See Now, Buy Now: These Master & Dynamic Headphones are Some of the Best for Fall Road Trips

Master And Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones Review

Some of the coolest and most stylish headphones your money can buy.

For your next fall road trip — and heck, for days spent at home — you need some of the best headphones, and it’s really that simple. If you’re traveling via train or airplane (very, very carefully!) or more likely than not, if you’re along for the ride with your partner or a friend, the best wireless headphones are going to bring you peace, quiet, calm … and great music or your favorite podcast. Again, if you just want some quiet respite at home, coffee or cocktail in hand, these will do the trick. And my friends, for all of that listening enjoyment, you assuredly need the Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones.

HELM Boots

I’ve been a fan of Master & Dynamic over the years, and I’ve finally had the chance to test out this NYC audio company’s outstandng headphones, as seen on my Instagram. I can say this: They’re worth the investment (in this case, $249 for the MH40 Wireless Headphones). Whether at home or on the road, solo sipping your morning coffee or taking a break from the road, these are some of the coolest wireless headphones your money can buy. As a bit of an audiophile, and a guy who appreciates outstanding design, there’s nothing better than Master & Dynamic. Oh, and if you haven’t ever tried the brand? Know that you can 25 percent off now through October 5th when you spend $250 or more — easy as that.

SHOP: The Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones

Master & Dynamic review

The specs on these headphones are incredible, as is the excellent design.

HELM Boots

But onward to the specs of these wireless headphones (which also feature a cable for passive listening, if need be). In just about six years, Master & Dynamic has gained a reputation among fans of high-quality audio for all the right reasons, and those attributes shine through with the Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones. As if the neat colorway options weren’t enough (I favor Brown Coated Canvas and Silver hardware), the listening experience is next-level. For starters: We’re talking 100 feet of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and hardware that’s a cut above the rest.
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To wit: Neodyium drivers for a “rich, expansive sound,” plus sturdy construction using lamsbkin leather, coated canvas and durable, lightweight aluminum components — that’s quality all the way from A to Z, making ’em some of the best Bluetooth headphones your money can buy. The fit and feel is comfortable as can be based on my trials, and the sound is clear, rich and warm. These are just about the highest-quality headphones for under $300 you can find, and that’s saying something if you want a premium audio experience. Power your next road trip or at-home listening sessions with Master & Dynamic.

SHOP: The Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones

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