations to forward on to your partner, yes? You’re in luck, because I wrote all about the coolest, best non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for him over at These picks are anything but ordinary, if I do say so myself. Let me know what you think in the comments.

That’ll wrap up today’s edition of the Friday Read, hopefully, leaving you with enough time to check out The Tie Bar’s Semi-Annual Sale or shop for home goods at UNCRATE — what say you about that, ehh? Speaking of UNCRATE and other outstanding menswear, I’ve got quite the roundup to send you into your weekend. Check out my Monday blog post, if you please, to read all about the best new menswear at UNCRATE. Serious wardrobe upgrades await, my friends. Cheers again and thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How to Dress for the Office This Fall

Looking for a new way to dress for the office this fall? Or rather, an upgraded way that makes use of fall style essentials you know and love? We’ve got you all sorted out today on the blog, and it starts with a classic flannel shirt — yes, the beloved rugged style staple is going to be the centerpiece of a perfectly casual-yet-versatile office look. That age-old question “How to dress for the office?” … well, here’s your answer. You’ll recognize style moves with which you’re already well-acquainted, including the use of the exceptional Flint and Tinder 365 Pants to add a bit of clean & tailored style. The real kicker here though (literally) might just be the stylish high-top sneakers we’re recommending you swap in, as opposed to rugged leather boots or refined dress shoes. That gives this look more of a laidback-yet-polished air, exactly the vibe to go for if your post-office plans include happy hour or a weekend getaway. Elsewhere, you’ll recognize the staples of classic office style, from an office-ready fall sweater to a refined leather watch — these are gear picks that won’t quit, and they’ll ensure you stand out subtly and stylishly, no questions asked. If it gets chilly on you in the morning? Throw on something like the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat to fight the fall chill. OK, time to get to work.

Can you wear sneakers and a flannel shirt to the office? When it’s done like this #OOTD, yes, yes you can.

Now, although there’s no telling what your day might send your way, dressing for the office doesn’t have to be a drag — that’s especially the case when you consider the fact that you’re starting from the get-go with a slim-fitting flannel shirt from iconic designer Todd Snyder — there’s no better way to go for fall. Consider as well that you’re layering up the right way with an office-ready fall sweater in a neutral grey, offset nicely those rich, Laurel Green-colored Flint and Tinder 365 Pants. They’ve got the comfort of jeans and the style points of chinos (and they’re some of the best pants for the office I’ve tried myself). And while you can certainly break out tough leather boots or refined chukka boots, the real key to nailing fall office style comes when you step out in stylish high-top sneakers instead. They deliver comfort and unique styling potential, and these Nisolo sneakers are also ethically made. In keeping with the casual-yet-polished nature of this outfit, I’m also recommending a refined leather watch, seeing as the right everyday carry essentials can get your mind in a great spot for your next big meeting. To keep your laptop and assorted goods safe, haul it all in a tough Filson briefcase, and accentuate the rest of your outfit with a dressy-yet-rugged Taylor Stitch leather belt (it’s a personal favorite). And if you’re among the bearded among us (like yours truly!), you’d do worse to keep your beard in shape with beard oil from Taconic Shave. OK, are you all set for a big day at the office? Keep up with all my style tips on Instagram. Good luck out there!

#OOTD: How to Wear White Sneakers This Summer

You could say a pair of classic white sneakers is akin to a true summer style essential, something that can be worn every day and in nearly every single style situation. So with that variety of options, how is anyone to say what the best way to wear white sneakers could be? Well, I’d like to give it a shot with today’s #OOTD, here just in time for summer weekends aplenty. We’re starting out with SeaVees canvas sneakers, a more casual pair that you should feel free to utilize in off-duty style situations galore, from a long weekend away to a lazy brunch at your favorite farm-to-table restaurant. You’ll note the rest of the #menswear picks below give this outfit a similar go-anywhere vibe, from the rugged denim shirt to a classic slub tee — think easy-to-wear summer weekend style. We top it all off with slim, lightweight chinos and of course, a VAER Watches timepiece for maximum versatility. From grabbing beers with the guys to grabbing a coffee with your partner on a breezy summer Saturday, this is the best way to wear white sneakers this summer. Or at least, I think it is. Get the full scoop below!

