#OOTD: How to Wear Your New Favorite Shirt for Spring

Be it the later days of spring (with summer on the horizon) or the sweltering days of summer, the right #OOTD should be wearable across a variety of occasions, day after day, week after week. Now, it’s taken some experimentation in the Brooklyn HQ of The Style Guide, but I think today’s #OOTD checks the right boxes in terms of spring and summer versatility and effortless style, even for days at home. For starters, we’ve got the main centerpiece taken care of in rugged, durable fashion — the Flint and Tinder Stretch Utility Shirt could just be your new favorite spring and summer shirt, what with double front-button pockets and an excellent seasonal color (but more on that in just one moment). We’re also doing things the right way as far as easygoing layering — wear the Flint and Tinder Stretch Utility Shirt unbuttoned atop a rugged short-sleeve henley, if you feel so inclined. The real key is that a great spring and summer shirt can take you anywhere — even if that doesn’t happen to be right this very second, I’m sure that when we all do get the chance to get out and explore safely, you’ll be ready to go … ideally wearing something very similar to this. Before we dive deeper, know that standout staples like rugged leather boots are also making an ever-versatile appearance today, along with a stylish leather watch. See, the gang’s all here — and it’s a breezy spring day, not a chilly fall one. With that being said, I’d love to hear from you — which of the below men’s style essentials are being added to your cart for the spring and summer season? Let me know on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

Your new spring shirt, worn in a way that’s cool and versatile.


As with any ensemble, it’s ultimately going to be both the little things and the big things that make a difference in pulling together a stylish look. So, for instance, when you build from the ground up with everything from stylish men’s socks to one of the best men’s briefcases from Billykirk, it only amplifies the overall impact of your #OOTD. But none of it is possible without the piece that makes it all go ’round, and the key piece here is none other than best spring shirt — available, of course, from the good folks at Huckberry. Yes indeed, the Flint and Tinder Stretch Utility Shirt is so stylish and versatile as to be worn sans jacket atop a rugged short-sleeve henley, then finished off with equally stylish five-pocket pants from Olivers Apparel. This combination is all comfort and style for breezy spring and summer days, yet it gets a serious upgrade from some easy-to-style rugged leather boots — another standout spring style pick from Huckberry. Naturally, things get even cooler and more stylish when you throw on one of the best everyday leather watches for men, agreed? And once more, how about you load up the exceptional No. 237 Briefcase from my pals at Billykirk, yes? Sounds pretty great to me. OK, that’s it — that’s today’s #OOTD. To see how I’m putting together seasonal looks aplenty, head to my Instagram. Again, thanks for reading!


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