#OOTD: This is (Maybe) The Coolest Way to Wear Your Spring T-Shirt

Picture it now: You’r’e dreaming of getting back out to your favorite brewery or rooftop bar, scheming all the while and planning to wear some of the best new men’s gear. But for now, things are ever-so-slightly different as you celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home — the ensemble remains the same, the style points are there, and yet you’re going to be hanging at home for a while more. What are you going to wear? To me, it’s simple — one of the best men’s T-shirts is the right way to get into the spirit of spring, worn in a way that’s cool, casual and ready for (almost) anything. And today’s T-shirt in question? As you’ll see, it’s coming at ya courtesy of Buck Mason, and it could assuredly be the perfect spring T-shirt. We’re going to wear it in a way that’s cool and casual enough to hang at home, with the assurance that this #OOTD will more than pull its weight when its time to finally visit your favorite brewery again. The difference makers here are all classic spring style at its finest, from a rugged chore coat as your top layer to the comfortable-yet-laidback chinos you can wear to work from home or to dash out as you pick up some ice-cold beer (you’ll see we’ve included a GrowlerWerks growler below, at that). Just because your routine is different is no excuse for letting your style slip, as we continue to say here on The Style Guide. If you tend to agree (and I hope you do!), then ideally, you’ll enjoy this mash-up of spring style essentials to be worn at home now … and on the road eventually. To let me know your thoughts on this look, head to my Twitter. Thanks for reading!


What at first might seem simple on the surface — you’re just wearing a T-shirt, after all — actually gets a heck of a step up here thanks to what you’re pairing it with. In this case the excellent Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem Tee is a crucial first step. This tee then gets some spring-friendly layering with a tough chore coat for breezy spring evenings hanging at home (or days when you want to swap out your blazer when working from home). From there, we keep things casual and comfortable, starting with a breezy pair of the best men’s chinos for expert WFH style — keep in mind, this outfit can be worn to a casual office when the time comes to go back. And because we’re all about the right style picks for spring, I’d wager that you’re going to get plenty of use out of the best boots for spring, at that. Another necessary complement to those classic suede chukka boots? Why, a rugged leather belt for the ultimate in casual style.  And in keeping with the theme of this #OOTD, why not try out a rugged Timex watch as you go about your day? It seems Timex never fails (at least, that’s my take). To quite literally top off this look, reach for a casual ballcap from Howler Brothers. And the ultimate finishing touch? A pint of your favorite beer, served from your GrowlerWerks growler  and kept ice-cold & fresh until you can pay homage to your favorite brewery in person. How does this #OOTD look? To me, it looks like spring. Thanks again for reading, my friends, and stay safe!


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