Start with classic white sneakers, then add more casual pieces this summer.

The amazing thing about a pair of sneakers — in fact, your new favorite sneakers — is the variety of ways in which they can be worn, even just beyond this #OOTD. Here, as we mentioned, we’re keeping things much more casual with a denim shirt and of course, an essential, made-in-America T-shirt from Huckberry. Pieces like slim, lightweight chinos give this ensemble a bit of a more polished feel, as at ease strolling around the park as when worn to your favorite coffee shop — similarly, a pair of the best men’s sunglassses add some polish & instant cool. This outfit is casual but subtly stylish, all the better when it comes time to leave your house for the day (or early evening). And if you fancy loading up your laptop and getting some work done on the weekends, well, a durable Filson bag fits right in with the more rugged confines of this look. You can also never go wrong with a stylish leather watch — especially if you’re headed to a BBQ or rooftop happy hour. If you’re sensing a theme here, it’s that classic white sneakers can be worn nearly any way you can dream up. Be sure to use some Duke Cannon face lotion to keep your skin sharp and at its best, too. Again,classic white sneakers really don’t mess around when it comes time to step out in style. Have any thoughts on this ensemble? Let me know on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How to Dress for The Office Any Day This Spring

So, it’s the night (or the morning) before another day at the office, and there you stand … with nothing in your closet to wear. Well, those days are gone. Today’s #OOTD will take a deep dive into how to dress for the office this spring, particularly if you work in a  modern office — one where you might have to suit up for a big client meeting, but where you can get away with *gasp* slim dark denim and other polished, business-casual style staples the rest of the week. Now, we already talked about how to wear jeans to the office during fall and winter, so consider this a seasonal update. Take our picks below, from the classic Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt to a stylish spring blazer from Grayers — you see, it’s all about finding versatile pieces you can wear in more than one way. For instance, you could even wear the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt all on its own, sleeves rolled, if need be. But that’s not why we’re here today. No sir, we’re telling you all about the best spring blazer and how to wear it, and it’s being paired up with stylish Chelsea boots, a pair of the aforementioned classic indigo denim, and other picks you might not think can work at the office … but absolutely do. How do you take on the challenge of stepping out in style for spring? Let me know on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

A mix of old and new favorites to get you ready for the office in style.

  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch The Jack Shirt in White Reverse Jacquard, $125 — As essential for on-the-clock style as it is for off-duty relaxation, the collar roll of this classic shirt means you can wear it with or without a knit tie.
  • The Blazer: Grayers Newport Blazer, $195 — From the Dusty Olive color to the cotton-spandex blend, this could be the best spring blazer for your wardrobe.
  • The Office-Ready Denim: Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans in Sol Selvage, $178 — Believe it or not, you can wear jeans to the office — these slim Taylor Stitch jeans are a perfectly dressy inky blue color & made with cotton and linen.
  • The Boots: Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots, $348 — We’re not out of the woods in terms of spring weather yet, so these stylish Chelsea boots from Taylor Stitch blend form and function admirably — and they’re seriously sharp for the office.
  • The Watch: Carpenter Watches G4 Brooklyn Gent, $724.98 — A refined, classic leather watch like this handsome timepiece from Carpenter Watches never fails — especially at the office … oh, and don’t worry about matching up your leathers precisely.
  • The Belt: Taylor Stitch Stitched Belt in Whiskey Eagle, $88 — A perfectly rugged yet versatile, stylish leather belt from Taylor Stitch — it pairs nicely with those Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots, too.
  • The Grooming Essential: Duke Cannon Solid Cologne in Bourbon, $25 — Just one of many men’s grooming essentials you need from Duke Cannon, the Duke Cannon Solid Cologne is the right way to upgrade your scent for the office (it’s important!)
  • The Finishing Touch: Smartwool Merino Sport 150 Boxer Briefs, $30 — When is your underwear more than just underwear? When it’s made with possibly the world’s best fabric, Smartwool Merino. Perfect any day of the week.

