The Friday Read: The Best Weekender Bags, The Best Father’s Day Gifts & Ways to Give Back

Rugged-yet-comfortable suede boots to power through the rest of summer.

Before we get further into it, thank you for stopping by the blog during such a difficult, challenging time for so many of us. I hope the blog can provide you some solace and enjoyment, however brief. Folks, let’s lace up our summer boots and head into the weekend. To be more specific: Might I recommend the pleasingly rugged pair of boots from HELM Boots as shown above? Yes, you can assuredly still rock suede lace-up boots this summer, so go for it. The HELM Boots Hollis Tan Boots, done up in rich suede, are about as cool as it gets for the season. What to wear them with? Well, that’s where our Friday Read is going to fill in the blanks for you today. For starters, maybe your dad would like some stylish summer boots for Father’s Day, ehh?

Moving on: We’ll cover a bit of everything on the blog, Father’s Day gifts included, along with the best gear to wear with your new favorite boots. We’ll also look at ways to give back across the country during these trying times. After all, we could all use a bit of a momentary break from the news, yes? I hope you’re able to find that break, wherever you might be. Hot weather is really roling into Brooklyn in earnest, so in addition to my usual weekend pursuits (the best coffee and vinyl I can get my hands on), I’ll also be scoping out a great summer beer to enjoy. Heck, you might want to check out my list of the best summer beers for GearMoose, on that note. I think delicious beer, great coffee, great music — and yes, great menswear — can provide just a bit of the respite we need these days, so I thank you for reading. Carry on below, my friends.

  • If you weren’t hip to it by now, Father’s Day 2020 is quickly approaching. To make matters easier on you, I rounded up the best Father’s Day gifts right here on the blog via this post (many of them are from the Huckberry Father’s Day Shop).
  • The ongoing protests in this country have pushed many Americans (myself included) to look for ways to give back right now. That being said, Esquire — ever-stylish and on the cutting edge — put together a great guide on how to give back. Read it, consider it & perhaps donate, if able.
  • Back to fashion, if only for a moment — the right summer #OOTD is a tricky proposition. But as we mentioned above, you can still wear your favorite boots this season, and my guide on how to wear chukka boots could be particularly helpful. Be sure to check out and let me know your thoughts.
  • The headline mentioned that we’d run through the best gear for summer, and with that being said, well, here we are — head to a recent edition of my ongoing series The List, celebrating the best men’s style essentials to buy right now, for a full look. You’ll find stylish selvedge denim from Taylor Stitch, a classic short-sleeve shirt from Huckberry and cool-as-heck summer sneakers from GREATS. Cheers, my friends.
  • One last piece of gear before we head into the weekend — OK, more than one. I rounded up the best weekender bags for GearMoose, in the spirit of (eventually) being able to travel again — particularly closer to home. Whenever you can eventually get upstate or to your lake or waterfront getaway, make sure you’ve got one of the best weekender bags for men — my list can assuredly help. And one last note: You might want to check out a rugged duffel bag from Billykirk via this blog post.

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Last but not least, I think it’s time to point you in the right direction when it comes to one of the best layers for summer — to be more specific, the Levi’s Light Wash Trucker Jacket (as seen here on the blog) is the kind of rugged denim jacket you need now. Wear it over your favorite T-shirt with slim chinos, or team it with a classic slub polo and grey chino shorts — you really can’t go wrong. With that, I’ll leave you to the rest of your summer weekend. Stay safe, stay strong — and thanks for reading!


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