#OOTD: Try Out This Way to Wear a Camp Collar Shirt for Summer

We’ve talked through plenty of different ways here on the blog in recent weeks and months about how to get dressed for spring and summer. Namely, about how to do things like wear your favorite shirt or stock up on gear to wear to work from home, and that trend is continuing to pick up steam. So far, the summer is shaping up to be mighty different than the one we all had in mind, I would imagine, but that’s no excuse for shelving your summer style essentials. Instead, let’s look to one of the best short-sleeve shirts out there — and a unique way to wear it, no less. The camp collar shirt is a classic men’s style piece that’s seen a comeback in recent years, as designers have looked to the ’50s and ’60s (hello, Mad Men!) for retro style cues, and that’s never really faded — in fact, it’s only picked up, as you’ll see by the stylish camp collar shirt we’ve got in today’s #OOTD.

Crucially, the camp collar shirt is a change of pace from your summer polo or traditional short-sleeve buttondown, all owing to the open collar and the boxier, straight-fit cut. That means it’s one of the best short-sleeve shirts for throwing on at a (modified) family BBQ or for lounging around the house (both of which are liable to happen plenty these days!). Plus, putting on a cool summer shirt just seems to pair better with a lovely summer cocktail than the same tee or henley you’ve been wearing all day (guilty as charged!). In this instance, it gets paired up with pieces you’d expect but might not have previously considered — stylish summer shorts actually take a bit of a back seat here for classic summer pants, and we’re switching out canvas sneakers for ever-so-cool leather loafers. It’s all geared toward adding a bit of refinement and classic style to your life at home. Check out the full look  below, then be sure to get in touch on Twitter to tell me how you’re styling it.

  • The Shirt: Mollusk Aloha Shirt, $88 — When trying out something new like a camp collar shirt, it’s perhaps best not to invest too much. That’s where the ever-stylish Mollusk Aloha Shirt (certainly, one of the best shirts under $100) comes into play.
  • The Pants: Buck Mason Slub Twill Officer Pants, $135 — That’s right, we’re trading in stylish summer shorts for something a bit more refined for cocktail hour, and these Buck Mason twill pants are just the ticket. Lightweight, breathable and ideal to wear now & then into fall and winter. The best men’s pants? Very nearly.
  • The Loafers: Yuketen Bit Loafers, $288.98 — We’re also swapping out summer sneakers for something with a touch more refinement, and these stylish leather loafers are easy to wear … and easy to look great in while kicked back Consider them some of the coolest summer shoes — and the most unique.
  • The Watch: About Vintage 1926 At’sea Watch, $375 — You better believe this stylish dive watch is back today on the blog, and in a big way. It’s rugged, it’s versatile, it’s dressy-yet-casual … it could be the perfect watch for summer.
  • The Belt: Billykirk No. 354 Braided Leather Belt, $99 — This might seem like a strange time to invest in one of the best leather belts, but when you want a major change of pace from your joggers or casual drawstring shorts (again, guilty as charged), it helps to have the best men’s accessories on hand. This rugged leather belt is one of ’em.
  • The Sunglasses: Pacifico Optical Buckler Sunglasses, $195 — Spending hours in the sun on your patio requires stylish sunglasses (and the best sunscreen, to be sure), so look great in the seasonal heat wearing these Pacifico Optical sunglasses.
  • The Essential Summer Beer: New Belgium Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza, Price Varies — To me, there’s nothing more enjoyable for summer than kicking back, cold beer in hand and my favorite summer tunes playing. The light, refreshing New Belgium Mural does a wonderful job at blending flavors like watermelon and lime into a low-ABV drinking experience. Cheers, folks.
  • The Audio Experience: Gingko HiFi Square Speaker, $99 — As I mentioned before, what pairs better with a great summer beer than one of the best wireless speakers with which to enjoy your favorite summer songs? Not much, folks — not much at all.

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If at first you feel intimidated by the prospect of switching up your summer wardrobe and swapping your favorite tee for the camp collar shirt shown above, that’s completely understandable. In these largely casual times we now live in, even something as laidback and breezy as the Mollusk Aloha Shirt can raise eyebrows. But the dividends that come from switching things up and getting dressed for an at-home date night or family dinner? Now, those are pretty cool — and heck, you can keep this outfit handy for when it’s finally time to return to a (somewhat) normal life. The right men’s style essentials help amp things up a notch, including the best men’s pants for summer, plus some seriously stylish, classic leather loafers. Those two moves are a nice change of pace that fit right in alongside a stylish dive watch for instantly rugged-yet-versatile style you can rock all day. But as you well know, no stylish summer ensemble is complete without equally stylish sunglasses for long days in the sun, so prepare accordingly.
Visit Todd Snyder New York

Accessorize the right way with one of the best leather belts, and don’t forget to tune up with one of the best wireless speakers (and of course, an ice-cold summer beer from New Belgium). Taken all at once, I’d say your next summer evening at home just got way more stylish. What say you? Again, let me know on Twitter or Instagram how you’re dressing for summer. Thanks for reading!


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