#OOTD: How to Dress for a Fall Weekend Wedding

Perhaps you’ve had the save-the-date on your calendar or on your fridge for a while — the antipation of a fall wedding growing by the day. But the age-old question looms: What am I going to wear to this shindig? Perhaps it’s outdoors on a rolling farm or a large estate, maybe it’s downtown followed by a reception long into the night — either way, you need the right gear picks (including one of the best men’s blazers) to carry you through the only way you know how … in style. An  since dressing for a fall wedding also involves nodding to the season without going overboard, you’ll find, stylish, classic picks like a textured cotton shirt and a stylish wool tie, all the better to take on what could be a chilly wedding. At the least, it’s going to be slightly breezier than average, so I think you’ll find the Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket is well-suited to fall’s demands (and perhaps for traveling a long way to said wedding, too). The other picks in this #OOTD, as you’ll see are geared to help you tackle the season in style, including classic chukka boots and some tailored chinos to tie everything together nicely. This is all dependent on the dress code, of course, but I think with this ensemble, you’ll stay put-together without one-upping anyone (or sacrificing comfort). What more can you ask for, really?

The right mix of versatile, casual gear for a fall wedding.

  • The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket, $298 — Looking for the perfect fall travel jacket … even the sort you can wear on the plane and then wear to a fall wedding? Well, here you go. The Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket is one of the best men’s blazers on the market.
  • The Shirt: Wellen Organic Hemp Denim Shirt, $78 — Whether you go with a classic denim shirt or not can depend on the wedding itself, but this textured cotton shirt pairs very well with the colder climes of fall (in most places, that is).
  • The Tie: Neck & Tie Co. Matrix Necktie, $29 — It seems some times, a tie is optional at a fall wedding — but it’s always nice to go more tailored, and this stylish wool tie is a handsome change of pace given the season.
  • The Pants: Proof Nomad Pants, $78 — Does any guy ever look bad in tailored grey chinos? Nope, no sir. This cool color palette works well for fall, allowing those classic chukka boots to really pop. Speaking of …
  • The Dress Boots: Rhodes Felix Chukka Boots, $198 — Can your wear suede chukka boots to a fall wedding? Of course — especially when they’re sleek and yet versatile, a la the Rhodes Felix Chukka Boots.
  • The Watch: Armogan Regalia Watch, $220 — When you want to look your best, a classic leather dress watch is simply the only way to go — that’s all there is to it.
  • The Grooming Essential: Alder New York Everyday Face Moisturizer, $32 — The advent of chilly weather means you need to keep your face looking fresh. Alder New York can help with that.
  • The Travel Essential: Bellroy Dopp Kit, $55 — Hitting the road for a wedding is no excuse not to look your best — take along this stylish dopp kit to carry all your grooming essentials, will you?

So, as we said, a fall wedding can tie in multiple demands when it comes to style — perhaps you’re traveling a long way, or dealing with some unexpectedly chilly weather. Either way, the perfect fall travel jacket is going to help you tackle both those extremes — not to mention the wedding ceremony itself. That mix of versatility is key if you want to pack light (and really, who doesn’t?). That’s also an area in which a classic denim shirt can add some casual flair, while also still dressing up nicely thanks to a stylish wool tie — make no mistake, it’s all about texture and fall-ready style. In that case, classic chukka boots in a rich suede are possibly the perfect pair of fall boots for the occasion. We’re talking timeless style, seasonally friendly texture and a relatively sleek look that won’t quit — yes, even out on the dance floor. Because looking great is often all about the little things, a classic leather dress watch is a fitting way to tie this outfit together. Before you leave for the night, reach for a classic face moisturizer from Alder New York, and be sure to pack it all in your stylish dopp kit. From A-to-Z, top-to-bottom, this is the right way to dress for a fall wedding — guaranteed. What do you say? Let me know on Twitter. 

#OOTD: Upgrade Your Casual Weekend Style for Fall

Alright, you know the drill. We’re back at it with another #OOTD for the weekend and beyond this fall. You know the situation — perhaps you had a late Friday or Saturday night, yet weekend brunch or coffee is calling your name. What are you going to wear? The answer, my friend: Casual weekend style that incorporates essential fall layers, a rugged overshirt, a stylish slim henley and …. wait for it … tailored sweatpants that actually look great. Truly! It’s all about taking pieces you already have in your closet, upgrading their fabrics, dialing in the fit and focusing on the details — those moves are going to set you apart from folks who’ve just rolled out of bed. And if you’ve been soft on wearing tailored sweatpants out of your apartment or house, know that the pair as seen in today’s #OOTD is a lot better than any you might have had in high school or college. So, it’s easier than you think to look great on the weekend … even when you might not feel that great. Have an iced coffee and a Bloody Mary for me,  while you’re at it. We’ll see you out there — chime in on Twitter or in the comments with your thoughts on this #menswear ensemble. Cheers!

Start with a rugged overshirt and add other casual, laidback pieces to get weekend style right.

The Overshirt: Finisterre Petrichor Overshirt, $76.98 — Start things out the right way — leave the old hoodie at home and throw on a versatile, rugged overshirt from Finisterre — all the better for weekend coffee or brunch.