Hopefully by now, you see the right way — or at least, one way — to make office dressing work for you. We’re not doing anything too fancy here, just pairing up a great spring shirt (theTaylor Stitch Jack Shirt) with a  stylish spring blazer from Grayers for no-fuss, no-frills style that’s still a cut above the rest. And keep in mind that when you step out in slim Taylor Stitch jeans in an inky indigo color, you’re absolultely going to be polished enough for the office — the difference is that rich, dark blue color. As ever, stylish Chelsea boots from Taylor Stitch strike the right balance between rugged, casual & perfect for the office — especially if it’s a breezy, rainy spring day. And your accessories are keeping things nice and sharp, too.  Take the office-ready nature of the stylish leather belt shown here — it’s as simple as that, and the combo looks even better when paired with a classic leather watch, specifically one that wears well at the office. The little details really do matter, which is why we’re recommending comfortable, durable Smartwool Merino boxer briefs, not to mention the right scent for any occasion — the Duke Cannon Solid Cologne in Bourbon. All told, this combo is the perfect way to dress for your office, no matter what day of the week. And again, yes … you can wear jeans to the office. Give it a try!


#OOTD: A New Way to Dress for the Office This Winter

Believe me, I love getting out of the office at the end of the day — and on the weekends especially — as much as the next guy. But there comes a time when you’ve got to put your nose to the grindstone, get to work and knock out that presentation or report. For all those days, this #OOTD — starting with none other than a classic navy blazer— is here to help. Better yet, it’s geared to help you dress for the office this winter (and we’re in for a long one, I feel). As you’ll see, we’re even throwing on a stylish wool tie today, offset by a classic casual shirt from our friends at Flint and Tinder. The real kicker comes with the fact that, since this is winter and all, we’ll be taking on the elements with a pair of rugged leather boots, along with some slim wool trousers. At the end of the day, this ensemble is going to look great, provide some warmth in winter weather (wear it with this Billy Reid coat), and give you your best chance at looking great. The best part? There’s no overly gaudy Christmas sweater in sight – — just the winter style essentials you know and love. You could very well be the best-dressed guy in the office, and it’s only going to get better this season. To keep up with more from the blog, head to The Style Guide Facebook page.

Between the buttondown shirt, the rugged boots and the crisp wool trousers … this is your new office #OOTD.

    • The Blazer: Grayers Hutton Wool Sport Coat, $195 — A simple and subtly stylish, classic navy blazer never failed — right?
    • The Shirt: Flint and Tinder Check Buttondown, $108 — Let’s nod toward fall and winter with this perfectly cut, American-made shirt from Flint and Tinder — shall we?
    • The Tie: Pocket Square Clothing Simon Wool Tie, $56 — The curveball here comes from wearing a stylish tie that’s just slightly different in color from your jacket (a la James Bond in Morocco).
    • The Trousers: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers, $178 — The Telegraph Trousers are a well-tailored favorite back for another year. Your winter business go-to.
    • The Boots: Allen Edmonds Normandy Cap Toe Boots, $295 — Yes, Allen Edmonds knows how to make a rugged-yet-dressy pair of boots, too.
    • The Socks: CHUP Fika Socks, $35 — A pair of eyecatching socks like the CHUP Fika Socks are just enough to stand out — in the right way — at the water cooler.
    • The Belt: Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt, $89 — Hey, you’re going to need a belt to hold up those Telegraph Trousers — might as well make it the Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt.
    • The Watch: Jack Mason Aviator Watch, $195 — We’re all about subtle style essentials that stand out quietly — like this durable and office-ready Jack Mason watch.

