#OOTD: How to Dress for a Fall Weekend Wedding

Perhaps you’ve had the save-the-date on your calendar or on your fridge for a while — the antipation of a fall wedding growing by the day. But the age-old question looms: What am I going to wear to this shindig? Perhaps it’s outdoors on a rolling farm or a large estate, maybe it’s downtown followed by a reception long into the night — either way, you need the right gear picks (including one of the best men’s blazers) to carry you through the only way you know how … in style. An  since dressing for a fall wedding also involves nodding to the season without going overboard, you’ll find, stylish, classic picks like a textured cotton shirt and a stylish wool tie, all the better to take on what could be a chilly wedding. At the least, it’s going to be slightly breezier than average, so I think you’ll find the Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket is well-suited to fall’s demands (and perhaps for traveling a long way to said wedding, too). The other picks in this #OOTD, as you’ll see are geared to help you tackle the season in style, including classic chukka boots and some tailored chinos to tie everything together nicely. This is all dependent on the dress code, of course, but I think with this ensemble, you’ll stay put-together without one-upping anyone (or sacrificing comfort). What more can you ask for, really?

The right mix of versatile, casual gear for a fall wedding.

  • The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket, $298 — Looking for the perfect fall travel jacket … even the sort you can wear on the plane and then wear to a fall wedding? Well, here you go. The Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket is one of the best men’s blazers on the market.
  • The Shirt: Wellen Organic Hemp Denim Shirt, $78 — Whether you go with a classic denim shirt or not can depend on the wedding itself, but this textured cotton shirt pairs very well with the colder climes of fall (in most places, that is).
  • The Tie: Neck & Tie Co. Matrix Necktie, $29 — It seems some times, a tie is optional at a fall wedding — but it’s always nice to go more tailored, and this stylish wool tie is a handsome change of pace given the season.
  • The Pants: Proof Nomad Pants, $78 — Does any guy ever look bad in tailored grey chinos? Nope, no sir. This cool color palette works well for fall, allowing those classic chukka boots to really pop. Speaking of …
  • The Dress Boots: Rhodes Felix Chukka Boots, $198 — Can your wear suede chukka boots to a fall wedding? Of course — especially when they’re sleek and yet versatile, a la the Rhodes Felix Chukka Boots.
  • The Watch: Armogan Regalia Watch, $220 — When you want to look your best, a classic leather dress watch is simply the only way to go — that’s all there is to it.
  • The Grooming Essential: Alder New York Everyday Face Moisturizer, $32 — The advent of chilly weather means you need to keep your face looking fresh. Alder New York can help with that.
  • The Travel Essential: Bellroy Dopp Kit, $55 — Hitting the road for a wedding is no excuse not to look your best — take along this stylish dopp kit to carry all your grooming essentials, will you?

So, as we said, a fall wedding can tie in multiple demands when it comes to style — perhaps you’re traveling a long way, or dealing with some unexpectedly chilly weather. Either way, the perfect fall travel jacket is going to help you tackle both those extremes — not to mention the wedding ceremony itself. That mix of versatility is key if you want to pack light (and really, who doesn’t?). That’s also an area in which a classic denim shirt can add some casual flair, while also still dressing up nicely thanks to a stylish wool tie — make no mistake, it’s all about texture and fall-ready style. In that case, classic chukka boots in a rich suede are possibly the perfect pair of fall boots for the occasion. We’re talking timeless style, seasonally friendly texture and a relatively sleek look that won’t quit — yes, even out on the dance floor. Because looking great is often all about the little things, a classic leather dress watch is a fitting way to tie this outfit together. Before you leave for the night, reach for a classic face moisturizer from Alder New York, and be sure to pack it all in your stylish dopp kit. From A-to-Z, top-to-bottom, this is the right way to dress for a fall wedding — guaranteed. What do you say? Let me know on Twitter. 

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