The Henley: Taylor Stitch Mercerized Merino Henley, $98 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post— If you don’t yet have a rugged fall henley in your rotation, pick up this Taylor Stitch henley — far better than an old T-shirt.

The Sweatpants: Muttonhead Sweat Pants in Heather Navy , $112 —  Yes, that’s right. Here are the stylish sweatpants we talked about. A tailored silhouette and the pleasing heather navy color of these Muttonhead sweatpants makes ’em a great, easygoing weekend style move.

The Sneakers: SeaVees Legend Cordies Varsity Sneakers in Navy, $67.98 — Leave the logo sneakers at home – the Legend Cordies Varsity Sneakers are a seriously cool pair of stylish fall sneakers from SeaVees.

The Socks: Anonymousism 5-Color Mix Crew Sock in Black, $22 — As we always say here at The Style Guide, don’t overlook small details like stylish socks. These understated Anonymousism socks are a sharp weekend upgrade.

The Watch: Timex Waterbury Watch in Red Wing Leather, $139 — Stay on time for weekend brunch with a classic Timex watch — the definition of an affordable leather watch to add to your weekend wardrobe.

The Grooming Essential: The Rich + Clean New Standard Face Wash, $18 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post— Keeping your grooming game on point is all the more important if your bar crawl went a little long. The New Standard Face Wash will give you a bit of pep in your step.

The Ballcap: Ebbets Field Flannels x Bespoke Post “B” Baseball Cap, $38 — Available exclusively at Bespoke Post, this stylish ballcap is an understated, simple way to stick with casual weekend style — oh, and it saves you the trouble of styling your ‘do.

OK — ready for weekend brunch yet? Getting around in style even on a casual fall weekend starts with picking the right laidback pieces, like the rugged-yet-easily-wearable Finisterre Petrichor Overshirt  and a slim Taylor Stitch henley. And when you reach for surprisingly stylish sweatpants, your weekend is going to get started on the right foot — it’s as easy as dialing in the fit and fabric, folks. Plus, the Legend Cordies Varsity Sneakers from SeaVees are a heck of a cool pair of casual sneakers to step out wearing on the weekend — and the neat texture and design works well with a rugged Timex watch for a bit of fall-friendly visual interest.  When you cap off the whole ensemble — literally — with a stylish Ebbets Field Flannels ballcap and small details like stylish Anonymous-ism socks — you’re going to be set for a much-needed brunch. That’s all we’ve got today, my friends. Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page if you’re a fan of this look!

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Style Pick of the Week: Public Rec Crosstown Bomber

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Public Rec Crosstown Bomber

Potentially a new fall style favorite? That’s your call.

Live from Brooklyn, it’s yet another edition of the Style Pick of the Week series here at The Style Guide.  So far this fall season, we’ve covered off on a lot of essential fall pieces, from a durable waxed trucker jacket to a stylish crewneck sweater. While pieces like the aforementioned are fantastic a lot of the time, some situations call for something a bit comfortable but just as functional. From fall travel to a weekend coffee run, you’re going to want ease of movement, a slim fit and the type of look that’s put-together but not overly dressy. Enter the fantastic Public Rec Crosstown Bomber. Available via the Public Rec Web site or through Huckberry , the Crosstown Bomber is the casual fall jacket you didn’t know you needed. Released earlier this fall, it joins the Public Rec arsenal of essential, well-built and comfortable basics that are sure to become everyday staples. From the brand’s tailored-yet-laidback All Day Every Day Pant to the Go-To Tee — tested out by yours truly on a summer trip to Las Vegas — there’s no question that the Crosstown Bomber fills a tough-to-find niche of well-made basics that aren’t … too basic. Especially when it comes to filling out your Fall Style Wish List, those are the type of items you should search for — and then buy.

It’s easy to get the type of easily wearable style you need, too. Crucially, the Crosstown Bomber is available in reliably versatile shades of Black and Heather Charcoal. However, your author is partial to the pleasing shade of Heather Navy. Why’s that? Well, that particular shade of blue will go with absolutely everything — including black denim and grey denim. There’s plenty of upside to the Heather Navy version of this jacket — the blend of nylon and spandex is ridiculously comfortable and breathable, for one. And the sleek yet subtle silhouette of the Crosstown Bomber is another positive. With a zipper chest pocket featuring room for your phone and headphones to slide right in, it’s the ideal mix of stylish and functional. It could even become a new seasonal staple — layer it over a rugged henley with your favorite pair of faded denim on the weekends, and throw in some retro-inspired high-top sneakers while you’re at it.  Then, take that same jacket on through to the work week with a slim white Oxford, polished-yet-casual garment-dyed chinos and worn-in leather chukka boots. Oh, and off-the-wall style suggestion? Layer the Crosstown Bomber over a refined turtleneck for a bit of sleek, alpine-inspired style.  With a jacket this comfortable and easy to wear, it’s a safe bet refined turtleneck that you’ll want to wear it as much as you can, in any and every way possible.

Get the Crosstown Bomber now via Huckberry or Public Rec Apparel.