#OOTD: How to Dress for Spring and Summer Travel Right Now

You’ve got your travel itinerary all laid out, you’ve got plans in place to check out top craft beer and coffee and brunch spots, you’re fully ready to go on a spring or summer trip … but are you really ready? Not quite — that is to say, not unless you’ve read my guide on how to dress for spring and summer travel. I love hitting the road, and recent trips have taken me from Nashville to Dublin and back. But dressing for those trips … it’s trickier than it might seem at first glance. After all, traveling these days isn’t quite the same as rolling out of bed in college and heading to the airport, spring break sweatpants at the ready.

No sir, a spring and summer travel #OOTD calls for versatility, comfort & style rolled into one convenient package. Ideally, it also features the type of men’s style essentials you can wear throughout your trip, from the perfect travel T-shirt to a lightweight spring jacket and classic slip-on sneakers. These gear picks are polished enough for the airport, comfortable enough for a long flight, and then all that much more ready to take you off the plane and to happy hour without missing a beat. That’s the goal after all, right? Get the full scoop below, then see how I’m dressing for spring and summer travel on my Instagram.

The right mix of travel essentials and versatile accessories for a road trip.

  • The Jacket: Relwen Covert CPO, $237.98 — Hey, there’s a chance you won’t need a stylish lightweight jacket where you’re going. But for inclement weather and all the times in between, Relwen has you covered.
  • The T-Shirt: Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee, $68 — In a similar vein, this performance-minded merino T-shirt from Proof is made for all-day comfort and style, and is ready to be worn off the plane out to dinner.
  • The Pants: Proof Nomad Pants, $98 —  It’s a double-whammy of stylish travel gear from Proof, thanks to these go-anywhere pants that provide polished comfort for long days on the road.
  • The Sneakers: VANS Classic Slip-ons, $50 — Getting through security and to your gate — and then around your final destination — just got way easier with the VANS Classic Slip-ons. Timeless and essential.
  • The Weekender:  Bexar Goods Co. Waxed Canvas LAND Weekender, $359.98 — Let’s be real — this piece right here could just be one of the best weekender bags on the market, easily.
  • The Watch: Timex x Todd Snyder Military Watch, $138 — Spring and summer travel calls for a tough, versatile, stylish field watch — kind of like this Timex x Todd Snyder number. Casual and yet with a bit of rugged polish, too.
  • The Sunglasses: Ombraz Armless Sunglasses, $140 — This #OOTD is all about travel essentials that are ready for anything, and these packable sunglasses seem to fit the bill nicely. They could be your new favorite sunglasses, and you should wear ’em all throughout your trip.
  • The Everyday Carry Essential: This Is Ground Mod 5 Organizer, $385 — In the spirit of staying organized whether traveling for work or play, This Is Ground’s leather EDC organizer is absolutely perfect.

The key with staying cool, comfortable and stylish during spring and summer travel — when you could be going from a chilly airport to a sweltering outdoor patio — involves, well, keeping cool. So, first off: Pack up the Bexar Goods Co. weekender shown above. And then throw on  a merino T-shirt from Proof — it’s going to be a crucial mid-layer that stays polished thanks to its slim fit. When paired up with a lightweight spring jacket, you’re ready for breezy weather or happy hour in equal measure.

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That’s also what we’re aiming for with a pair of go-anywhere pants — wear them to the airport, then there’s no need to change as you head to dinner. And if you want to pack light, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of VANS Classic Slip-ons — they’ll slide on and off with ease to get you through your TSA checkpoint, and they’ll look just as bright and spring-like at your final destination. And once agian, we turn toward classic, crisp, travel-friendly accessories — like a stylish field watch from Timex x Todd Snyder — to get you geared up for seasonal travel. And because battling the sun’s rays is critical this season, a pair of packable sunglasses are a unique addition to your carry-on. Last but certainly not least, whether you hit the road for a business trip or are visiting your favorite brewery, This Is Ground’s leather EDC organizer keeps your essentials in check with ease. OK, folks. Boarding starts soon. Thanks for reading!

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