Alright, that’s wrapping up this #OOTD today. What’s your favorite part? Does it mirror how you normally dress for the office? I’m all for mixing things up a  bit with a patterned American-made shirt in a seasonally friendly color — plus, it handsomely accents the classic navy blazer. Better yet, a stylish wool tie gives you the chance to sharpen up just a bit. And you can’t really go wrong with the timeless Telegraph Trousers, an ideal complement to the rugged Allen Edmonds captoe boots. It’s an office-ready combo that also won’t buckle when you step outside on your commute or a lunchtime walk. It’s as ready for a Christmas party as it is for your next big presentation — stylish accessories like the Jack Mason Aviator Watch help ensure that, and your stylish CHUP socks are also a prime way to inject a little color and pattern in this #OOTD. Of course, I’m also all about the little details that can go the distance — take the investment-level Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt, for instance. Taken in full, this look is sharp, tailored and business casual — you’re not going to be overly dressed up, yet you won’t be dressed down, either. Again, it could just be the perfect look for the office this winter. That’s my opinion, at least. Let me know what you think of it on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

#OOTD: Dressing for a Laidback Office

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

If you haven’t noticed on the calendar, we’re still in the midst of a pretty hot August. And even if you’ve got other tactics for fighting the heat in style — like rocking lightweight linen pants or a chambray blazer — there are still times where you might feel you’ve run out of ideas. Or rather, where you just want to look sharp and put-together even in a work environment where things are decidedly more casual. That’s where today’s 9-to-5 look comes in. Although you can add a classic blazer if you’d like, we’re ditching the jacket in favor of a well-fitting, lightweight denim shirt. It’s a welcome style swerve from a slim blue Oxford, believe me. And when paired up with style essentials that are crisp but not overly stuffy (like suede chukkas), you’ve got a head-to-toe ensemble that looks just fine, even sans blazer. So get that credit card at the ready, open a few extra browser tabs (online shopping is the best, am I right??) and check out the below #OOTD. For a real-time look at what your author is wearing on the daily, head to Instagram or Twitter.
Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.

Taking the standard business casual outfit & updating it with suede chukkas, a floral tie and a casual denim shirt.

Taking the standard business casual outfit & updating it with suede chukkas, a floral tie and a casual denim shirt.

The Pants: J. Crew Bowery Classic Pant in Cotton Twill, $79.50 — J. Crew excels at making style staples that work in multiple situations, and these cotton twill pants featuring a tailored-but-not-tight fit are no exception; you could also style them up with leather sneakers, but they work best in this biz-casual scenario.
Frank & Oak
The Shirt: JackThreads The Denim Shirt, $24.50 — Although this shirt featured prominently in a recent #OOTD on how to dress for a casual summer day, it can also be livened up with a lightweight tie; plus, that price is a fantastic value.

The Tie: Blue Cotton Florence Tie, $20 — What’s the ideal complement to a light blue shirt? A navy floral cotton tie, of course. Pick up some no-show socks from while you’re shopping, too.

The Shoes: Blu Kicks Tahoe Sand Chukka, $128 — While you could also rock some stylish leather loafers here, unlined suede chukkas are going to provide comfort, a shot of color and the ability to be worn underneath a rolled hem — they tie everything together even more casually — of course, that means you need comfortable no-show socks, too.

The Belt: Anderson’s Stretch Woven Leather Belt, $195 — A belt that’s nearly $200? Well, when you can wear it all four seasons and with outfits dressy or casual, you’ll get plenty of use out of it (see this #OOTD for another example).
The Watch: Jack Mason Nautical 3-Hand Watch, $157.98 — The great folks at Huckberry always curate stylish essentials for your everyday, and this unique watch that plays off nautical design inspiration is no exception. It’s dressy and sharp, yet water-resistant up to 100 meters.

The Briefs: Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs in Bossa Nova, $24 — When it comes to finishing touches, the Mack Weldon team has you all set. The brand’s boxer briefs might just be the most comfortable and high-performing on the market.
The Everyday Carry: Field Notes Brand Original Ruled Notebook (3-pack), $9.95 — If you’ve been looking for a low-profile addition to your desk, these notebooks are the way to go — they’re a design lover’s dream, measured and made with precision and accuracy in mind. Not a bad addition to your daily carry, right?
If you find yourself at a bit of a #menswear impasse when it comes to mixing up your summer style, it’s best to stick with what you know. That is, a shirt that’s well-fitting and casual, plus crisp dress pants, for starters. The touches that finish everything off — like suede chukkas, a unique watch and dependable accessories — go a long way in making this look one that’s refined and just a bit different from what you might normally wear on a daily basis. And shoes like those comfortable suede chukkas can rack up a lot of mileage in other situations both casual and refined, so they’re a wise pick-up now. Got questions or suggestions on this #OOTD? Leave it in the comments below, or drop me a note on Facebook.

