#OOTD: Shake Up Your Summer Style with the Best Men’s T-shirt

Right off the bat: You know it’s summer, and you know you need to be wearing a stylish T-shirt. You’ve probably got a ton of T-shirts in your drawer, right? But do you have the best men’s T-shirt (or at least, arguably the best)? That’s where we’ll begin today’s #OOTD — with a Todd Snyder x Champion T-shirt that’s actually anything but basic. Consider it a rugged T-shirt for summer that you can wear on its own (in the case of today’s look) or layered up underneath, say, a denim shirt or your favorite trucker jacket. But the key with making the seemingly humble T-shirt work for you — be it for back-patio beers or a trail hike — is to pick the right one (again, Todd Snyder x Champion has you covered), and then add the right summer style essentials around it. That means we’ll go with a pair of the best men’s shorts for lightweight functionality and dependability, then we’ll accent ’em with a pair of eco-friendly sneakers for feel-good fashion and functionality. What looks seemingly simple on the surface can actually be stylish as all-get-out, but you’ve just got to know where to start. It’s breezy, it’s cool, it works for a hot summer day or an unexpectedly chilly night — it’s a must-have. For the summer months, the best T-shirt for men can certainly put in a lot of work for you. Here’s how to wear it (oh, and if you like this look, let me know on Twitter).

A simple T-shirt, worn in a stylish and effective way.

  • The Tee: Todd Snyder x Champion Basic Jersey Tee, $50 — Leave it to Todd Snyder x Champion to churn out one of the most consistent, best men’s T-shirts for summer wear. A rugged T-shirt is something every guy needs (yourself included).
  • The Shorts: Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts, $158 — For the ultimate in casual summer style, you need some of the best men’s shorts. That’s just non-negotiable — and the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts are the right way to go.
  • The Stylish Sneakers: SeaVees Legend Sneakers Seachange, $80 — To kick back this weekend (and every summer weekend), get these perfectly casual, stylish sneakers. It helps that this is one pair of eco-friendly sneakers you can feel good about rocking.
  • The Rugged Watch: Buck Mason Mulholland Explorer Wristwatch, $895 — You’ve read about this classic watch before on the blog, and it’s back today in a big way. A stylish everyday watch, especially a NATO strap watch, is just what this look needs.
  • The Everyday Carry: Billykirk No. 231 Journal Holder, $115 — For jotting down notes and ideas at home or out on the trail, get this stylish leather journal holder from my pals at Billykirk, will ya?
  • The Hat: Huckberry Canvas Snapback, $30 — Now, a canvas snapback might not be the type of stylish ballcap everyone prefers, but when you want a cool yet rugged hat to keep the sun off your face, you could do worse than Huckberry.
  • The Audio Essential: Sennheiser PXC550 II Headphones, $350 — Whether you’re connected to your home sound system or out on the go, the best over-ear headphones, especially a pair from Sennheiser, are the right way to go.
  • The Summer Beverage: GrowlerWerks uKeg Go, $99 — The proper summer beverage? Your favorite beer, preferably from a local brewery, served up cold via the GrowlerWerks uKeg Go — it’s one of the best growlers around, folks.

As you can hopefully see from the ensemble above, finding and wearing the right T-shirt for summer doesn’t have to be boring or standard. In fact, with just a few tweaks and some additions via the best men’s gear, the Todd Snyder x Champion T-shirt shown above stands out from the pack even more. It’s a bit of an investment, but ultimately, it’s an affordably priced tee given the long-lasting quality you’re getting — and it looks particularly great for casual weekend style with the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts, which are well-suited for both back-deck weekend hangs and socially distanced hikes. Add some eco-friendly sneakers into the mix via SeaVees, and you’ve got the makings of a very stylish #OOTD for summer. There’s more to this look though, starting with the rugged dependability of a stylish everyday watch from Buck Mason — it’s understated yet stylish, perfectly well-suited to teaming up with the functional Huckberry Canvas Snapback shown above. See, you’re looking great AND keeping the sun off your face. Naturally, you’ll also be staying hydrated with one of the best growlers via the good folks at GrowlerWerks. How can it get better than that? In my mind, well, with the sun at your back and some excellent tunes playing through your Sennheiser headphones, it can’t be topped. Stay stylish and stay safe out there, friends.


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