#OOTD: How to Wear a Suit This Spring

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

For every situation that calls for more casual, rugged wear — like how to dress for a spring bar crawl, for instance — there are situations that call for a bit something more: Say, a big presentation at the office, or a (very) fancy dinner date. That’s what we’re tackling today on The Style Guide, with an eye specifically toward how to do it right — after all, rocking a shirt and tie sans jacket just isn’t something that’s going to leave most of us looking our best. The thing with investing in a suit — even a budget-friendly option like the below — is that you can get a lot of wear out of it (yes, even casually).  But today’s post goes for a full-on, suited look. Shop away! And if you have suggestions for an #OOTD scenario you’d like covered, let me know on Facebook!
Shop the latest in Men's styles Under $50 + get FREE Shipping on orders over $100 at Frank & Oak!

Taking a few classics -- like the worsted wool suit -- and flipping them by incorporating unique texture and color.

Taking a few classics — like the worsted wool suit — and flipping them by incorporating unique texture and color.

The Suit: J. Crew Ludlow Harbor Blue Suit Jacket in Italian Worsted Wool, $425 — J. Crew just absolutely knows what works in terms of classic, affordable suiting — and the Harbor Blue color of this jacket is a terrific change of pace if you’ve already got a navy suit in your closet. As always, don’t forget the Ludlow suit pants (which should fit relatively slim and modern).

The Shirt: Taylor Stitch White Royal Oxford, $98 — Who knew that Taylor Stitch made dress shirts? This guy sure didn’t. You’re getting exceptional quality for an exceptionally classic piece that can go anywhere. If you want something more price-conscious, head this way.

The Pocket Square: SprezzaBox White & Tan Pocket Square, $16 — In addition to a neat monthly subscription service, SprezzaBox also makes its own line of essential ties & accessories — slightly more expensive than The Tie Bar, but with great styling potential.

The Tie: SprezzaBox Knit Charcoal Shifting Tie, $25 — A charcoal knit tie is virtually foolproof when it comes to rocking with all manner of suits across all seasons — that holds true for spring, as well.

The Shoes: Thursday Boots Brown Scout Boot, $149 –A pair of leather chukka boots with a suit? Heck yes. The heightened blue color of this suit, along with the more textured charcoal knit tie, pushes this look into more casual territory, so the boots just work.

The Belt: J. Crew Factory Reversible Brown Leather Belt, $27.50 — A tried-and-true leather belt that serves a double function is the way to go here — you get J. Crew quality for less, too.

The Socks: Mack Weldon Total Eclipse Blue Socks, $12.50 — For a brand that does basics like its slim merino long-sleeve tee so well, they sure do know how to make comfortable socks that are still slightly cheaper than what you’d find  at other retailers.

The Watch: Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Silver Watch, $229 — A timeless watch from a brand that just gets how to do things right; it’s slim, minimal and tremendously stylish!

That brings us, once again, to the end of another #OOTD — taking pieces that you should probably already have in your wardrobe (the classic, four-season worsted wool suit, for one) and injecting some new color and texture helps shake things up nicely. The color combination of the tan tipped pocket square and the charcoal knit tie is another variation on the traditional silk tie, and the brown leather chukka boots are a heck of a deal for the quality. Other hardworking pieces, like breathable socks and a slim dress watch, just work regardless of the season. This ensemble will hopefully work for all kinds of dressy scenarios — be it a dressy summer wedding or a dressy day at the office. And on a more casual front: Coming up tomorrow, we’ll be tackling the best short-sleeve shirts to rock this summer.

Thanks for reading, and stay stylish!